BTTH 104

Translated By: Arron

Edited By: Based Jessica, Noah, Video, GGP, Bacon

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TL: 4/6. Anyways, this chapter was super long, 3k words or 8 pages long and…. bad news…. nearly the rest of the chapters are that long >.< . Enjoy!

18 thoughts on “BTTH 104” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I thought I would give this story a break and read it in one big chunk, can someone tell the chapter when the story starts with the year long training ark? thanks.

    1. Send you a message when it starts? Right now he’s doing the exam to get into the school but take leave for 1 year to get stuff. Or is there another ark later?

      1. nono sorry i dont expect anyone to do that, or even remember, i mean just tell me the rough chapter that it will start so i can pick up again, yeah after the school thing

        1. It’ll be only a few chapters at this point I think, I mean unless the manhua completely skipped part of it, this is the final fight for this part.

  2. I say thats good news, the biggest problem I have with BTTH is that the first 50 or so chapters are what, 1 page? I mean I honestly cant complain about the Manhua covering 100+ chapters in 20 chapters because of that.
    Also this is why I say spoilers are a myth, now that I know how awesome this series gets through the manhua, my hype to experience the canon version is so much higher. Knowing future events is nothing but a good thing. Btw is there a Chinese reader that can tell me how faithful the Manhua was, I mean its the only one that hasnt completely destroyed the source that I’ve read (Shounen Battle Douluo, Doehring Jie-Jie, Etc) but I want to know

    1. Yer darn right. If you actually enjoy something. You should never feel like it was spoiled because of something someone else said. If you do. You probably didn’t like it as much as you thought.

      And thanks GGP for the new chapter

      1. Some surprises are just perfect for the moment, and even knowing a little bit of what might happen can skew the experience from the awesomeness that it could have been. :\

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