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  1. Can someone explain to me how the donation work? If I were to donate, it would give one more chapter per week or only once?

    When does the amount of donation is reset?

    1. you should read the donation link.
      different translators work differently, and it is a one off thing.
      e.g. if the donation target is $60 per chapter, you will get 1 sponsored chapter once the donation target is reached. Different novels may have different targets, usually set based on the work involved like the length of chapter, language complexities, popularity etc.
      But there are limits. Even if you decide to donate $6000, the translator may have a limit on how many sponsored chapters he can provide in a week. E.g. max 5 sponsored chapters with remaining amount ($6000-$60×5=$5700) carried over to the next week etc. When the donation reaches too high above what the translator can cope with, he will usually freeze the incoming donations til he clears the existing queue.
      The donation amount is reset once the queue is cleared e.g. ($6000 = $60x100chapters for btth, which will translated in addition to the guaranteed chapters).

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