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Chapter 1491: Soul Light Cluster

The retreat of the deputy hall chief of the Hall of Souls before a fight had clearly exceeded the expectations of Xiao Yan’s group. Hence, he was allowed to tear space and flee before anyone could react.

“This fellow is really quick to run…” Xiao Yan stared at the spot where the deputy hall chief had fled and frowned, but that frown quickly relaxed. The deputy hall chief of the Hall of Souls was not an ordinary person. He had the strength of an advanced three star Dou Sheng. If Zi Yan wasn’t accompanying them today, an extremely miserable battle would definitely have broken out. Moreover, even after experiencing such a battle, Xiao Yan was not confident he could truly kill the deputy hall chief like he had killed the First Tianzun. After all, the strength of the deputy hall chief was far from what the First Tianzun could compare with.

“Although it is not difficult to defeat him, I am not able to stop him if he chooses to flee with all his strength…” Zi Yan also felt a little helpless. If an advanced three star Dou Sheng expert insisted on fleeing, she would not be able to stop that expert, and this deputy hall chief of the Hall of Souls was extremely cautious. He had simply fled before even fighting. Therefore, Zi Yan would not be able to retain him.

“Forget it. It doesn’t matter if he escapes. The Hall of Souls will sooner or later guess that we are the ones responsible for this matter. The alliance and the Hall of Souls are at odds with each other. Some time earlier, the Hall of Souls had launched an attack on the alliance. Time and time around, we will have return them the favor. Otherwise, outsiders might think that our alliance can only be suppressed by the Hall of Souls and act cowardly…” Xiao Yan nodded. His finger gently rubbed his Storage Ring as he faintly laughed. Being able to capture the First Tianzun and obtain the Sea Heart Flame meant that he had gained a lot during this trip. Moreover, they had even destroyed a branch hall of the Hall of Souls. This kind of loss was something that even the Hall of Souls would not be able to easily accept.

“You should also finish off the remaining people. Do not allow any of them to escape…” Xiao Yan glanced at the experts from the Hall of Souls who were fleeing in all directions as both the Little Fairy Doctor and Qing Lin gave chase. After which, he turned to the battleground between Yao Lao and Saint Gu You. The Saint Gu You had already fallen into a disadvantage at this moment. Even his aura had became a little weary. Although he tried to act tough with his words, he was only a high level Ban Sheng. It was impossible for him to fight with Yao Lao, who was an elite Dou Sheng. It was only a matter of time before he was finished off.

“Pay attention to Gu You. Do not allow this old ghost to flee…”

“Aye.” Zi Yan nodded. Her delicate figure moved and rushed forward. She became a huge dragon that charged over to a herd of goat. Wind swept all around. Within a short minute, those experts from the Hall of Souls were completely killed by her.

Xiao Yan was too lazy to split his attention to handle this one-sided slaughter. He lowered his head to look at the large hall below. After which, he clenched his hand and the Heavy Xuan Ruler appeared in a flash. He ruthlessly slashed at the large hall. A thousand-foot-large flame pillar erupted and split the large hall apart, revealing countless black chains inside. A couple of spiritual light clusters hung on the ends of those chains.

The corner of Xiao Yan’s eyes involuntarily twitched upon seeing the tens of thousands of spiritual bodies. These bastards from the Hall of Souls were using these souls as nourishment!

Xiao Yan gently waved his hand. A frightening wind blew like a wild storm. Those chains were shattered apart and the souls within those light clusters opened their eyes at this moment. They looked around them in a frail and lost manner. After which, wildly joyous spiritual fluctuations were emitted. Although they were unaware of what exactly had happened, they could taste freedom. They had been locked in this place for an unknown number of years as prisoners. At times, even death itself had become their only hope…

“All of you should leave. Do not allow the Hall of Souls to capture you again.”

Xiao Yan softly sighed. He then spoke as he watched those souls. Some of them seemed to be so happy and excited that they were tearing up.

Numerous souls lingered in the sky. Some knelt to Xiao Yan while other deeply bowed to him. Finally, they charged out of the barrier with a whistle and crazily headed to the outside world.

Xiao Yan involuntarily shook his head as he watched those souls flee. He was just about to turn around when a thought suddenly passed through his heart. His eyes looked at the hall that had turned into ruins as he vaguely sensed a strange fluctuation from deep within it. He hesitated for a moment before he slowly landed. He gently waved his hand as a frightening wind sent a thousand-foot-large rock pillar flying.

Xiao Yan swiftly dug deeper. The ruins parted to reveal a large pit in the blink of an eye. There was a five-foot-large light cluster suspended in the pit. The light cluster was transparent. Its exterior was attached to tons of black chains. The other end of these chains had been connected to those souls that had fled earlier. This light cluster was the thing that had formed from those spiritual bodies earlier…

“This is…”

Xiao Yan frowned as he looked at this light cluster. He could sense an extremely terrifying spiritual fluctuation within the light cluster. Moreover, this spiritual fluctuation was extremely pure. There was not one impurity mixed within it.

