7 thoughts on “BTTH 545!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. By the time this novel is over I feel like I’ll be an old man. We berly get one chapter a week. I think no over novel on here gets updated this slow well thanks anyways

    1. When did I only post 1 chapter per week? I’m honestly confused and would enjoy it if you told me about when that happened. If you look through past posts, you’ll see that there are over 2-3 chapters per week.

      1. Hm i see maybe it seemed that way because I only get 1 email each week informing me btth got a new chapter which I don’t understand why, sometimes it takes 2 weeks as well ?

        1. But of course thanks for the hard work I mean this is my favorite novel on this whole site so I do wish to get more chapters. Expect donation from me again pretty soon ?

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