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Chapter 145: Killing a Nine Star Dou Zhe

The overly arrogant Gan Mu had, in an instant, turned into someone who was randomly stepped on by someone else’s foot. This hundred and eighty degree change caused not only Ka Gang and the others to stare in shock but also resulted in the subordinates behind Gan Mu to reveal stunned expressions.

On the spacious road, numerous passersby blankly stared at the Gan Mu who was under Xiao Yan’s foot and could not recover their thoughts. In a moment the noisy road had become deadly silent.

A long while later, Ka Gang and his group finally recovered. They eyed Gan Mu who was pressed tightly under Xiao Yan’s foot and exchanged glances with each other. Was this the same two star Dou Zhe from before? From the explosive speed and strength that he displayed, this young man’s frightening strength would not be weaker than that of Gan Mu’s nine star Dou Zhe.

“Uh, it looks like we were all mistaken.” Shaking his head, Ka Gang bitterly smiled as he sighed. Looks like that young man was hiding his strength.

Hiding behind Ka Gang’s body, Ling Er was also shocked by this sudden change. Her eyes stared at the young man who easily held Gan Mu, whom even her father could not defeat, under his foot. She did not expect that the young man who she repeatedly mocked for an entire day would have such great strength.

Recalling her attitude toward him, a self-mocking smile surfaced on Ling Er’s pretty face for the first time. No wonder he pretended to be deaf to her words regardless of how she ridiculed him. Perhaps in his heart, she was like a clown performing her own show.

Sighing in her heart, the young girl watched Gan Mu whose chest was being stepped on by the young man. Under the morning sunlight, the young man’s figure appeared very tall and the warm smile on his face suggested that he was not hitting someone but rather having a cordial conversation with his good friend.

Ling Er stared at the young man before abruptly tilting her head and eying the white-clothed Mu Lan beside her. She suddenly found that the worshipful feeling she had for him in her heart had diminished greatly.

“*Cough*, *cough*…” An intense cough accompanied by some blood was spat out from Gan Mu’s mouth. Only then did his mind finally wake from his confused state. With wide eyes, he glared at the young man above him and hissed, “Little Bastard, do you damn well know who I am?”

“The Second Company Leader of the Wolf Head Mercenary Company?” Nodding his head, Xiao Yan answered with a smile, “Sorry but I have come because I know about your identity.”

Gan Mu’s eyes slightly shrunk as he stared intently at this smiling delicate and handsome face. A moment later, a thought struck him. The young man’s face from a few months ago was gradually merging with the that of the person in front of him. Instantly, his aghast voice cried out involuntarily, “You are Xiao Yan? Weren’t you chased into the inner regions of the Magic Beast Mountain Range? Why are you still alive?”

When Gan Mu’s words left his mouth, the surrounding people’s voices exploded into an uproar. Back then, the Wolf Head Mercenary Company used all of their strength to chase the young man called Xiao Yan into the inner regions of the Magic Beast Mountain Range in an attempt to kill him. Unexpectedly, the young man managed to walk out alive from the inner regions of the mountain range, which was also known as a death zone.

“Xiao Yan? He’s actually the Xiao Yan who has caused an upheaval in the Wolf Head Mercenary Company?” On one side, Ka Gang’s face was filled with shock. For him and his group to be able to walk alongside this well known rumored person in the Magic Beast Mountain Range was something entirely unanticipated.

“Kill him!” Having been publicly humiliated, Gan Mu’s face grew increasingly menacing. Upon his explosive order, his subordinates hurriedly took out their weapons while wearing fierce expressions and charged at Xiao Yan in an attempt to kill him.

At the same time, a pale green Dou Qi quickly rose from Gan Mu’s body. His fists slowly transformed into the color of withering wood and with a low cry, smashed toward Xiao Yan’s calf.

“Exploding Steps!” Following Xiao Yan’s call in his heart, a faint yellow energy swiftly formed on Xiao Yan’s feet and he quickly stomped on Gan Mu’s chest. Xiao Yan’s body then shot toward the few mercenaries who were riding their horses over.

“Grug!” The explosive force from the Exploding Steps released a loud blast on Gan Mu’s chest. The surging force directly caused him to spit out another mouthful of fresh blood. Gan Mu shakingly stood up afterwards and pulled a steel rod off of his back. Grinding his teeth in anger, he charged at Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan, who had shot out like the wind, bypassed the defenses of the few guards in an instant. Grabbing the hilt of the Heavy Xuan Ruler with his right hand, Xiao Yan suddenly drew it, releasing it from the confines of the black cloth. The huge ruler’s body smashed horizontally outwards, instantly causing the few mercenaries to be simultaneously knocked to the ground and cough up blood.

