BTTH Chapter 32

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BTTH Chapter 32 – Challenge

Silence, a death-like silence!

Everyone in the field looked at the monument’s 5 words in shock. Their facial expressions were colorful and soon, countless deep breaths resonated throughout the field!


On the high platform, Xiao Zhan’s jade cup was crushed to dust as a mix of dust and tea trickled down his hand.

“7 Duan… Yan Er, you…. you really did it!” Xiao Zhan’s eyes moistened as he watched the young man under the black monument. He knew that in order to get to 7 Duan Qi, Xiao Yan must have made an incredible effort.

The three elders next to Xiao Zhan had faces full of incredulity. To have gone from 3 Duan Qi just a year ago to 7 Duan? This speed…impossible!

“Hehe…Clan leader’s Foundation Elixir…. is, is pretty good, hehe.” The second elder swallowed dryly and combined his shock with his not yet gone taunt from before to make a ridiculous expression.

Xiao Zhan didn’t hide his excitement when he said: “Second elder, do you really believe that a second tier Foundation Elixir has such a strong effect?”

The second elder paused before shaking his head. He was no idiot and knew that even though the Foundation Elixir could raise one’s training speed, it was physically impossible to raise 4 Duan Qi within a year!


Next to the black monument, the operator blankly stared at the words on the monument as his impassive face was now full of shock.

“Xiao Yan: Dou Zi Qi, 7 Duan, High level!”

Taking a deep breath to calm his shock, the operator tried hard to keep his voice calm but a couple of tremors could still be heard.

Hearing the operator’s announcement, the originally silent field had gone deathly quiet. No one even rustled their clothing or fidgeted.

In the crowd, Xiao Mei covered her red mouth as her face was frozen in a moment of incredible shock.

To raise 4 Duan Qi in a year was like a myth, only heard of in legends! This was a speed that even the Xiao Yan three years ago, at his peak, could not have done!

But, this mythical speed, coming from a “cripple” was displayed in front of their eyes!

With complex emotions, Xiao Mei stared at the young man next to the black monument while a thought popped up in her head: His incredible talent seems to have come back!

At the edge of the training field, Xiao Ning who was ready to insult Xiao Yan was also blankly staring at the monument while whispering: “This… How is this possible?”


Looking up to the golden words on the monument, Xiao Yan let out a light breath. Taking in the complex gazes around made him recall the glory that he had gone through three years ago.

Now that his training talent had come back, he had also gained a mature mind and stubborn persistence.

Taking a deep look at the monument that had determined his fate, not once, not twice by thrice, Xiao Yan made a slight smile. His calm and passive demeanor was a sharp contrast from his gleeful attitude three years ago.

Taking a small breath, Xiao Yan walked down under the penetrating gaze of everyone and sat down next to Xun Er.

Even though Xiao Yan had left the monument, the entire field was still silent.

“Ahem…” On the high platform Xiao Zhan happily stood up and coughed to gather the attention of everyone in the field.

“The examination has finished. Next up, those that did not make have the chance to challenge someone who has already passed. Remember, there’s only one chance!” Xiao Zhan said with a smile.

Hearing that, the training field became disorderly. Those that only missed the cut off by a bit sent their hot gazes towards those that made it.

Watching the challenging gazes, the clansmen that made the cut would raise their heads in disdain. There was a huge gap between 6 Duan Qi and 7 Duan Qi and without any special occurrences, someone who’s 6 Duan Qi couldn’t even touch someone who’s 7 Duan Qi.

The 6 Duan Qi people knew this very well but this was their last chance to stay in the inner circles of the clan. They would have to try and hope for a miracle.

With Xiao Zhan’s words, the atmosphere in the training field took a weird turn. Intense gazes swept across those that made the cut and silently chose the weakest opponent.

Sitting on the ground, Xiao Yan suddenly opened his eyes in surprise. A majority of the gazes were directed at him.

“Do I look like someone who can be beat so easily?” After a brief period of shock, Xiao Yan laughed on the inside.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge jumped 4 Duan Qi in one year. Even though it’s shocking, it’s so shocking that many people don’t believe it. Therefore, they would think that Xiao Yan is the easiest opponent.” Beside him, Xun Er explained.

Carelessly shrugging his shoulders, Xiao Yan patted the dust off of his robe while saying: “They can choose to not believe it, but they will know…”

Xun Er gave a smile and nodded.

Finally, after a brief period of calm, someone couldn’t stand it and stood up.

A well built young man, under everyone’s gaze, quickly walked in front of Xiao Yan and loudly said: “Xiao Yan biao-di, please!”

Even though the young man was respectful, Xiao Yan, who was across from him, could see hints of disbelief flash through his eyes. In addition, his face showed an arrogant disdain. Looks like he hasn’t recovered from Xiao Yan former name of being a “cripple”.


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