13 thoughts on “BTTH 286” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. The manga seems to be more comical and strays from the novel at a certain point. The parts that do follow the novel don’t follow it exactly…it’s kind of skewed. For instance, when he kissed a girl in the novel (not trying to post a spoiler), in the manga it was a hug. When medusa awoke from the little snake form, in the manga she appeared as a girl aged similar to that of the MC. The novel suggested that she retained her beauty and age prior to her snake mode haha.

    2. The LN is somewhere between Manhua Chapter 63 and 64. But the Manhua skips like 80% of the actions done.
      Example: Dispelling the poison took the Manhua roughly 2 chapters. And it was in one go. The LN just started with the dispelling and Xiao Yan is currently strolling aroung. Exposing potential hidden cards for his future.

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