BTTH 567!

As you guys know, the second anniversary of Gravity Tales is coming up soon. So, in order to celebrate it, besides the giveaway, I’ll be lowering the donation amount per chapter by half to 30 dollars per chapter for the month of January.

Hey guys, I’ve decided to open a Patreon account! As celebration, the regular chapters posted this week will be 5. All I ask is that you guys go visit the BTTH Patreon page where you’ll have the chance to read up to the next 40 chapters along with speeding up releases!

We’ve passed our first Patreon goal ($250) which means that I will be speeding up releases to 4 regular chapters per week! 

We’re also super close to the next goal of $500 which will make every week have 5 regular chapters per week!

Translated By: Arron and GGP
Edited By: Comfortabull and Video

Eighth chapter of this week is here!

Sponsors: Paul Li!

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