BTTH 209!

Translated By: Arron and GGP
Edited By: Based Jessica, Comfortabull and Video

Second reg chapter. 

Quick question: Would you guys rather I release 2+ chapters at a time or a chapter a day? Since I really can’t guarantee standard release times.

16 thoughts on “BTTH 209!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thank you Arron, GGP, Based Jessica, Comfortabull and Video!
    I would like a chapter a day, but 2 at once per 2 days, or 3 at once per 3 days, or so, whatever is better for you, even all at once every sunday/saturday/or-whatever is fine too.

  2. GGP you are a GoodGuy, yourself and Arron have been translating like champs recently. I’d bee satisfied with 1 per day, just as it has been coming so far. You guys have occasionally given us two, but we both know that is because the chapter length in BTTH is either long or fairly short, no middle ground.

    In short. I’m happy with 1 a day. Your whole team works hard enough IMO

  3. Do whatever you prefer i allready preciate your hard job translating all those chapters. So i think it’s better to release everything you have. This way you don’t need to come back behind you pc all the time just to release a translated chapter. Better release everything you have once or twice in a week. This way people who like to read everything in one go can read and no one can complain about cliff hangers. For the people who want to read everyday they can just read a chapter and come back tomorrow to read the other chapters. It’s there responsibility to uphold there patience since you just release everything together.

    So whatever you choice just pick what you like the most. Don’t want to ask to much from you 🙂

  4. Just recently I started reading the novel and follow the releases, so I just think the release must be made in the way that is easier to post, if can not go out every day then there would be no problem post the other day, and I’m grateful to be bringing these chapters ..

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