BTTH 300! We made it!

Translated By: Arron, Manvender and GGP
Edited By: Based Jessica and Video

Another milestone under the belt!

For those that have been following the story since the start, thanks for staying with us for this ride and a great welcome to new readers.

23 thoughts on “BTTH 300! We made it!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. There seems to be a problem with the links cause it only shows 283 chapters on mine. I don’t if its the websites problem or mine so ahhh yeah… Anyway congrats sir!

  2. I started reading this series when you were around the chapter 150, and I cached up, It has been great, thank you very much for all the efort you guys put in it.

  3. Congrats man, I remember when you only had 30 chapters of ZL, and now a year later you have several projects that are hundreds of chapters in, including this one. I myself decided to wait to read BTTH since there were only a few chapters at the time, seeing this great story pass 300 is great. Keep up the great work GGP.

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