BTTH Chapter 48

Translated by: Sun and GGP

Edited by: Sac, Manvender, Hendricksen-sama, Noah, Based Jessica, TwangyNewt, mrbaconator

BTTH Chapter 48

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  1. To think everyone wants to let me take the Second… place in thanking our dear translators Sun and GGP but i would also like to thank Sac from Uk, Manvender from Sweden, Hendricksen-sama from Germany…. Lol jk.. thanks everyone who made this chapter in form that´s possible to enjoy and read

  2. Heyo, I have been having a weird issue with the first time I open up to a chapter that it only displays the ad and the chapter is way far down the page, all I have to do is refresh to fix it so its not a big deal but figured I would let you know it might be a bug, or it could just be my comp.

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