BTTH 128 – 130

Chapter 128
Translated By: Arron
Edited By: mrbaconator, Based Jessica, Video and GGP

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Chapter 129
Translated By: Arron
Edited By: mrbaconator, Based Jessica, Video and GGP

Chapter 130
Translated By: Yeow
Edited By: mrbaconator, Based Jessica, Video and GGP

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  1. Thanks Arron and Yeow for translating these chapters =) And also thanks to mrbaconator, Based Jessica, Video and GGP for finetuning them to the good read they are

  2. can someone tell me that how far is this LN (both the translation as well as the raw) in terms of the manhua? i am sure the manhua leaps a lot in itself and recently the translated manhua updates had been insane quick. can someone please give me an estimate?

    1. sorry dont understand you question. ‘how far’ what? do you mean which chapters the manhua is on? if i’d were to make a guess at least 50 chapters ahead (going out on a limb here and say it could be 100 chapters ahead.). at chapter 130 (ln) the manhua is the same as chapter 25… as far as the raw goes iono since i cant read chinese xD

      if you want to know more i suggest you ask people in the chat on gravity site xP theres a pretty good community for LNs at least the one i know of. occasionally you’d bump into people talking about series and will hear spoilers but its a minor thing just close the tab when you see them.

  3. Thanks for the chapters! Just so you know, if you haven’t seen it already, the next chapter buttons are gone/broken. On my phone last night the ones for chapter 128 were there, but didn’t work. 129, and 130 didn’t have them at all. Now today on PC, all three chapters don’t have the next or previous chapter buttons.

  4. Are wuxiaworld and gravitytales sharing material? Just wondering cause I saw while reading a diff LN on gravitytales that they also posted chapters of BTTH 128-130. Was same translators and editors so not like someone else took credit for it but was just surprised to see two different sites hosting the same series, with the same translator and editors.

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