In approximately the time taken for two to three exchanges, Xiao Yan easily defeated the few mercenaries with the strengths of five star Dou Zhes. He then slowly turned around and watched Gan Mu charging at him with a metal rod in his hands and a pale green color Dou Qi covering his body.

Carrying the Heavy Xuan Ruler with his right hand, Xiao Yan paused for a moment before his feet once again violently stomped on the ground. With an explosive sound, Xiao Yan’s body shot forward and was in front of Gan Mu in the blink of an eye. He slightly tightened his grip on the Heavy Xuan Ruler and, with an extremely ferocious force, ruthlessly hacked at Gan Mu.

The sharp force of the wind breaking caused Gan Mu’s white face to turn even uglier. Unable to avoid the attack, he hurriedly held his metal rod tightly and allowed the Dou Qi in his body to surge forth before meeting the blow.

“Bang!” The sound of two metal objects colliding sounded on the road, attracting everyone’s attention.

Almost instantly after the metal rod and the heavy ruler collided, the enormous energy on them caused Gan Mu’s body to sink down to the point where the back of his feet sunk were in the ground.

“Break!” Seeing Gan Mu biting his lips and enduring, Xiao Yan let out a cold laughter. He released another bit of Dou Qi from his body and poured it into the pitch-black Heavy Xuan Ruler.

“Crack..” With the increased strength of the Heavy Black Ruler, a couple of crack lines slowly appeared on the metal rod in Gan Mu’s hand. A moment later, the crack lines swiftly expanded and the metal rod finally broke with a clear sound.

Seeing that his weapon was forcefully broken by his opponent, a horrified expression surfaced on Gan Mu’s face. His body formed a strange curve and his legs hurriedly stepped back.

“Clang!” After breaking the metal rod, the Heavy Xuan Ruler continued to hack downwards and cleaved a deep scar in the ground.

Xiao Yan raised his eyes as he saw Gan Mu avoiding the attack. His feet once again violently stepped on the ground. With an explosive sound, his body appeared behind the retreating Gan Mu’s back like a flash of lightning. He smiled, pulled his right leg back and heavily threw a kick that carried a violent force onto Gan Mu’s back.


Having once again received another heavy blow, Gan Mu’s originally white face turned much paler. Another mouthful of blood was violently spat out. Like a gourd, his body rolled on the ground for over ten meters and was in an extremely terrible state.

On the main road, everyone who was watching Gan Mu getting beaten by Xiao Yan secretly took in a breath of cold air. Gan Mu being beaten earlier could be explained with him being caught off guard. However, this chain of direct confrontation had let everyone know that the strength of this young man who appeared fairly young was above that of Gan Mu.

“He can actually defeat a nine star Dou Zhe at such a young age? In the future, just how strong will he be? What a frightening talent. The Wolf Head Mercenary Company is really unlucky to mess with such a person.” Upon seeing the decisive matter of Xiao Yan’s fight, everyone could not help but sigh with envy in their hearts.

After rolling on the ground like a gourd for over ten rotations, Gan Mu finally climbed back onto his feet. He eyed the mocking gazes around him and his eyes involuntarily turned red. Lifting his head, he stared at the young man carrying the heavy ruler with a hateful and menacing face that caused others to shudder.

“Little Bastard. If you end up in my hands, I will make you suffer a fate worst than death!” Gan Mu’s hoarse voice coldly said.

“I don’t think you will have the chance to leave this place alive.” Xiao Yan smiled. His eyes were also filled with the same dark and icy killing intent. If he was able to kill a nine star Dou Zhe, it would be a significant blow toward the Wolf Head Mercenary Company. Regardless of what happens, he would definitely not allow this guy to return alive.

Gan Mu coldly sneered but his heart was a little uneasy. The strength that Xiao Yan had displayed earlier had smashed his arrogance into pieces. He glanced at his surroundings and when the corner of his eye landed on Ling Er who was only a short distance from him, a sinister smile surfaced on the corner of his mouth. From awhile back, it appeared that Xiao Yan was together with Ka Gang’s group and it was likely that they knew each other. If he wanted to escape from Xiao Yan, he needed to think of some less-than-honest methods.

When his thought reached this point, Gan Mu moved his body and suddenly rushed toward Ka Gang’s group.

The moment Gan Mu’s body moved, Ka Gang’s group immediately realized that something was amiss. However, Gan Mu’s speed was something none of them could compare with. Just as they had readied their defense, Gan Mu’s body abruptly turned and rushed towards the inexperienced Ling Er.

“Ling Er, be careful!” Ka Gang hurriedly called when he noticed Gan Mu abruptly changing direction.

Only after hearing his call did Ling Er turn her dull gaze away from Xiao Yan. When she saw Gan Mu menacingly pouncing toward her, her small face was filled with panic. Her body, however, appeared to have solidified and was unable to move.

