BTTH 682-683!

Many of you guys might not know but I also run a site called Gravity Tales! Go check it out if you guys have time! There are about a dozen of novels there with many of them well into the couple hundreds.

The first 3 chapters will be make-ups for last month and the others will be for this month. Currently, we’re below 3500 but some payments seemed to not have been processed so I’ll wait a couple of days and see if the mini mass release is coming through.

 March: 3/3 + 2/55 chapters this month! 

Translated By: Arron and GGP
Edited By: Comfortabull and Video

19-20th chapter of this week is here!

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  1. Hey GGP, can you make the updates on Patreaon viewable by all users, not just donators? Not the chapters, just the updates. I just got my first job so I hope to donate next month but it’s still annoying to only be able to see the titles of all the updates, like the one about the RSS channel >.< 😛

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