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  1. You messed up again. This is 380 not 381.
    Haha. Joke :)))
    Thanks for the chapter. The previous chapter problem wasn’t a big deal. I went to 378 and clicked “next” and problem solved!

  2. Messed up last chapter? By what? Not linking the chapter? I think you’re beating yourself up over tiny mistakes. No need to keep adding to the queue for little things every translator does, especially one’s that don’t actually impact the readers in any way.

    Thanks for the chapter though! And it’s 380* not 381. 🙂

    1. Yup, it didn’t impact the readers but in my opinion, it was unjust to the donors to not get their “spot”. For example, you wouldn’t pay 20 dollars to not get recognized. Honestly, it was my fault and even the 45 might be a little too high…

    1. Manhwa is basically in the middle of Jia Nan Academy. The Light novel is just heading for Jia Nan. So it will be a while, but the Light Novel is quickly approaching and will likely over take it in maybe a month i would guess. Its hard to say since the Light novel goes into details about some things a lot more than the Manhwa.

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