BTTH 866-868 + Announcement!

I believe we have finally caught up with the manhua! Thank you to all our Patrons for making it possible and hopefully we can keep it up in the future!


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We have recently changed Patreon to charge up-front. This also means we will be adjusting the number of chapters released on a per week basis.

June – Week 3: 16/16 + 5/5 chapters this week!

Translated By: Arron and GGP
Edited By: Comfortabull and Video

Chapters 866-868 are available here!

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16 thoughts on “BTTH 866-868 + Announcement!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Comic was a pure ball of poop anyway, a bit better than CD’s, but not enough to make any reasonable reader of the novel read it and enjoy it as much , even if they had followed it first.

    1. Yeah it was readable i used to read the manhua chapters after GGP caught up with them but after the recent developments with Medusa i don’t to see what kind of bullsh*t they invented there…

      1. i read the manhua before the light novel and though it was not bad, but after reading the book and saw all the change and garbage added in it I stopped reading the manhua.

        The part about Medusa… I mean i understand they might not want to say in the manhua that the mc raped Medusa but they could have done something else like they both got aroused and had sex… At least it would sound a lot closer…

        For Coiling Dragon.. the manhua suck even more you are right. Even with the woman added… It’s supposed to be an old dude… but i know that an old granny or old dude would not attract reader… Anyway, i read the first part for fun but stopped short after seeing the woman, the way he got the ring, etc… sheesh

    2. I agree that this is better than the manhua. Though I will say it’s a much better adaptation than Coiling Dragon or Doulou Dalu that doesn’t veer off as much with the story.

      1. I admit its better than CD adaptation too , but you cant say the veering off isnt that much even when comparing to CD comic , when you change important character’s ages and thus their actions and thoughts in the series , that alters a big enough part of the story. If it was one character , as long as its not the main one , its okay , but as they pile up , it becomes inexcusable.

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