“This is the essence of a soul…” Yao Lao’s voice was transmitted from behind Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan turned his head and saw Yao Lao descend from the sky. That old ghost Gu You had quickly been finished off after Zi Yan intervened. Hence, Yao Lao was free to look around.

“Soul essence…” Xiao Yan slowly muttered. At this moment, he naturally understood something. The soul was the basis of life. All living creatures possess a soul and deep within the soul was a hint of soul essence. This was the foundation for the formation of a soul. It could be described as the most mysterious but purest energy in the world.

“Such a large amount of soul essence requires at least a million souls…” Yao Lao’s expression was a little complicated as he said, “This soul light cluster should be the collection of the Man Hall over the years. The deputy hall chief was in such a hurry to escape that he failed to even bring such an important thing with him…”

“A million souls.” Xiao Yan softly exhaled. The methods of this Hall of Souls were indeed vicious. In order to obtain this soul essence, they had to consume a million souls. Moreover, this was only the Man Hall. There were still quite a number of branch halls across the Central Plains. Those places would likely also possess such a mysterious thing.

“This Hall of Souls is really the scourge of the entire continent…”

“They are indeed a scourge…” Yao Lao was unable to hide the hatred on his face. This Hall of Souls used all sorts of methods to attain its despicable goals. Such a mysterious and cruel method was little different than obtaining the blood or flesh of a living person. Moreover, this method was perhaps even more vicious.

“I wonder just what the Hall of Souls is planning to do by gathering so much soul essence.” Xiao Yan knit his brows. He felt that this soul essence definitely involved a grand scheme.

“Absorbing the soul essence will strengthen one’s Spiritual Strength. If one possesses an extremely vast amount of soul essence, one might be able to step into the legendary ‘Di State’ if one is lucky…” Yao Lao slowly explained.

“Does teacher mean… that someone from the Hall of Souls, no, the Hun clan is planning to raise his Spiritual Strength to the ‘Di State’? Is this the reason why they have been capturing souls? To remove the soul essence from them?” Xiao Yan asked with a startled voice.

“This is likely the case, but I cannot be certain. They planned to get me to submit to them when I was captured by the Hall of Souls back then. It seems that they require my alchemist skills to help them do something, but I did not agree to help them. Hence, I do not know just what they needed me to do. Based on my guess, it should be related to this soul essence…” Yao Lao fondled his chin and spoke with a frown.

Xiao Yan knit his brow upon hearing this guess. These various signs indicated that the Hall of Souls seemed to be preparing something. The collection of souls to refine soul essence seemed to be one step of many.

“These people, just what are they planning to do…”

Xiao Yan had once met the Demon Saint Huang Quan. This peak expert had trained until his soul had reached the Di state, but based on what his lingering soul fragment had said—even if one’s soul reached the Di state, one would not be able to reach the Dou Di class. Perhaps, the thing that he mentioned to be missing in this world was the key to resolve this mystery.

“Could it be that the thing that Demon Saint Huang Quan claimed to be missing was soul essence?” Xiao Yan shook his head while feeling at a loss. He sighed. He did not have a clue even after thinking about what he meant. All he could say was, “What should we do with this thing?” Xiao Yan was naturally talking about the soul essence in front of him. This thing was something that the Man Hall had formed after much difficulty. Its value was extremely great and unmeasurable. There was no telling just how many alchemists would go crazy if this thing were to brought to the outside world.

“This was created from slaughtering an unimaginable number of people. It should not exist in this world. Since it has already been formed, there is naturally no reason to abandon it. You should take it. Your spiritual level is currently at the advanced Heavenly State. There is still a ways to go to the perfect Heavenly State. This will definitely help you to snatch the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame…” Yao Lao hesitated for a moment before replying.

Xiao Yan was startled upon hearing this suggestion, but he did not put up an act. He turned his head and looked at the spiritual light cluster. With a wave of his hand, he shattered those chains. After which, his hand slowly touched the surface of the light cluster and softly said, “I will help take revenge for all of you…”

The soft sentence suddenly caused the faint luster to send a signal. There seemed to be many different messages being emitted from the soul light cluster.

