New BTTH Chapter

Translated by: 33naelurec, Yeow
Edited by: Based Jessica and GGP

TL: Will make the next chap/ previous chap when I post the next chap, I’ll probably be doing that from now on; putting links every other chap.

Chapter 77

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  1. goodguyperson,

    In the case that more than 1 chapter is being released in one day, is it possible to just release them all together instead of one by one?

    1. Alright, so here is the deal. We could in fact release multiple chapters bundled together, but the problem here is that Gravity translations is currently low on translators and because of the current shortage, we are having problems with our other novels so GGP(goodguyperson) is our proofreader and the final reader before a chapter is released. Because he is the final reader for all 3 of our novels(Mo Tian Ji, BTTH, and Zhan Long) and because of our current shortage of translators, he is actually translating, editing, proofreading, and studying for finals all at the same time, so when people ask for help, he is the go to. He is overworked and has to hop in between all three of these novels while balancing school, so because of that he may want to release them together, but because he wants to get a Zhan Long chapter out (because we’re behind due to translator shortage) , he may have wanted to get the Zhan Long chapter out first before releasing another BTTH chapter. Sorry if I sound mad, but this is the best way I can describe it.

  2. Everyone, there is a manga(manhwa, AKA: Chinese manga) on this btw. Not the best art (like combat continent) but nonetheless, still great. (and It’s Ahead of the light novel in translation)

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