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  1. Grats on the semi-graduation?

    Something that’s been bothering me as I’ve caught up through the series- most of the cases where there’s someone doing something “randomly”, it doesn’t seem like the proper word to use; instead it seems like it should be translated more as something akin to “haphazardly”, “nonchalantly”, or “carelessly”, as it indicates the concept of casual aimlessness of the action that the author is going for, without having other connotations of chance and especially accidental occurrence that don’t quite fit the line it’s written in.

    For example, within this chapter (not spoiler-y at all), we have this line: “Xiao Yan randomly nodded before raising his head.” This reads much better stylistically as, “Xiao Yan offhandedly nodded before raising his head.” or “Xiao Yan casually nodded before raising his head.”

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