Battle Through the Heavens (斗破苍穹) – Index

Battle Through the Heavens

In a land where no magic is present. A land where the strong make the rules and weak have to obey. A land filled with alluring treasures and beauty, yet also filled with unforeseen danger.  Three years ago, Xiao Yan, who had shown talents none had seen in decades, suddenly lost everything.  His powers, his reputation, and his promise to his mother. What sorcery has caused him to lose all of his powers? And why has his fiancee suddenly shown up?

My thoughts on the Manhua (Manga)!

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389 thoughts on “Battle Through the Heavens (斗破苍穹) – Index” - NO SPOILERS

    1. LOL this is so fun to watch you guys read a Chinese internet novel like this. OMG I had never thought one day foreign guys would read this novel like I did

      1. Nice. I’m chinese too. This is my favorite noval. My purpose is that read it for learning English via this site. I know all the events about it. Everybody could ask me.😁

      2. 我也是中国的 我初二看的这个 当时没日没夜的看 几天就看完了 后来很多玄幻小说都跟它差不多 我也就没怎么看玄幻小说了
        Well I am Chinese too.I read this novel when I was in junior two.I read this novel all day and all night that time so it just tooks me about few days to finish it.There are many Chinese xuanhuan novels are very similar to it so I will not read this kind of novels anymore.

  1. BTW did anyone notice that Xaio Yan always take the hard way out? Although he always gains more then what he wanted, he could use some more tactful or sly ways to achieve his intentions. He’s cunning and patient but also short tempered. I wish to see him play a deeper game, like he said when he made the 3 year agreement, 30 years east 30 years west.

    1. well like you said he’s cunning but when you have nuclear strike lotus at your disposal why endure the long term when you can tidy up everything immediatly ?

    2. Actually he is temper himself. When you read to the later part of the novel you will find out his enemy is really really powerful, and as a result he has to choose the hardest way. Also in most Chinese novels people believe that one who take tricky ways may could get victory or ahead for a while, but finally only those who chose the hardest way could go furthest, and be able to achieve the biggest goal.

    3. Well just so you know this English translation is at chapter 544 latest but the actual Chinese novel is more than 1300 or 1600 chapters 😉

      I am no Chinese and don’t know that language either otherwise I would have been reading that novel in Chinese to grasp more of the situation described by the author. Cheers!

  2. I’ve just read all the chapters of the manhua and i’d say that it’s impressive how much it change (i’m only at chapter 312 on the LN here).. Like how he hire old Hai… In the manhua he use the Spirit Recovery Pill (that seems to have a totaly different effect btw) to hire Medusa for one year. And when he is with Old Hai first he revert him back to his young appearance and he doesn’t even hire him for real… I’m dissapointed..

    1. you are too kind and to yuong.
      when you have the good things in this world no one care you are my Rescuer they only care the power and rare things if you have l thing you not live for 3s

    2. Well,the comic of this book has a lot of hoax and adaptations. The comic in China is almost for primary school students and junior high school students.I think the comic is not good.

    1. after reading older comment , there is rough total of 1600 chapters and currently the number of translated chapters is 440 . so it will take more than 6 more years for the rest to be translated if the 3 chapters per week rate is maintain .

      1. well atleast I’ll have something to look forward to for the next 6 years of my life :D.
        note: sarcasm and im sure something would happen by that point of either picking up the pace, slowing down, or simply dropping it because its too time consuming by that point, although someone could pick it up if it did come to that who knows how long that would take or their schedule. Perhaps I would even drop the series by that point or simply learn chinese :P.

  3. If you want to read this because you could not wait for the release of its Manga.
    I really do suggest to read the novel from the beginning.

    There are too many scenarios happened differently (E.g. Nalan Yanran visit to Xiao Clan Scenario) and also some descriptions of the characters are a little bit different such as Yao Lao who seems to be an old looking guy with a beard in the novel.

  4. I’m going to be honest, 50% of the chapters seem to be plain filler chapters that have next to little useful content. The writer adds content that do not need to be added which prevents readers from being immersed in the story; They are so long that you often times forget what was originally happening in the main story. The chapters themselves are half the length of chapters from other novels. The writer spends way too much time on character development on characters that you will never ever see in the rest of the novel; A way of filling in chapters obviously. Instead of simulating a certain type of environment or setting, the writer manually goes around each present character and makes them speak which takes an entire year to get through the obvious scenario that is going to happen.

