BTTH 91 – A Meeting in the Night

Translated By: Arron
Edited By: GGP

TL: Sorry, I thought that chapter 91 had been posted when I posted chapter 92. Sorry.

Chapter 91

Here’s the link the chapter 92 – that was posted before 91

Chapter 92

11 thoughts on “BTTH 91 – A Meeting in the Night” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. seriously, ggp. with this and that horrific post earlier, i’m starting to think that your nick is some sort of extreme sarcasm… (not that i mind.)
    i’d love to hear a recording of you laughing evilly, i feel like you should be a good match for the utterly sadistic fbt.

    also a thank you for translating a series that i plan to read in the future. just waiting for a few more chapters to pile up.

      1. just happened to read this manhua, and am now waiting to forget most of what happened in it.
        will make the reading experience a little more enjoyable.
        also waiting for chapters so there will be more past the point where manhua translations got to.

        so yeah, just a little more…

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