BTTH 162

Translated By: Arron and GGP
Edited By: mrbaconator, Based Jessica and Video

This chapter was sponsored by Ronald Susanto, Jauve Rose and Adel Obbad! Thanks!

The real ending to the arc…

8 thoughts on “BTTH 162” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. “According to the old driver of the horse carriage, the city walls had withstood the a smashing attack from the combined strength of two Dou Wang without shaking.”

    …..It’s a flag I tell you, a flag!
    I suspect the walls won’t be standing for much longer lol.

  2. Many thanks to Translator Arron and GGP, Editor mrbaconator, Based Jessica and Video & generous sponsors Ronald Susanto, Jauve Rose and Adel Obbad!
    Dear WuxiaWorld, many thanks to the Author, Translator, Editor, Donor!

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