BTTH Chapter 1499

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Chapter 1499: Yao Wangu

“However, Xiao Yan ge-ge has also advanced to the second star of the Dou Sheng class, and your actual fighting strength far surpasses this level. This is similar to that Hun Feng. It is impossible to predict just who will be defeated if you exchange blows…” Xun Er sweetly smiled as she spoke.

Xiao Yan grinned. His heart would not underestimate anyone. The members of the Hun clan were not friendly characters, yet this Hun Feng was able to become one of its top-notch experts and was even called the next clan head of the Hun clan. This was enough to indicate just how terrifying he was. Xiao Yan understood that this person would be a relatively troublesome enemy.

“Why is it that all of the ancient clans only dispatch a few people?” Xiao Yan withdrew his focus and suddenly asked. He discovered that regardless of the Hun clan, the Gu clan, or the Yan clan, each of these clans only dispatched three people.

“Subduing the Heavenly Flame does not rely on a large number of people. It is best that these people of yours do not follow you in when you enter the realm. Otherwise, your losses will be unbearable.” Gu Qing Yang glanced at the group behind Xiao Yan. These were the elites within the Sky Mansion Alliance. They were large in numbers and possessed a strong aura, but he simply shook his head somewhat helplessly.


Xiao Yan, Yao Lao, and the others were startled upon hearing this information.

“That space is fraught with danger after being managed by the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame for thousands of years. Even an elite Ban Sheng will barely be able to preserve one’s life after entering it…” The blue-robed Gu Nanhai laughed as he added some more information.

“Thank you for the reminder.”

Xiao Yan was quietly speechless. He quietly felt a little fortunate. They were indeed inexperienced and could not be compared with these ancient clans. If Xun Er’s group hadn’t informed Xiao Yan’s group, it was likely that Xiao Yan’s group would have suffered serious injuries and deaths.

“Our ancient clans have an agreement among ourselves. Those top experts, whose strength exceeds the fifth star of the Dou Sheng class, cannot randomly intervene. Hence, the experts that have been dispatched will not exceed the fifth star of the Dou Sheng class.” Xun Er softly explained.

“No wonder…” Xiao Yan came to a sudden understanding. He had been feeling a little surprised as to why the Hun clan did not dispatch any experts to deal with him after he had destroyed an important branch hall of the Hall of Souls. This was the reason why. The only person in the current Hall of Souls who caused Xiao Yan to feel fear was the chief of the Hall of Souls himself. However, this person was busy subduing the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame and did not have time to deal with him. Hence, the Hall of Souls could only endure the losses.

“The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame is extremely powerful. It will be a great help to anyone who subdues it, but it will be difficult to subdue it if one simply relies on experts below the fifth star of the Dou Sheng class. No wonder no one has managed to subdue the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame for thousands of years…” Xiao Yan’s eyes slightly flickered. This limiting condition did not really benefit these ancient clans, but it seemed that they were willing to create trouble for others. The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame was far too powerful. Even if they could not obtain it, they would definitely not allow others to do so.

“Ha ha, Elder Huo Yao, it is unexpected that the Yan clan has actually dispatched you this time around…” While this thought lingered in Xiao Yan’s heart, Gu Nanhai’s eyes suddenly shifted to Huo Xuan’s group, who were remaining quiet behind him.

That purple-robed old man twitched his eyebrows slightly upon hearing this greeting. He immediately said, “The clan head has instructed that it is best that the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame remains without an owner. It will be best for everyone that way.”

Although this Elder Huo Yao’s words seemed calm, Xiao Yan could still hear some irritation in them.

Gu Nanhai bitterly smiled and shook his head after hearing these words. He said, “Elder Huo Yao, don’t tell me that you really think that the disappearance of the Ling clan was caused by my Gu clan?”

Elder Huo Yao was quiet. Huo Xuan and the red-clothed lady beside him exchanged looks but did not interfere in this matter.

“It is impossible to investigate this matter. However, the Gu clan and the Hun clan are the biggest suspects. It is necessary to remain cautious. Our Yan clan does not wish to share the same fate as the Ling clan.” Huo Yao was quiet for a moment before he slowly opened his mouth and replied. He waved his hands after uttering those words. Finally, he turned around and hurried away. Huo Xuan could only helplessly spread his hands to Xiao Yan before following Hou Yao.


Gu Nanhai sighed after seeing Huo Yao leave. He continued to frown.

“It seems that the disappearance of the Ling clan has caused great discord to form between the ancient clans?” Xiao Yan thought within his heart upon witnessing this exchange. If there was a party who was the murder between the Gu clan and the Hun clan, Xiao Yan would naturally think that the party would be from the Hun clan. The Ling clan had completely vanished without anyone realizing. No one could detect even the slightest clue. Even the many peak experts from the Gu clan were unable to discover anything beforehand. This had undoubtedly caused them to feel suspicious. After all, the only ones who could barely manage to quietly destroy the entire Ling clan were the Gu clan and the Hun clan.

“This matter was most likely done by the Hun clan. Their aim is to cause the few large ancient clans to be cautious against each other, making it impossible for any cooperation to occur.” Xun Er’s pretty eyes drifted in the direction of the Hall of Souls trio as she softly inferred.

“No one will believe us without evidence…” Gu Nanhai shook his head while feeling a little helpless. He waved his hand and ceased getting entangled over this topic. His eyes swept around him before he said, “The Lei clan, the Yao clan, and the Shi clan will definitely not miss the appearance of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. Perhaps they will come here soon…”

“Yao clan…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes shifted upon hearing these words. He looked at Yao Lao and saw a complicated expression flash across Yao Lao’s eyes.

