BTTH 167-168

Translated By: Arron and GGP
Edited By: ReijiOzora, mrbaconator, Based Jessica and Video

Sponsored by Caleb Gleason! Thanks!

Translated By: Arron and GGP
Edited By: Based Jessica, mrbaconator, HighJayster and Video

Sponsored by Jan Göttlich, Chris Henze and Bernardo Nemil! Thanks!

TL: Four things:

  • Two chapters instead of one because I forgot to post yesterday’s chapter 🙁
  • The next/previous chapter links have been updated up to 168
  • The index which had stopped at 158 is now up to date at 168 also
  • Finally, if the reddit person/people sees this, could they update the raw TOC to be this ->  ?


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    1. The links are in the “Sponsor by ‘name’! Thanks!”
      Click the first will give you BTTH 167, and the second will give you 168.

      Also if you hover over them you should be able to see where they’ll link to in the bottom corner, you can also right click them, click copy link location and paste to see whats linked as well. Hope that helps spotting links in the future 🙂

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