“Little Ling Er, ha ha. Let’s go. Come and play with uncle.” Seeing the panicked expression on the young girl’s face, the licentiousness in Gan Mu’s heart surged as he laughed lewdly.

Ling Er fell backwards onto the ground in fear when she saw that Gan Mu was in her immediate vicinity. Her pale face continued to shiver; she knew well of the fate that awaited the girls that Gan Mu had caught.

Witnessing the young girl’s fear, Gan Mu became even more excited. As he prepared to grab her, however, a young man carrying a heavy ruler appeared like a ghost in front of the young girl.

Lifting his eyes, Xiao Yan shook his head slightly and said softly, “The Wolf Head Mercenary Company is indeed filled with trash.” With that statement, Xiao Yan tightened his grip on the Heavy Xuan Ruler and filled it with a ferocious energy. It turned into a black shadow and quickly swung horizontally outward.

“Bang!” Under Gan Mu’s horrified eyes, the ruler mercilessly smashed into his chest. Instantly, his eyes protruded slightly and his chest caved inwards. A few mouthfuls of blood and crushed internal organs were vomited from his mouth while his body was thrown backwards and came to a gradual stop after breaking two to three trees.

A chillness appeared in all the witnesses’ hearts as they watched Gan Mu slowly turning lifeless as he laid under a tree.

After glancing at the corpse indifferently, Xiao Yan rotated his hand and placed the ruler back behind him. He bade Ka Gang goodbye without turning around to look at the frightened young girl on the ground and slowly started walking toward Qingshan Town.

Eyeing the back of the young man carrying the black colored heavy ruler who was disappearing in the horizon, Ling Er, who sat frozen on the ground, said in a soft quivering voice, “I..I’m sorry.”

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  1. Well, this Ling-er is even worse of a person than I thought she was. It’s not enough to ridicule and bully a person you perceive to be weaker than you, now Mu Lan, a person she liked is also suddenly not worthy because someone stronger showed up.

    Starting to wish, Gan Mu would have had his way with her. Because the Wolf’s Head Mercenary group isn’t the only group that contains trash. They deserve each other.

    1. She’s stuck up, but she’s a young girl, of course she’s immature. And think of what she felt for Mu Lan as a crush. So what if she gets over her crush? It’s not like having a crush on someone in high school means you can’t date anyone else or even think of anyone else! What do you think she is, married to him? They’re not even dating.
      Anyway, no one deserves to be raped. Shame on you for saying that.

      1. She’s not a kid, she’s out in a dangerous environment where she will kill, or can get killed at any moment. I’m saying, she’s stuck up, a bully and a general b*tch.

        All of the above things are bad enough, but she is also wishy-washy with her feelings on top of it. I’m not saying ‘don’t look at other people’ or ‘don’t date anyone else’ I just place a lot value on loyalty. And she’s dropping someone she likes at the drop of a hat, despite that person having done nothing wrong. It’s superficial and it’s lame. Not saying she can’t change the way she feels just have some damn conviction.

        Shame on me for telling her she deserves to be raped? One, it’s fiction of course I don’t want people to get raped. Two, I said they deserve each other, they’re both not nice people, and from what I’ve seen so far that Mu Lan seems like a pretty decent guy and he deserves someone who doesn’t treat him like that. Three, I said ‘starting to’ not that I did.

        Basically, I want someone to teach her a lesson. It’s the exact same as when you have your average cocky Xianxia antagonist get his due. Except this time, it’s a girl and there’s a lecherous creep nearby and suddenly, we’re all morally outraged, that someone dared even imply that something between the two might happen. While had it been a guy and I said he should have been killed off, in a gruesome way, everything would have been fine. But then again, when the R word is even implied, people tend to throw a hissy fit and get on their high horses while brandishing their pitchforks. Bit hypocritical ain’t it?

        Then again, I’ve always considered actual murder being worse than being raped. One you can very likely get over with enough time and counseling, the other will still result in a major case of deadness no matter how much time has passed. Although I agree, that from the viewpoint of the offender, the person that is willing to rape someone, is more disturbing than someone that just puts a bullet in a skull, probably because the person doing the raping ‘likes’ causing the pain, so there are some definite psychopathic tendencies there.

        Still, it’s a minor character and we probably won’t see a lot of her again, so what am I getting worked up about again?

        /rant over

    2. It’s just the author’s wish for veneration comes to play. As I know, Ling-er’s type will get angry when Xiao Yan shows his real strength for “deceiving” her and then there will be some irrational thinking to get Xiao Yan’s flaws to prove that Xiao Yan is actually still below her.

      1. MGA and rape… and it’s supposedly not the worse chinese web novel to contain it. A friend went through several stories and every other one had rape. Progressively worse rape…

        I like stories like this and the others on this site. Only MGA leaves me with a sour feeling.

