BTTH 216!

Translated By: Arron and GGP
Edited By: Based Jessica, Comfortabull and Video

Crosses finger 

Last regular chapter of the week by the way

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    1. I prefer it. It felt pretty useless with every chapter being posted there since it was so cluttered, and would only get worse in the future if more translations are added. At least this way, its much easier to see when the last translations of the series you are following were.

  1. I think we probably should change the front page again. Go back to the flow layout with stories in order of when they were posted, but on the side you should put this new drop list where the old categories were. That way we get the update notes in one place, but you get the aesthetics of the old page. The new page does a good job of making sure you don’t miss updates, but it’s not very easy on the eyes.

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