BTTH Chapter 1479

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Chapter 1479: Eruption of a Big Battl


Two strong demon-god-like figures suddenly clashed in the sky. A sudden metallic sound was accompanied by a frightening storm as it suddenly swept across the sky. The experts from both parties within a thousand-foot-radius were sent flying by the storm. The blood within their bodies violently flowed in the process.

The wind erupted and that golden light giant, which Xiao Yan had transformed, into trembled slightly. He took a step back. That large man named Xuan Mo on the other side staggered a couple of steps back. Each of his steps collapsed into many dark empty spaces.

“Brat, you do have some ability!”

Surprise flashed across Xuan Mo’s face after he failing to gain an advantage in this collision. His eyes were a little grave as he looked at Xiao Yan, who was a short distance away, and coldly smiled.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over Xuan Mo. His brows were also slightly knit. The strength of the three great dragon islands was indeed powerful. Their subordinates also included such a powerful expert. If Xiao Yan had not relied on the King Kong Glass Body, his strong body that had been refined by many natural treasures, and the Heaven Phoenix essence blood, he would not have been able to gain the upper hand in the physical clash earlier.

“Brat, who exactly are you? Tell me your name! The matters of my Ancient Void Dragon tribe are not something an ordinary person can interfere with!” Xuan Mo looked at Xiao Yan as he cried out in a cold voice.

Xiao Yan completely ignored Xuan Mo’s cold cry. His eyes swept to the north-west. Two figures were hurrying over from the distance with lightning-like speed. They appeared beside Xuan Mo within a couple of flashes. At the same time, an icy-cold voice was quickly emitted.

“Xuan Mo, why are you still wasting your breath? Just attack and capture him. The three great dragon kings will likely be victorious soon. Nothing must go wrong before this!”

The two who had appeared in front of Xuan Mo was an old man in a green robe and an old man in yellow robe. These two appeared extremely old, but their eyes possessed a surging chill. Clearly, they were not merciful people.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were grave as he studied these two old men. His eyelids involuntarily began to twitch. Based on his senses, he could tell that these two were a little stronger than Xuan Mo. They were at the top of the intermediate two star Dou Sheng class…

“Hmph, are the three of you trying to bully our Eastern Xuan Region because you think that we have no one?” A furious cry was suddenly emitted from the dragon hall soon after the two old men appeared. Xiao Yan sensed the space around him fluctuate as two white-haired old men with unusually sharp eyes appeared.

“Xiao Yan, this is the First and Second Elders of our Eastern Dragon Island…”

Zhu Li hurriedly came over and explained to Xiao Yan who these two white-haired old men were.

“Greetings to two Elders.” Xiao Yan grinned upon hearing this explanation. He cupped his hands together as he faced the two smiling old men.

“Little friend Xiao Yan need not be so polite. You are a friend of the Dragon Emperor. Naturally, you are an important guest of our Eastern Dragon Island. You have really helped us this time around. My Eastern Dragon Island will remember this favor.” A white-haired old man holding a dragon-shaped walking stick glanced at Xiao Yan as a smile slowly surfaced on his face. His voice was also quite courteous.

“That green-robed man is the First Elder of the Western Dragon Island. He is called Zhu Mu and is an intermediate two star Dou Sheng. That yellow-robed old man is the First Elder of the Southern Dragon Island. He is called Lie Shan and possesses a similar strength as Zhu Mu.” Zhu Li softly informed Xiao Yan. “These two people, along with Xuan Mo, can be considered the highest ranking commanders of the three great dragon islands other than the three great dragon kings. The three of them are in charge of the offensive against the Eastern Dragon Island.”

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. His heart was a little shaken. Three two star Dou Shengs was a lineup that an ordinary faction could not take out. The Ancient Void Dragon tribe was indeed worthy of being the strongest tribe in the Magical Beast world. Moreover, this was a situation where they had separated. If they ended up unifying, they would not be inferior to the Hun clan, the Gu clan, or the other super factions.

“Old man Qing Shan, are all of you going to continue this stubborn resistance after things have developed to this stage? You should be aware that by continuing to resist, the strength of the Eastern Dragon Island will be completely exhausted.” That green-robed First Elder from the Western Dragon Island looked at the old man holding a walking stick and coldly laughed.

“My Eastern Dragon Island will not allow you traitors, who have forgotten the rules of the tribe, to continue on, even if we have to exhaust our last man.” The Eastern Dragon Island’s First Elder, who was addressed as Qing Shan, rolled his eyes and spoke in a faint voice.

“I will see just whether your tongue will remain this tough after the three dragon kings finish off your Dragon Emperor!” The First Elder Zhu Mu from the Western Dragon Island laughed and said, “If we count the time, the reinforcements sent by the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe will likely be arriving soon. At that time, the old me shall see just how you are going to resist.”

“Shameless fellow. The Ancient Void Dragon and the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe are enemies. You have even forgotten such a hatred. You are unworthy of being a tribal member of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. Back then, the Dragon Emperor had spent effort grooming all of you. Your consciousness has all been eaten by dogs!” The Second Elder from the Eastern Dragon Island grit his teeth and furiously cursed.

