BTTH Chapters 94 + 95

Chapter 94

Translated By: Arron
Edited By: GGP, Based Jessica, KinderSoul

This chapter was sponsored by colin fisher, Matthew Luther and Vesa Kivistö! Thanks!

Chapter 95

Translated By: Arron
Edited By: Based Jessica, _Black (I’m back!!!) and GGP

This chapter was sponsored by Vesa Kivistö and Magnus Leikvik! Thanks!

TL: Will do all of the next/previous stuff when I finish this week’s load 😀 3/8 Done!

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  1. Wow… for the first time I got the first comment on something. Even if it’s not Coiling Dragon, that’s something!

    Thank you Goodguyperson for all the hard work! I really enjoy reading BTTH.

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