Xiao Yan quietly accepted these messages. Far too much soul essence had been gathered within this light cluster, so there was no form of intelligence within it. Only some hatred, unwillingness, and other emotions that existed before the complete death of a soul remained. It was extremely difficult to completely refine these emotions. If one were to randomly absorb them, they would end up warping one’s mind. However, that single sentence from Xiao Yan seemed to have quietly resolved these hidden negative emotions. This could be considered another form of intelligence that had formed by this soul essence. Even when they died, they would use their final strength to make things difficult for those who killed them. Although it appeared easy to resolve these emoti, those from the Hall of Souls would never utter such words…

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        1. and why do you think he is better than them? he is clearly just a self righteous hypocrite, to even resurrect his teacher he had to kill people and use their body and in many other novels this is done by those of the so called evil sects and he is always trying to steal stuff rather than competing for them fairly(and when medusa or zi yan do it he reprimands them) while thinking what he is doing is ok cause might makes right or something

          btw the reason i said there is no chance of it happening is something that Gu You said in chapter 1488: “Just kill him and extract his soul. Tsk tsk, a Dou Sheng soul can match the souls that this branch hall has collected over a hundred years!”
          meaning there wasnt anyone useful hidden there (as he clearly doesn’t care about dou zuns), well unless the author pulls his usual stuff

          1. Agreed. This novel makes the MC seem righteous without thinking of the consequences and makes it so that every action he does is right. The man was furious at anyone who even looked at Xun Er yet the man got off with what was less than a slap on the wrist. Adding on to that I wonder whats the point of power levels. No matter how many stars higher the person is XY somehow beats him. I am starting to think that everyone is just a guy in a muscle suit. On top of it no one the MC knows get killed making every suspenseful scene pointless. I am glad that there is less than 200 chapters so I can focus on PW and SOTR. I highly recommend PW especially after ch 190 because you start to emphasize with the MC and feel glad every time he overcomes adversity

          2. Also I forget to ask but does every rare item in this world and every person with a unique constitution/ability just happen to be indebted to MC. I honestly don’t see any threat capable of harming him. At this rate, the story will probably have him beat a HOS Dou Di when he is a Ban Di as the end

          3. he used the soul of someone who tried to kill him.. so, nope not the same. He did not go around to kill someone just to take his soul…

            Zi Yan barged into random sect or family treasury to steal medicinal ingredient, not just once but many times… that is why he asked to stop it…

            He killed many who hunted him or chose to harm his friend to get to him… If you remove the sect war, he did not engage in random killing of people or kill a random person. Since he participated in a few sect war yes he killed other but these people joined the enemy side so he had not much of a choice since if he did not kill them, the sect he was in would be destroyed.

            From what i remember only once did his group attack a sect first but that sect had joined with the hall of soul….

            If you believe other wise, please show us where did he kill a random person who did not attack him, his friend or joint a sect know to kill people at random….

          4. To Abyssal King :
            He did not get mad at them… he got mad at the one who annoyed her even when she told tell to get lost like many other mc do when someone annoy one of their women or a friend… Just look at what happened in the Gu realm… Many people knew by the time he got there that she liked him and chose him… Yet many attacked him and the guy at the end he fought specially targeted him because he decided that Xun Er was his woman while knowing full well it was not the case…

            I do not remember him doing anything with any women beside Cai Lin and Yun Yun. In both of these case it was another one of those stupid aphrodisiac plot by the author.

          5. @lost world they were just a few things that i could think of but ok let me give it another try, the old guy who won the something or the other tree-sap in the auction had no enemity with him but since he wanted it he had to chace him and steal it from him(think he was left alive)
            The cao something guy who was supposed to marry to the the girl from the fallen alchemist family had his marriage called off due to xiao yan showing up which is wierd since the whole story began with xiao yans marriage being called off, note that in both instances the girl was unwilling

            Now lets just change our point of view for a second:
            Whatever Phoenix clan finds a guy using the corpse of a family member of theirs, what should they do? Pretend they didn’t see it? Would any of us not be offended if someone was using bones of our family member as an ornament or something? Then why do they have to be depicted as villains?

            Now lets get to hall of souls, except boring the readers with always running away and having someone stronger hiding nearby what crimes have they commited? they commitioned a rather strong local faction to retrieve an item from a local small clan only to find out the faction has gone overboard so they rushed in and “saved” xiao yans father
            Later on they found out that xiao yan is carrying a spiritual body which goes against their teachings since a spiritual body can possess normal people and gradually cause their soul to be alienated from their body(as pointed out by the heart flame dou zun guy) and also they have a healthy interest in using thoes souls
            Later on they find that this xiao yan is using the mentioned spiritual body to attack the faction they had commissioned feeling guilt they rush in to save them and a grudge is formed since they fail to save it
            Oh btw the people they kill might just be people who have commited evil which cultivators call norm, like refining puppets out of bodies, stealing stuff and so on…

            Point is xiao yan isn’t that different, just a matter of perspective

          6. @Maousama :
            Yes Xiao robbed before people after and auction… Those same people had just murdered another one to rob her…
            That old dude that he stole from was not a saint. It was mentioned that he had killed a lot in the past…

            Na Lan Yan Ran wanted to cancel her marriage with the MC because she felt he was worthless and it was made by her grandfather. I can’t find fault with that since he was crippled (not exactly but close to it) at that time and if people are mad because of that, sorry but i am not since she was not the one who chose her husband.

