9 thoughts on “BTTH 238!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    I’m kind of lost now guys… I’ve caught up and found myself not knowing what to do, any suggestions? By the way I don’t really want to start reading another novel because I don’t really like the idea of reading multiple novels, because so much to remember in each novel that is.

    1. I’d start reading another novel if I were you.

      Keep in mind that translators are people translating in their free time. So it’ll be a long time before we catch up with the end–which is like 1600+ chapters.

      1. If I do I guess I’ll pick up one more which will be Coiling Dragon and read to the end of that before picking up another, I don’t want to be constantly reading different chapters of too many that I’d mix myself up on novels, but I’m already in a situation of reading multiple unfinished ones… oops.

        Thanks for giving your suggestion xigua, and I’m curious to know of other people who read these novels, how many novels are you reading right now?

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