The expressions of Xuan Mo’s group became slightly unnatural after hearing the Second Elder mention the Dragon Emperor. They finally replied a moment later, “The Dragon Emperor has been missing for thousands of years. It is likely that he is no longer in this world. As for the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, we will finish them off once we unify. The Ancient Void Dragon tribe has been separated for too long. It must be united as soon as possible, yet all of you are blocking the unification…”

“What gibberish! The Dragon Emperor is the one who possesses the true royal bloodline. The three great dragon kings are partially related if that, yet you dare to proclaim the unification of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe? It was because of their selfish desires that they separated the Ancient Dragon clan back then!”First Elder Qing Mu chided.

Xiao Yan by the side gained an understanding of the situation after hearing this exchange between the two sides. All of the members of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe wanted unification, but all of them had different ideas. Hence, this had eventually resulted in the eruption of this big war.

“You need not wait for the members of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. I coincidentally met them along the way and sent them packing…”

Xiao Yan did not wish to understand the differences in opinion within the Ancient Dragon tribe. The only thing that he understood was that he had an extremely deep relationship with Zi Yan. On the other hand, he did not have a good impression of the three great dragon kings. He would naturally choose Zi Yan. He grabbed the area below with his hand. A human figure appeared in it. It was the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe’s Kin Huang.


Both parties were startled upon hearing Xiao Yan’s words. They hurriedly shifted their eyes and caught sight of Kun Huang, who was in a sealed state.

“You bastard. How dare you ruin the plans of our three great islands!” Xuan Mo stared at Xiao Yan as he furiously cried out. “You two, why are you still wasting your breath with him. Attack and flatten this dragon hall!”

“Aye.” The Western and Southern Dragon Island’s First Elders nodded slowly upon hearing this order. Their mouths emitted a dragon roar. Soon after, hundreds of lights came rushing over from a short distance away. They stopped in the air above the dragon hall. The ten people leading this group possessed an extremely frightening aura. They had all reached the Ban Sheng class. The remaining people were mostly above fifth star of the Dou Zun class.


Many dragon roars were emitted from the dragon hall below after seeing the experts from the three great dragon islands gather together. Immediately, the rushing sound of wind appeared. Many figures appeared behind Xiao Yan in an orderly fashion. Their eyes ruthlessly looked at the large group of people in the distance. The Dou Qi within their bodies began to rapidly circulate.

The atmosphere of the entire area became extremely tense as the experts from both parties stepped forward.


A loud and clear energy explosion was suddenly emitted in the distant space while both parties were facing each other. This sudden explosion also shattered the face-off. Many powerful auras began to charge into the sky!


The experts from both parties seemed to have become ferocious tigers that had descended the mountains with low and deep roars. All of them rushed forward. In an instant, the entire place turned into a complete chaos. An intense chaotic battle erupted.

“Bang bang bang!”

The battle that erupted caused one to feel dazzled. Although the number of experts from the three great dragon islands was much greater than the Eastern Dragon Island, it was clearly not easy to swiftly swallow the fighting strength of the Eastern Dragon Island. Hence, the battle descended into a seesaw-like stalemate after the battle erupted.


Xiao Yan’s palm struck an expert who had reached the peak of the Dou Zun class, forcing the expert to spit out blood and retreat. His body quickly moved as he appeared beside the expert Dou Zun. After which, he grabbed the Dou Zun’s hand and used him as a weapon in front of many shocked eyes. He violently smashed this peak Dou Zun into an elite Ban Sheng. The frightening force caused the arm of this peak Dou Zun class expert to explode. At the same time, the expert struck the elite Ban Sheng until the Ban Sheng spat out blood and flew backwards.

Xiao Yan suddenly lifted his head after sending that Ban Sheng flying. His eyes looked to the empty space in the distance. The battleground there was the most important one. Its end result would determine the outcome of this ancient dragon tribe’s war and would decide the final victor.

However, the situation in that light cluster caused Xiao Yan’s heart to sink. Zi Yan was tiring. She was being pushed back by the combined attacks of the three dragon kings.

“Two Elders, tribal chief Yao Ming will help the both of you deal with Xuan Mo and the other two. I will help Zi Yan!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes suddenly became sharp as he exhaled a deep breath of air. His mouth emitted a stern howl. A pair of huge green-red bone wings spread apart.

“Block him!”

Xuan Mo and the other two First Elder’s were immediately startled upon seeing Xiao Yan move. Before they could give chase, Yao Ming and the First and Second Elders from the Eastern Dragon Island hurried over and blocked them.

Xiao Yan’s bone wings were flapped the moment this clash occurred. A wind lightning sound appeared. His body rushed out of the Eastern Dragon Island with lightning-like speed as he hurried towards the battleground in the empty space.

“Three great dragon kings, I wish to see just how frightening all of you are!”

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      The author is sending conflicting messages. Does the Hun Clan greatly value the Tou She Ancient God Jade fragment or not? They seem to really want it, but they don’t try very hard to get it.

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