BTTH Chapter 175

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Chapter 175: Arrival

Hearing the old voice sounding from within the room, Xiao Yan let out a sigh of relief.

The old man who had just rushed into the room slowly retreated out. At the moment, one could see a somewhat old looking palm on his neck. Like an eagle claw, it was tightly locked onto his throat.

Ha Lang’s expression was somewhat aghast as he stared at the indifferent old man in front of him. Part of the reason for him being caught was because he was unprepared. However, when the palm of the man locked onto his throat, Ha Lang came to a terrifying realization that the originally quick flowing Dou Qi in his body appeared to have been bound and had changed to a flow with a tortoise like speed. Regardless of how much effort he put in order to hasten it, the Dou Qi remained mild, without any strength.

At this point in time, regardless of how stupid Ha Lang was, he was also able to understand that the old man in front of him was not someone who was only slightly stronger than him as he had thought…

From the terrifying hand of the other party, this strength at the very least exceed Ha Lang by over two classes.

“God, this old man’s strength has obviously reached the stage where his Dou Qi can transform into Wings. Why did he still take this kind of flying beast whose speed was much slower?” Ha Lang sadly wailed in his heart. With great difficulty, he tried to move his throat and said with a hoarse voice “Sir… we did not mean to offend you. It is just that we wish to ensure our safety…”

Yao Lao glanced at him indifferently. His right hand waved and a rouge jade bottle appeared in his hand. From within that translucent bottle, one could see a blood red medicinal pill the size of a dragon eye rolling around.

“You want it, right?” Waving the jade bottle in his hand, Yao Lao smiled and said blandly.

Looking at Ha Lang who was easily subdued by Yao Lao without any ability to retaliate, the other three middle aged men’s expressions were filled with fear. They took a few terrified steps back and their hearts began to feel uneasy. After greed had slowly retreated from their minds, they finally realized just how foolish their actions were.

“Ke… ke ke, sir, you must be joking. We would not dare take things from you. Had we not been afraid that the energy ripple from before would impede our flight, we would definitely not bother you.” Ha Lang laughed dryly as his eyes rotated and he swallowed his saliva.

“This was not what you said just now…” Xiao Yan came to the side of the room’s door and leaned against the wooden wall. He thickly glanced at He Lang as he mocked.

“Ke ke… before, before I was just joking.” He Lang laughed dryly. He lowered his head slightly and a pernatious glint flashed in his eyes. He lowered his sleeves a little and a small bag of black colored powder rolled from his sleeves into his palm.

“Originally, I did not wish to kill. But since you seek death, then I’ll forget about it…” Just as the powder in He Lang’s hand was about to be scattered, Yao Lao sighed and shook his head. The corner of his mouth curled up in a cold smile. A thick white flame suddenly appeared on the palm that was grabbing He Lang’s neck.


Just as the dense white flame touched He Lang’s skin, a terrible pain caused him to suddenly widen his eyes. His body tightened like it was a spring. Following a blood curling shrill, his entire body was completely swallowed up by the thick white flame in a matter of seconds.


Seeing that He Lang was turned into a pile of black ashes in the blink of an eye, everyone present, including Xiao Yan could not help but inhale a breath of cold air.

“Is this the strength of a ‘Heavenly Flame’?”

Feeling a little shock as he watched the scene, Xiao Yan’s heart was in a terrible turmoil. Yao Lao had used the ‘Heavenly Flame’ to kill a person back in Wu Tan Cit, but the strength of Liu Xi at that time was only that of a Dou Zhe. Thus, Xiao Yan could not feel its extreme profoundness. However, the one in front of him who had withstood the ‘Heavenly Flame’ for a few seconds was a true Da Dou Shi!

“‘Heavenly Flame’… no wonder so many people were willing to risk their lives to obtain it. This kind of strength… tsk tsk, it is indeed attractive.” Xiao Yan sighed and shook his head. He had to admit that after experiencing the strength of a ‘Heavenly Flame’, his hope to obtain it grew far denser.

After glancing at the ashes on the ground, Yao Lao waved his sleeve. A gentle wind blew passed and scraped the floor clean. He threw the jade bottle to Xiao Yan before gently patting his hands.

Xiao Yan carefully received that jade bottle which contained the ‘Blood Lotus Pill’ and stored it into his storage ring. He sighed in relief and lifted his head. Glancing at the three pale-faced middle-aged men with ill intentions, he smiled and asked, “Teacher, how do we deal with them?”

“Since they have the determination to rob medicine and kill people, it is only natural that they know what kind of price they have to pay should they fail.” Yao Lao blandly said. He lifted his eyes and glanced at the three of them. Flipping his hand, a thick white flame once again rose. “Do you want to jump down yourself?”

Hearing Yao Lao’s indifferent words, the three men stilled their bodies. Their faces were filled with fear as they lowered their hands and glance at the ground which was over a thousand meters away. Their heels did not stop shivering.

Xiao Yan folded his arms and coldly watched the three men who had descended into terror and hopelessness. His heart did not hold any pity. He knew that if their roles were reversed, these people would definitely not show any mercy and kill the both of them. Since the other side did not intend to show any mercy, Xiao Yan could also temporarily silence these feelings of his and face them.

