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Chapter 1415: Meeting of Two Women

After Xiao Yan’s soft laughter rang out, a bright golden light suddenly erupted over the square like a golden sun.

Most people hurriedly narrowed their eyes because of this glaring golden light. They were unable to see a human figure where the golden light had appeared. The golden light had already filled one’s eyes.

Although they were unable to see anything, those people present on the square were not ordinary people. They were still able to sense the enormous Heaven Phoenix illusory figure in the sky with its extremely majestic energy. They then sensed it ruthlessly collide with the spot where Xiao Yan stood!


The entire square violently shook the moment the collision occurred. A powerful energy rippled along the ground and formed a circular shape, which suddenly spread apart. Some of the experts who were closer were forced to take a couple of steps back.

The wild and violent energy spread apart as everyone forcefully opened their eyes. Dust filled their sight, and they were unable to see the exact situation.

“Arrogant brat…”

Some of the experts shook their heads when they saw this dust. This person dared to act arrogantly in the face of a full force attack by a peak Dou Zun. He was really seeking death.


Feng Qing Er looked at the spot where dust filled the air. Her tensed body relaxed slightly as a snort was emitted from her nostrils. Ever since she had met Xiao Yan, it was the first time that she had gotten him to taste such a feeling.


However, Feng Qing Er’s snort had just sounded when the ground where the dust remained suddenly trembled. A golden light suddenly rushed out at an extremely frightening speed. This golden light was extremely huge, but an instant later, it turned into a skinny figure. Finally, this figure appeared in front of Feng Qing Er in a ghost-like fashion in front of many stunned eyes…

“You… how is this possible?”

Shock surged across Feng Qing Er’s face when she saw Xiao Yan appear in front of her with his clothes completely intact. Before she could launch another attack, a palm was rapidly magnified in her eyes.


The clear sound of a slap suddenly echoed over the stone stage. Everyone saw Feng Qing Er’s body fly back and rub against the ground. It only came to a slow stop about a hundred meters away. Her thin and frail yet pretty face was left with a blood-red handprint. Traces of blood hung on the corner of her mouth as some disbelief remained visible on her face.

She had been slapped so hard by Xiao Yan that she had fainted.

“Regardless of where your strength has come from, it ultimately does not belong to you. You used some unorthodox means…” Xiao Yan looked at the figure in the distance with cold eyes. His voice was calm and rippleless. Strength could only be relied upon if one obtained it from training. When Xiao Yan had obtained Xiao Xuan’s inheritance back then, he had not crazily increased his own strength. Instead, he had done his best to suppress it. On the other hand, Feng Qing Er had gone all out to try and raise her strength, but this was an unorthodox method. She would never truly reach the peak.


The surrounding observers inhaled a breath of cool air when they saw Xiao Yan send Feng Qing Er flying with a palm strike. This fellow really did not know how to show mercy to a beautiful girl.

“How violent. If I was in his place, I would not be able to strike such a beauty…”

“Tsk tsk, I would prefer to secretly beat her when there are only the two of us.”

Xiao Yan randomly swung his hand as he heard these strange laughs. His face was without expression. Feng Qing Er’s earlier attack intended on taking his life. Xiao Yan would not treat such a person as a woman any longer. Instead, she was an enemy.

Xiao Yan had never shown mercy when facing an enemy, regardless of how beautiful she was!


The group from the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, along with the man with colored pupils, were stunned when they saw what happened. The members of the tribe immediately became furious when they recovered. They stood up and prepared to attack.

“Stop, Qing Er is weaker than him… carry her back.” The man with colored pupils suddenly opened his mouth when these people were about to attack. His colored pupils looked at Xiao Yan as he softly said, “You are quite strong.”

“If you wish to probe someone else’s strength in the future, you should do it yourself. You are really nothing to ask a woman to do it…” Xiao Yan glanced at this man with colored pupils as he reprimanded him

“Ha ha, I have learned my lesson… I will act personally the next time around.” That man with colored pupils seemed to smile in an unconcerned manner, but his colorful eyes flickered with a dangerous glint.

“I will await you, any time.”

A grin had also surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face. After which, he ignored that person and turned around. He led Cai Lin’s group to where the Gu clan was located.

The smile on the face of the man with colored pupils slowly disappeared when Xiao Yan turned around. A jade pendant in his hand was quietly turned into dust before scattering from his palm.

“Hee hee, you are really ruthless. This is the first time I have seen you beat a woman…” The silver-robed Gu Hua gave Xiao Yan a thumb-ups and laughed when he saw him leading a group over.

Xiao Yan was helpless when he heard Gu Hua’s words. He cupped his hands to Gu Qing Yang and the rest. After which, his eyes looked at Xun Er in the middle.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, you are very late this time around…” Xun Er softly laughed after seeing Xiao Yan look over. Her pretty eyes suddenly swept behind Xiao Yan as she spoke. “This must be older sister Cai Lin, right? I have frequently heard Xiao Yan ge-ge mention you.”