            The Cao guy is different since he never planned to help her clan. He only wanted to possess her and gulp her clan. Her father decided to marry her to Xiao Yan and she was ok with it so they decided to cancel the one with the Cao guy… Xiao Yan is a bad guy because of that? Geez…

            He also interfered with Yun Yun marriage because she never liked the guy she was supposed to marry and when he turn up there, he see her bound and more or less turned into a puppet temporarily… He is a bad guy from preventing someone abusing one of his friend?

            Phoenix :
            They wanted to kill him because of the bone he bought from an auction. He did not kill that beast or participate in killing it. So why should he be killed because of that? They did not ask him where he got them, nope they just turned hostile and wanted to get rid of them…

            The same for the scroll he got. He did not kill or stole it from the original sect but no, they wanted to cripple him because of it. They could have asked to join them… Nope, let just kill him since we are good guy…

            If you bought a car from an auction and while driving it around town someone start shooting at you with a machine gun. Would you stay put and let them transform you into swiss cheese? Nah… right…

            For the rest… man you have one f***ed mind… At least try not to change thing in the process of your delusion… Yes it depend on the point of view but if you change the story in the process to fit your point of vue it’s not longer the same story.

          7. I started rooting againt XY when he stole the map piece from the guy in the desert map shop. Guy says he’s not selling so XY decides to steal it like a little scumbag. (And he’s also a rapist).

      1. I am not entirely sure of what the reasoning was, but I seem to recall, that back in opening of the ancient remains, when he snatched his 10 puppets, the author briefly made Xiao Yan explain, that even Dou Shengs were unable to make puppets out of High Level Dou Zun and above. Not sure though if it was because you would need High Level Ingredients, or if there was some other reasons.

        My theory so far is, that in case there is a way to have such puppets, that XY does not have the knowledge to do so.
        Think about it, he got the Scroll about the Sky Demon Puppet more than 500 chapters ago (924 I looked it up XD ) and at that time he was a Dou Huang and only could make a Earth Demon Puppet, which he painstakingly raised to the (Dark Gold) Sky Demon Puppet until further refinement seemed to start breaking it. So to my understanding, he could have a bunch of Dou Zun Puppets or maybe Ban Sheng in the best case scenario… but at this time in the story it would be high class cannon fodder, so there is really no point in doing that, better level up his harem 😀

        Oh and after looking it up, he needs A Body, A Spirit and a Monster Core, so basically he would need to find a Dou Sheng Level Beast to kill for every HoS Member… although it would be funny to see the 1st Tianzun Puppet 😀

        1. When Xiao Yan was in the Void Lightning Pool he couldn’t improve his main puppet beyond the 5-star Dou Zun level because of the quality of the initial ingredients. The body he used then was only a 7-star Dou Zong body. The Ancient Bodhisattva Tree had Ban Sheng puppets so I don’t think it’s inherently impossible to make a Dou Sheng puppet but it’s unclear how far the Sky Demon Puppet method can be upgraded.

          If a 7-star Dou Zong body can be upgraded to a 5-star Dou Zun puppet, perhaps a peak level Dou Zun body along with a comparable soul and monster core can make a puppet that can be upgraded to Ban Sheng or Dou Sheng. Perhaps a Dou Sheng puppet can be upgraded with Black Demon Lightning from a Tier 9 pill.

          As for Rank 9 monster cores, Xiao Yan’s already fought a number of Rank 9 magical beasts from all three of the top magical beast factions, which are probably the only places that have Dou Sheng magical beasts. The three Dragon Kings are the most likely candidates for obtaining Rank 9 monster cores, followed by that First Elder of the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python that got away, if he ever shows up again. I don’t know if a Ban Sheng beast would have a Rank 9 core but it’s possible it’ll also work.

          Even a 1-star Dou Sheng puppet would still be useful to the alliance considering how much a faction would suffer if they lost even one Dou Sheng. Even for the ancient clans losing a Dou Sheng would mean losing around 10% of your total fighting power.

        2. And in order to actually use thoes spirits he needs to refine at least a yin yang pill, collect a dou zong or zun body and a rank 7 beast blood only to give them a one star dou zun body and they might leave him after a while anyway so i would say refining puppets which are also obidient and can be put into a formation and arguably require less resources( in case of refining the high level pill to get high level experts) is a better idea

          But since he doesn’t care for dou zuns anyway he is not gonna bother with either

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