    1. true too much filler and other useless things . as for the character development for side character yeah i agree , but for the mains character too many time it seems that the author completely forgot that they are accompanying xiao yan . so imo Cai Lin, Xun er , Little fairy doctor & Qin ling lack interaction with each other or even with xiao yan and most of the time you have just the feeling that they are more his maidservant/bodyguard than his travel companion . they just follow his order silently most of the time clearly you don’t have the feeling they are characters but more that they are tools. so every fight xiao yan save the day and the other are stooge that lvl up only because the story need it .i really wish there would be more dialogue and less repeated information that was said in the previous chapter .

      1. Well the origin propose of the writer to write the novel is to earn money, and that’s why he adds so much thing into the novel:) Because he get paid depends on the words of the novel.

    1. Currently, the Manwha is ahead of the novel translation. the novel goes into much more detail compared to the Manhwa. The novel is currently at the stage where Xiao Yan is starting to create medicine pills in competition with the Medicine gang faction in the inner academy.

  5. What in the f is going on in the latest chapters i have read the entire novel but what in the hell is going on i just can’t comprehend like from the start to now its become one big clusterF

  6. I used to be lost in the type of novel which called”Net novel” in China. It was interesting for me when I first finish it.However ,if you meet this kind of novel too much………(I want to improve English,so I want to read the English verson.)

  7. Anyone can can tell me what chapter is when the lou yan empire vs jia ma empire? When xiao yan finally returmed from is training… i wanna know the exact chapter because is so confusing.. thank you! Pls reply!

  8. OMG this is so fun to watch you guys read this novel. I had never thought one day foreign guys would read it like I did. I am a Chinese guy who completed this novel years ago and I would be glad to answer you guys’ questions about the novel. Or any other thing about Chinese novels like this, or about China:)

  9. It’s amazing to see 《斗破苍穹》 (Break Through The Heavens) in English. I first read it when I was a high school student, and now the graduation is coming.

    1. 中国观光团?同样高中开始看看,当时一直追到完结,现在大学都毕业了,当时的《凡人修仙传》,《仙国》都是相当不错的作品。这里居然只翻译到504章我要是在这剧透会不会有人给我寄刀片…….

        1. 我们几个中国人在这聊天好吗?

          1. I am glad for someone creat this 武俠世界.There are so many famous story book in China and I saw that a lot of people are as love these books as us ,I think you could translate other story book too!Just like 《斗羅大陸》,《琴帝》etc.They are interesting too!
            ps:I am not good at English grammar too (*´艸`*)

  10. I know this website from news.
    In fact, these novels are the most famous and are old –not very interesting comparing to novels nowadays.
    There are much better novels.

  11. Yoooo guys Today l will Share some of Battle Through the Heavens strength grade。
    when l flash this book spend my 3 month in the grade 7 summer time。 And l am a chinese。
    Here we GO。
    Grade Divided into Specially good effect
    DouzhiQi One to nine paragraphs Exercise bones, strong the body
    Douzhe One to nine paragraphs Within the visual,Poly gas。like Dragon Ball
    Doushi One to nine paragraphs Shayi vindictive, poly gasified liquid.、
    Dadoushi One to nine paragraphs Vindictive armor, extroverted, poly gasification of solid, diamond-shaped.
    Douling One to nine paragraphs Douqi Condensate, solid
    Douwang One to nine paragraphs Douqi can make the wing(can Fly), to mobilize a small amount of external space energy.
    Douhuang One to nine paragraphs Can mobilize a large number of outside the same attribute energy
    Douzong One to nine paragraphs No outside help to stay empty, you can lock manufacturing space
    Douzun One to nine paragraphs You can master and use the power of space.
    Bansheng(hafe of Dousheng)Low to high Entering the Dousheng Far better than Douzun
    Can produce space jade Jane.
    Dousheng One to nine paragraphs Gestures, landslides and fissures, space broken with just l move . From the empty space to open up one side for human living space, it is a symbol of the fighting Sheng strong. Six Star fight St. is the space to move the sign. Dou Sheng peak strong, blood began to variation.
    Doudi same To change their own blood, so that their descendants benefit, to the power of one person to revive the whole race, to be able to enter the body that day, the formation of a large body of God fighting emperor, power can break the heaven。
    IF l can l will analysis the Regional powers next time。
    See you (●’◡’●)