Cai Lin was slightly startled when she heard Xun Er’s words. She had heard Xiao Ding mention Xun Er back in the Jia Ma Empire. This person was Xiao Yan’s childhood sweetheart. If that incident hadn’t happened, the one who would have become Xiao Yan’s wife would most definitely have been her. Moreover, Cai Lin also understood that Xun Er occupied a great part of Xiao Yan’s heart. From a certain point of view, Cai Lin was a little like the third party in this relationship.

This kind of embarrassing position caused Cai Lin to feel a little uneasy, but she still nodded gently as a form of politeness.

Xiao Yan felt a little embarrassed in his heart when he heard the two women speak, but he was unable to say anything. He lead his group over and sat down.

The group that followed behind Xiao Yan was mostly women. Other than a couple of Elders from the Flower Sect, all of them possessed a lovely appearance. Hence, only at this moment did Gu Qing Yang and the rest discover that the atmosphere had become a little strange. After hearing Xun Er’s earlier words, many eyes landed on Cai Lin. They were aware of plenty of information related to Xiao Yan. Therefore, they understood who Cai Lin was after some thoughts. Their expressions quickly became a little strange. This Xiao Yan… was he really planning on enjoying both women?

In spite of their relationship with Xiao Yan, they involuntarily felt a blotch in their hearts when they thought of this. Just what position did Xun Er possess in the Gu clan? She was the goddess in the hearts of countless clan members. Forget about Xiao Yan having successfully obtained Xun Er’s heart. The fact that he was planning on enjoying two beauties was a little too good, right?

Although they these thoughts whirled around their hearts, none of them were foolish enough to give voice to these thoughts. Since Xun Er had not created a disturbance, they were unable to say much despite feeling a knot in their hearts.

Xun Er appeared quite calm while everyone was feeling embarrassed. She was gentle and polite as she greeted everyone behind Xiao Yan. However, she paused slightly when her eyes met Nalan Yanran’s eyes. The last time that the two of them had met was when Nalan Yanran had come to the Xiao clan to end the engagement. At that time, Nalan Yanran was haughty and arrogant. After these years of polishment, she was no longer the same arrogant and overbearing person from back then.

Nalan Yanran’s face did not reveal anything in front of Xun Er’s scanning eyes. However, her heart was complicated as she recalled something. When she was about to leave after having successfully resolved the issue of ending the engagement, Xun Er, who was seated beside the window, had uttered some words to her.

“Lady Nalan, hopefully you won’t regret what you have done today…”

These words, which contained some cold indifference, were spoken in a somewhat soft and ethereal voice over a decade ago, yet Nalan Yanran clearly remembered them. Moreover, the thing that caused her to feel a little downcast was that these words had come true ten years ago.

She had indeed regretted her actions, but this regret was useless.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, you have come to the Ancient Wasteland Region because of the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree, right?”Xun Er’s bright eyes shifted to Xiao Yan after having greeted everyone. She asked him a question.


Xiao Yan hurriedly nodded when he saw that Xun Er did not do anything. He felt an apology take shape in his heart. The guilt in his heart had become even denser the more Xun Er acted as though she was unconcerned. He understood that Xun Er was unwilling to let this matter cause a din and give him a headache.

“We will be able to enter the deepest part of the Ancient Wasteland Region if we walk further north. The Bodhisattva Ancient Tree is in that direction…” Xun Er’s delicate finger pointed to the north of the Ancient Region Stage as she softly said. “However, it is very difficult to reach the Bodhisattva Ancient Tree because there is a ferocious beast army guarding it fifty kilometers from here. They have surrounded the deep region. We must charge through the sea of ferocious beasts in order to enter.”

“Everyone here has given it a try during these past few days. However, everyone was blocked and forced to withdraw. The ferocious beast army is not only full of a frightening number, there are also some powerful ones among them that are very difficult to deal with.” Xun Er lifted her face. Sunlight scattered down from the sky. Her upturned nose caused her face to reveal an extremely beautiful outline. A gentle jade-like luster seeped out of her skin, appearing like a pure lotus. Such beauty was completely different than Cai Lin’s bewitching beauty.

“No wonder there is such a rich bloody scent on everyone’s bodies. They actually charged into the ferocious beast army…” Xiao Yan muttered with a sudden understanding.

“Aye, currently everyone here needs to join hands. Otherwise, none of us will be able to enter…” Xun Er parted the black hair on her forehead. Her face turned to a spot that was a short distance away. There was an additional trace of solemness in her pretty eyes as she said, “The temporarily alliance was suggested by that person. Xiao Yan ge-ge, you should be careful of him because he is from the Hall of Souls. Moreover, he is one two people from the current Hun clan’s younger generation who will likely be the next Hun clan chief.”

Xiao Yan’s heart shook when he heard these words. His eyes followed Xun Er’s gaze as he looked over.

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