        1. Yeah, let’s see… rape me and I’ll love you, kill my acquaintance and I’ll venerate you – you can start a psychic evaluation on the author based on the story he wrote.

          1. I haden’t even thought if it like that?! Damn, suddenly xianxia’s got a lot more disturbing. Still love to read them though.

        2. Only one case of rape turning to love, and that was cause it wasn’t his fault for the rape and she already had a nice impression of him….

          So she kinda already loved him before and could have been wooed by him if he wasn’t originally the love interest of her little sister.

          Now, his 2nd rape was just unforgivable and wrong of him though… and I wouldn’t have minded if he got his ass kicked for it….

          1. His second rape was to a person, who didn’t want to marry him and never mentioned it to him ever, tried to get her friend to rape him so she would get out of it. While it can still be counted as wrong, the bitch did deserve it. She could of just talked to him and ‘BAM’ it’s over but ohhh bloody nooo, gotta try to get my friend to rape him.
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    3. That’s stupid. We’ve ALL had moments when we were young when our feelings for someone changed when meeting someone else. It’s not like we were going out with them, it was just a crush. It’s perfectly understandable that she’d react like that. The really unforgivable person is the one who would want her to be attacked by Gan Mu. No matter how much you dislike her, that’s going too far. That shouldn’t happen to anyone.

      1. Eh, I dunno. I wouldn’t mind Joseph Stalin, or the people responsible for child soldiers to get ‘attacked’ to just name a couple of examples.

        If I got a vote where a person that was responsible for the deaths of 60 million people got mollested.

        And the vote would be: yes, he will, or no, he won’t.

        I’d smash the yes button. Call me vindictive if you want to.

        1. Ha ha ha, so your telling me that a girl’s feelings are comparable to crimes against humanity, that’s rich. Nevermind the stupidity in that response, someone like Joseph Stalin deserves to be killed, not raped. By causing someone to suffer just cause they made others suffer just brings you down to their level. Better to kill them and get it over with. Besides, someone like him would probably enjoy getting molested, the b*st*rd.

          Returning to the original topic, if we go by your logic that girls that act like a bitch should get raped, then a large portion of tsunderes would get raped, as they can get pretty bitchy at times. Makes the argument pretty moot, doesn’t it.

          Let’s say at this point Xiao Yan is 18-19 (can’t really remember how old he is at this point). She’s younger than him, so let’s say she’s around 16. A spoiled, immature brat that’s at the peak of her hormonal period is, of course, going to be uncertain about her feelings. It never said she let the other party know of how she felt, just that it was akin to worship/crush, in other words admiration. And although it says that her feelings diminished, it never says that she stopped admiring him nor does it say that those feelings are redirected at Xiao Yan. It just implies that at that moment Xiao Yan’s strength made Mu Lan look less heroic, which is a view she herself put upon him. I don’t see any disloyalty here.

          The mental and physical trauma from rape is something incredibly hard to get over. A little counseling isn’t going to do much, it requires a strong will and a firm sense of self to get over something like that. Though I agree she needs to grow up a bit, nothing she has done warrants her being attacked. As for the overreactions, what did you expect? This isn’t a topic that you can joke about or throw around without receiving some backlash. Your comparison of the two is completely unbalanced. The author implies that Gan Mu has a reputation of mistreating young women while Ling Er has only been a bit rude. And yet you say they deserve each other? That’s saying that there ain’t much of a difference between a Practitioner and a Saint, completely illogical.

    4. No, it wasn’t an actual crush. She was admiring his strength… so it was hero worship “your the strongest person in our age group” kinda thing and now that there is another person who is stronger than that guy, he lost that place.

      And she wasn’t really trying to be a bully… she was trying to get his attention by being a brat. She screwed up and to cover her embarrassment, she acted snarky, and he kept on ignoring her so she kept on being a brat in retaliation.

      And being an immature brat isn’t a reason for being raped.

  2. So he saved the day hahaha

    I kinda wish this wasn’t such a half-harem… if you make this a harem, the author should go all the way and give him all the girls dammit!!!!

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Though, where are the links to the previous and next chapter?

  3. Except the fact they the two girls tried to rape him first. He just reversed the role and took the one who didn’t want to lay with him. Plus she was publicly know as his fiance. That being said, he is a bit extreme here but she became his enemy. He usually kills off his enemies. But we are talking about MGA, the author takes things to the extreme a bit too often.

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      If it was maybe just her wanting him outta lust, then it’d probably have been forgiven….

      1. Your first line sounds very similar to saying, if it’s her husband how is it rape?
        So what if she’s pretty? Good looking people can’t be rapists???

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        We’ve had this armageddon elsewhere anyway, what am I doing replying to this…………

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    Dear WuxiaWorld, many thanks to the Author, Translator, Editor, Donor!

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