  12. When I heard of u guys are doing the translation of “battle through the heavens” I was soooo exciting, but I really think the translation could be better.
    For instance, the correct pronunciation of Dou Zhi Qi Zu (斗之气旋) is Dou Zhi Qi “Xuan”. It is a vortex that made by Dou Qi, and “Dou Qi” is like gas or air which is just like the Force (Star war). The gas is the energy that exists in everywhere of the world. U can imagine that the Dou Qi is like the Oxygen in the atmosphere.
    Chinese think that in the WuXia world, people take in the gas(Qi) from the environment and keep it inside their body. Use some method to train the Qi and make it stronger and stronger.
    Moreover, Dou = battle, Qi = gas. If u can alter all the “Dou Qi” (斗气) into “Battle gas” or “gas of the battle”. It will be really helpful for the reader to understand this Novel.
    Thus, Dou Zhi Qi Xuan = vortex of the Battle Gas (Dou Qi). Dou Zhi Li = the strength of the battle gas.
    And one more question for the translator, are u Chinese?

    1. Agree. I know translator is very hard, but there is still a lot of space to upgrade. If the translation is great, it can improve the click rate of the book , otherwise, it only let the readers take a long time to understand so many strange words. These books are only Chinese Web novels, which are not published in west countries, and no one to provide financial support, so the reader can only see the bad translation. Translators, please forgive me for saying this.

  13. You know… shouldn’t you have someone take care of the index and add the chapter names?

    Cause a bunch of numbers are kinda useless in finding the chapters we’d want.

  14. In fact As the future head of the Ancient family Gu,Xiao Xun Er has always been more powerful than Xiao Yan.
    She captured the forth Essence Fire——金帝焚天炎.I`m Chinese and just call me Lei Feng.

  15. 其实吧–看完评论发现怎么留评论的基本都是砸门自己人
    In fact, watching the comments I’ve found that here to review the basic are our Chinese

  16. no offense。I’m CN.
    Most of the following Google translation, if the reading is not smooth, please forgive me
    the 《斗破苍穹》 Translate to 《Battle Through the Heavens》 not very good. maybe call this 《Crushing Heaven》A little better。
    and than,The translation of the Chinese name in the novel is not very good, in the novel, the name generally contains artistic conception.
    such as:xiao yan(萧炎),xiao mei(萧媚),xiao xun er(萧薰儿)。
    Xiao is the surname,The other is the name.
    Use Chinese to understand this xiao yan,the “yan” is 炎,the “炎” Chinese writing is “two fire”,Means more fiery than the fire.So the “xiao yan” name means “He is a representative of a hot heart, blood struggle, not to achieve the purpose of not give up”。
    xiao mei(萧媚),the “mei”(媚)means lovely、enchanting and full of temptation.So the “xiao mei” name means “She is a lovely, enchanting, full of temptation and sexy girl”
    xiao xun er(萧薰儿),the xun(薰),In Chinese generally refers to lavender,The lavender in the Chinese represents the mysterious,So the “xiao xun er” name means “She is a mysterious girl”.
    China has an old saying: people as its name.
    That is the meaning of the above.
    If you are interested in Chinese novels or Chinese culture, please feel free to reply and I would be happy to share with you about China.

  17. Hello guys.I am a Chinese. My English not very well. But I just want to ask a question. Do u know this noval have cartoon now? In bilibili. A Chinese vedio website. But it need money and don’t have English sub. Hope one day u can see it.

  18. I’m reading the manhua of this. I quite like the art, but I might have to read this as well afterwards, since I know there are often differences in the story between mediums. (I even heard a certain “incident” happens while Xiao Yan and Medusa are in the Fallen Heart Flame. Which is made more kid-friendly in the manhua. He pulled a Chu Feng in the novel from the rumors…)

  19. The following website already completed the whole 1648 chapters but it’s translation is very bad compare to over here so i rather wait here than ruining the whole experience of finish reading rest of it in a poor manner. With that being said, translators please hurry. Thank you. 🙂 ^^

  20. 哈哈,初三暑假的回忆啊,土豆真的很能把握读者心理的刺激点,不过现在沉迷拖更我倒不太喜欢他了。。。。。大主宰故事倒挺有意思,不过总是有点炒冷饭的感觉=。=

  21. I am a Chinese.i have read the novels about ten years.I am so happy when i found the website,because we Can exchange with more friends.
    my email:[email protected]
    i want to meet more friends,i Can tell you about xianxia or wuxia novels,i have read ten years… English just soso.

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