“Now, we should quietly wait for the best opportunity to enter the realm. After that we can try and see if it is possible to subdue the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame…” Gu Nanhai let out a long sigh. Both of his hands were placed behind him as he lifted his head. His eyes locked onto the distorted space in the distant sky.

A terrifyingly high temperature continued to spread from that tear in space. Cream-white light was appearing more frequently. In the end, the desert below had vaguely become sticky. The sand began to gradually melt…

The number of sounds of rushing wind appearing around the distortion increased as this desert gradually turned into magma. More and more experts had been attracted by the unusual phenomenon. Within half an hour, many figures had appeared, crowding the sky. However, most of these people were waiting a great distance from the broken space. Only those true experts like Xiao Yan dared to approach the area within a thousand feet of the shattered space.

The Lei clan and the Shi clan among the eight ancient clans also arrived one after another while everyone was waiting. However, they did not approach after seeing Xun Er and the chief of the Hall of Souls. Instead, they hesitated for a moment before withdrawing some distance. From the looks of it, the disappearance of the Ling clan had caused them to feel fear and caution for the Gu clan and Hun clan.

In the face of this kind of reaction, Xun Er could only shake her head. They did not have any evidence to prove that the Ling clan’s disappearance was caused by the Hun clan. Hence, they felt helpless because of this suspicion that had appeared out of nowhere.

Time passed. Around half an hour after the Lei clan and the Shi clan arrived, the rushing sound of wind once again echoed from the horizon. There was a medicinal fragrance that was vaguely emitted from the wind.

“The members of the Yao clan…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes became focus as he smelled this unique scent. He sensed Yao Lao’s skin suddenly become a lot more tense.


Three figures flashed and appeared from the distant fluctuation within Xiao Yan’s eyes. In a flash, they appeared in front of everyone.

Three unknown individuals appeared. There was a man, a woman, and an elderly person. The man was wearing a beautiful robe. His face was handsome and even contained some traces of feminine aura. His lips were a little thin, revealing an icy-cold harshness. The lady beside him had long blue hair with an exquisite face, but she appeared like frost, looking like an ice beauty. The last elder was wearing an alchemist robe. Both of his hands were inserted into his sleeves. An occasionally stern glint flashed across his narrow eyes.

“That young man is called Yao Tian. He is the most outstanding person among the younger generation of the Yao clan. His Spiritual Strength has already reached the Advanced Heavenly State. He has once swallowed a medicinal pill that had nearly become a tier 9 Treasure Pill. His actual strength is an intermediate one star Dou Sheng, and he can be considered the most outstanding person in the Yao clan. It is rumored that he has once successfully refined a tier 9 Treasure Pill.” Xun Er softly spoke beside Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan slowly nodded. These ancient clans possessed an endless amount of resources. Even an idiot could be trained into an expert by them. Even less needed to be said of the people who possessed an extraordinary talent. Their achievements would be extremely terrifying.

“That lady is his younger sister, Yao Ling. Her strength might only be an initial Ban Sheng, but her Spiritual Strength is extraordinary. She is called the person with the highest possibility of training her soul to the ‘Di State’ within the Yao clan.

“That old man is an extremely experienced Elder within the Yao clan. He is called…

Yao Lao’s somewhat hoarse voice continued before Xun Er could finish speaking, “Yao Wangui, he manages discipline and punishment within the Yao clan and possesses great authority. His words can decide the life and death of a member of the Yao clan.”

Xiao Yan was slightly startled. He looked at Yao Lao, only to see that Yao Lao’s body was trembling as he stared at the old man called Yao Wangui.


Xiao Yan softly called out. His hand also grabbed Yao Lao’s arm. He could see that Yao Lao’s emotions were in a bad state.

“I’m fine…” Yao Lao softly sighed and shook his head.

“Is there a grudge between teacher and Yao Wangui?” Xiao Yan softly asked.

Yao Lao slightly tightened his fist. He was quiet for a moment before he explained in a somewhat hoarse voice, “Back then, he had failed to distinguish what was right from what was wrong. Just one sentence from him and I was expelled from the clan…”

Xiao Yan quietly nodded. He gently patted Yao Lao’s arm and a smile immediately surfaced on his face. Murderous intent filled that smile.

“It’s fine. This disciple promise you that I will take this person’s life…”

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      1. Yao Chen was the name he was given and used by his parents. Lao was either something he pick up to hide his identity when he left, given by someone else or he himself picked it up to show that he was his own person with no connection to the clan. You can refer to the BTTH prequel for more information on Novel Updates

  1. Speaking of Treasure 9 Pills…

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    1. The Pill Beast can only evolve by eating expensive medicinal pills. This will take some time. It’ll only likely be important near the ending when Xiao Yan is able to refine Tier 9 Di Pills or whatever the final level for Tier 9 was.

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      The young Yao Clan guy is an Advanced Heavenly State while Xiao Yan is a Perfect Heavenly State. Apparently the difference is as big as the difference between a peak Dou Zun and a Ban Sheng. The guy’s sister on the other hand is probably a better alchemist seeing as how they say she has the best potential of reaching Di State, implying she might also be a Perfect Heavenly State, which is pretty ridiculous seeing as how Xiao Yan only just reached that state using the soul essence of millions of souls.

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      1. That’s actually really accurate from the way i read it, except the Yao clan girl’s abitity is something weird that they don’t bring up till about 80 or so chapters later.

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