Without raising his head to see the fearful expressions of the three of them, Yao Lao’s finger slowly flicked. Numerous threads of pale white flame continued to rise from his palm and scattered…

The depressing atmosphere continued for a moment. That middle-aged man who was only a tier one alchemist finally could not withstand the pressure of this atmosphere. Following an oppressive roar, his Dou Qi covered his body. Then he revealed his fierceness as he charged at Xiao Yan, intending to kill. It appeared that he had not completely lost his reasoning as he still knew how to choose the softer target to strike.

After this middle-aged man retaliated by attacking, one of the other tier two alchemists also suddenly took out a longsword from his storage ring. After which, he let out a cry that was filled with strength as he too charged at Xiao Yan ferociously. In his heart he knew that as long as he could catch Xiao Yan alive and take him as a hostage, he would be able to keep his life today.

Ignoring the two men who were pouncing forth, Yao Lao was momentarily quiet before he flicked his finger. A thread of white colored flame shot from his palm and like an arrow, shot through that tier one alchemist body in a lightning like manner. Instantly, it incinerated the latter into ashes.

After killing a tier one alchemist like killing a chicken, Yao Lao’s finger once again flicked at that tier two alchemist who was pouncing forward. However, a soft muffled sound caused his finger to suddenly pause. His old eyebrow twitched as he raised his head with interest.


At the moment, the body of the tier two alchemist who was rushing toward Xiao Yan suddenly froze on the spot. He violently vomited a mouthful of bright red fresh blood. Slowly lowering his head, he saw a cold blade that was contaminated by the glaring fresh blood had penetrated his chest.
“You…” Turning around with difficulty, that tier two alchemist stared intently at his companion who had suddenly attacked him. He cursed in a hoarse voice, “You… will also die here. Definitely… cannot escape. He will not let you off.”

Hearing this, that tier two alchemist whose expression was a little mad, once again thrust the longsword in his hand deeper. After which, he suddenly pulled it out. Fresh blood spluttered out and covered his entire body.

Seeing his companion whose body was gradually falling, the tier two alchemist fiercely took in a deep breath. He suddenly turned around and shouted to Yao Lao, “Sir, I am willing to follow you! All I ask is for you to let me live!”

Xiao Yan quietly watched the somewhat brutal scene of killing of one’s companion that occurred in front of him. A long while later, he let out a gentle breath.

“This is the extremity of human personality. Should you face a hopeless situation in the future, don’t show your back to those that you cannot trust. Because you never know if a sword that you did not expect would stab into your chest…” Ignoring that fawning face of the tier two alchemist who was trying to get into his good books, Yao Lao tilted his head, stared at Xiao Yan and said blandly.

Tightening his fist, Xiao Yan nodded his head. The scene that had played live in front of him had caused him to be a lot more cautious.

“This person, you can do what you want. I don’t need this kind of follower.” Slowly turning around, Yao Lao walked into the room. All that he left Xiao Yan were vague words.

Nodding his head, Xiao Yan inhaled a breath. A somewhat icy smile surfaced on his face.

A short while after entering the room, Yao Lao heard a deep muffled sound from outside. He nodded his head and flicked his finger. The rising pale white flame on the tip of his finger gradually disappeared.


Xiao Yan pushed open the door and entered. At that moment, his body had a little scent of blood. Seeing Yao Lao looking over, Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders and smiled. “If I left that kind of person by my side, it would be difficult to say when he would change colors. So, I kicked him down.”

“Ah.” Randomly nodding his head, Yao Lao’s sight passed through the window and observed the distant land where it was covered with a gold yellow color. He smiled and said, “We are reaching the Tager Desert. Let’s go… we will fly ourselves for the remaining distance. Otherwise, there might be some unnecessary disturbance due to the four missing alchemists when this flying bird descends, delaying our arrival.”

After saying those words, Yao Lao’s body swayed, transforming into a cluster of light and poured into the ring on Xiao Yan’s finger. At the same time, the Purple Cloud Wings that were tightly stuck to Xiao Yan’s back also extended out with a ‘swish’ sound.

Slightly flapping the Purple Cloud Wings on his back. Xiao Yan opened the window and leapt down.

An intense sound of wind swept past his ears as Xiao Yan’s pair of wings flapped and a purple colored Dou Qi gradually covered his body. Lifting his head, he watched the Flying Bird Magic Beast that was flapping its huge feathered wings a short distance away. He smiled faintly. After being stationary for a moment, his flying speed suddenly increased as he transformed into a purple colored light and speedily overtook that Flying Bird Magic Beast…

In the distant sky, a purple colored stream of light instantly slid across the horizon as though it was chasing the stars and the moon. He faced the yellow soiled city that stood in the golden yellow desert and flew quickly towards it.

The rigid city grew increasingly near. Numerous whiffs of heat waves came toward him. He narrowed his eyes and stared at the golden yellow region where the borders could not be seen. Xiao Yan let out a gentle sigh, “The final training place, Tager Desert. I’ve finally arrived!”

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      As they said, you can’t be distracted when pill making (a fact which was made clear earlier on), add in that rank 4 and above pills release a scent when near completion, why endanger yourself, if you can quickly fly to your destination and find a safe place to carry out the alchemy.

      The odds were, they could interrupt the pill concocting and force this person to finish the pill with a hostage (Xiao Yan) or in a position where they can kill the pill maker before they can defend themselves (since it is likely they are below Dou Wang level).

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  3. I’m shocked no one noticed this

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