BTTH 658-660!

Many of you guys might not know but I also run a site called Gravity Tales! Go check it out if you guys have time! There are about a dozen of novels there with many of them well into the couple hundreds.

 March: 15/15 + 32/53 chapters this month! 

Translated By: Arron and GGP
Edited By: Comfortabull and Video

23-26th chapter of this week is here!

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4 thoughts on “BTTH 658-660!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for the chapters. I’ve noticed something about the posts, is there somewhere I can send an email to the person and/or group who makes them?

  2. Just want to make a little correction that 658-660(658,659,660) is 3 chapters instead of 4. So that means it should be 23-25th chapter instead of 26. Same goes with 17-20th release (17,18,19,20) but in fact there are only 3 chapters out 653,654,655

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