BTTH being dropped + 10 Chapters :D

Guys we’re dropping BTTH – Read more Please, please please….

Just joking 😛 We just wanted a break + here’s a mass release!

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Translated by: Yeow
Edited by: Noah, Based Jessica, TwangyNewt

BTTH Chapter 80

Translated by: Arron
Edited by: Reiji Ozora, Based Jessica

BTTH Chapter 81

Translated by: Arron
Edited by: Based Jessica

BTTH Chapter 82

Translated By: Arron
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BTTH Chapter 83

Translated By: Arron
Edited By: Video, Based Jessica

BTTH Chapter 84

Translated By: Arron
Edited By: Superposhposh, Based Jessica

BTTH Chapter 85

Translated By: Arron
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BTTH Chapter 86

Translated By: NomYummi & Anne H
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BTTH Chapter 87

Translated By: Arron
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BTTH Chapter 88

Translated By: Arron
Edited By: Noah, Reiji Ozora

BTTH Chapter 89

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  1. I am a bit confused about a few names used in these chapters:

    1. Is the alchemist aligned with the Jai clan named Liu Xi or Liu mu as I have seen both used.
    2. Is adding the clan name to the end of a non clan members name normal like then Ya Fei was called Ya Fei Xiao?
    3. I remember noting Xiao Yan’s ex fiancée name as Nalan Yanran before and is now Na Lan Su. Just wondering if her clan name is Na and actual name Lan or if Su/Yanran are also part of her name.


    1. Hi, here are the answers to your questions:

      1. The alchemist aligned with the Jia Lie clan name is Liu Xi.
      2.The clan name is not added to the end of the non-clan members. In the case of Ya Fei, she is addressed as Ya Fei xiao-jie (meaning Miss Ya Fei. xiao-jie means Miss) . This is a respectful manner of addressing her given her status.
      3. Can you tell me where did you find the name Nalan Yunran? Xiao Yan’s ex-fiancee’s name is Na Lan Su.
      Na Lan (or Nalan as used previously) is the surname, which happens to consist of two words. This is not very common but does exist. Another surname which consist of two words is Jia Lie (the surname of the Jia Lie clan).

      I hope that I have clarified your doubts 🙂

      1. Thanks for the Clarification’s 😀

        I cannot say where I found the Nalan Yunran name for sure it was a copy paste from one of the earily chapters when she was first introduced.

  2. “oh no… whats happen? take your summer vacation, but dont drop it”
    “ow, you [all] such a teaser” *biggrin*
    then start reading..

    now that Ya Fei know about XY connection to the black robe alchemist, then they can arrange for scheduled delivery of healing medicine to Xiao clan when he go study at institute.

    His gaze was gentle as he heavily patted the latter’s shoulders. Sucking his lips, he regretfully said: “Your attacks are not vicious enough. Jia Lie Bi has only one son and today, if you had castrated him, Jia Lie Bi would have gone crazy. If that had happened, the three elders who are hiding outside would have had the excuse to kill him. Ze ze, what a wasted opportunity.” …
    Xiao Zhan, you’re the man *thumbs up* LOL

  3. LOL! I saw this the immediately after waking up while checking through my phone, still half asleep …. Casually reading then BAM!, An announcement about BTTH literally slapped me wide awake (close to the point of crying) …. Literally had to drink a massive cup of hot chocolate to calm me down. THANK GOODNESS IT WASN’T TRUE.

    Anyway enjoy your break… I will just read the manga of this for now… kinda ruins the surprise for me but, gotta live off what you got, and currently BTTH (manga) has been updating atleast 2+ chapter everyday which sadly passed the light novel but also satisfies my needs by abit… The novel is still worth reading content of story wise (actually explains things lelelel)

  4. Just for reference, 嘖嘖 is an onomatopeia for the sound made when clicking your tongue, the Chinese equivalent of “tch”. It’s not an actual thing you say.

  5. Since its too complicated to describe what happened when I read this title I won’t write it down
    Anyways thanks for the chapters and enjoy ur break

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