Bridging Stellar Transformations Book 11 Chapters 33-48

To ‘Stellar Transformations’ fans,

As you all know, that Rylain has taken off his translations of chapter 33-48. So in an effort to have all the Stellar Transformations readable here @ wuxiaworld, I’ve decided to do them myself.

fyi, I will do this on top of weekly releases the furthers the story from chapter 64+. So the bridging sequence will be quite slow.

That’s all from me, Thunderhill

I do find it strange that Ren doesn’t post the new (1-2 chapters behind) releases on the front page….

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  1. Thanks for the hard work, Thunder! I don’t get why Rylain doesn’t want their site linked to from wuxiaworld, though. It’s just added traffic and views for them, what’s bad about it?

    1. He’s hella annoyed at people because they were like why cant you translate faster. dont you already know that there is someone else who has already translated ahead of you and stuff like that. I mean he puts out like 2-3 chapters of ST a week which is pretty good and they still insist on him putting out more even though he already said that him doing ST was kinda for himself. If i were him I’d be hella annoyed as well.

        1. Basically, because he-man translated over 10 books of ST for free – Rylain felt he would basically be profiting by monetising someone else’s work so he chose to translate for free.

          This caused conflict with another group (not thunderhill) that started translating at the same time (they both released their first chapter within a two week period of each other) who were intending to monetise their translation. This group tried to invite him to join them but he wasn’t interested in monetising or working with other people so turned them down.

          The other group decided they couldn’t monetise alongside a free translation so abandoned the project. Supporters of this other translating group blamed Rylain for forcing the other group to abandon the project and started being incredibly hostile and a whole lot of abuse got posted on Rylain’s blog as well as SPCNet. because that’s how you guarantee more chapters…. abusing the only person still translating the project.

          Rylain got fed up with the constant abuse and didn’t translate a chapter for a couple of weeks and started translating Transcending the Nine Heavens instead with the plan to start retranslating ST after the short hiatus.

          Naturally IET had finished that chapter on a cliff-hanger, there were hundreds of irate leechers and so Thunder started translating from the next chapter. After the two weeks Rylain started translating again and we had two translations. I actually read both.

          Now that Thunder is accepting donations, Rylain feels that Thunder is now monetising both the 10+ books he-man translated as well as the chapters he has translated. I personally am fine with Thunder getting paid for their work as they have to eat / pay server fees etc.

          However I can understand why Rylain would feel that way – given his stance that they wouldn’t monetise he-man’s work. So I can understand why Rylain has withdrawn their chapters although I personally find this disappointing as the translation was very well done.

          Essentially the problem has been every step of the way – abusive leechers. Now the people suffering are other leechers (who may or may not have been abusive). Neither Thunder nor Rylain have deserved the abuse they both received.

          I don’t think any of the translators have really done anything wrong and can understand both points of view. Hopefully the translation of ST can now go ahead without drama and Rylain is happy translating TTNH.

          And hopefully some leechers will improve their behaviour in future (if only so they can keep getting chapters).

          1. No one intending to monetize it. The group you’re talking about are fans of ST from SPCNET. They were pretty fast at releasing chapters too until one day they stopped and people were arguing about it in the forum because of someone who made them stop.

            I was as usual lurking in the forum watching the drama…

          2. FYI, not quite accurate or fair to the ‘other group’, which was Aequitas’ group; Aequitas’ group didn’t intend to ‘monetize’ it or quit because they weren’t able to; they simply accepted ‘thank you’ donations. The same thing happened to them as happened to Rylain later; as Rylain translated slightly faster and got a chapter or two up ahead of them, some readers people started complaining and posting links when they DID post a new chapter, saying that this was already done. Much like what happened to Rylain, Aequitas’ group felt like they were being unappreciated and also that they were doing duplicative work, which was pointless; the reason they originally picked up ST was because they were fans (as is the case for all of the translators involved) and wanted to learn what happened next, so what was the point of ‘competing’?

            Sigh. Translation poaching is often a never-ending cycle of negative karmic energy, in my experience, in large part not just because of the translators, but because of the readers and the impacts they have on the psyche of the translators. Alas, you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

          3. Sorry – rereading what I wrote – it did come out far harsher than intended to Aequitas’s group (mainly due to me trying to summarise and partially due to this debate having so many loaded words like “monetise” being used – “accepting donations” is far more reasonable, “monetise” makes it seem a lot more dubious than it is).

            Also, when I was referring to supporters of that site I was meaning leechers who were causing trouble under the guise of “supporting” their favoured translator.

            From what I’ve seen the translators themselves have tried to be fairly amicable towards each other and it has been mainly toxic fans causing the drama. Apologies for not making that clear.

            And I don’t think them (or any translator for that matter) accepting donations is unreasonable. And their reason for dropping (Rylain being ahead of them at the time and having the most readers as a result) was also understandable.

            I think it’s a little sad we have had so much negativity over this when all that was happening was 3 different groups of fans were wanting to translate a work for the rest of us fans. 🙁

          4. Frankly speaking, as a Leacher I’m fine with waiting for indefinite periods of time for a new chapter.
            What’s the hurry anyway? If I die before the new chapter comes out, so be it. I’m always thankful for new chapters and don’t see the point in bothering ppl for a new chapter.

            When reading English story books, it is very common for me to wait 3year+ for the next book in the series.
            I guess many of the leachers have yet to train in the Profound Truths of Patience and Gratitude.
            Zebulin who is translating Swallowed Star as a hobby on spcnet receives criticism which I find very unfair. Someone calculated that at his translating speed it would take a few years to complete and actually urged him to drop this project and requested another translator to take over. This is a rather despicable attitude to someone who voluntarily spends hours every week to help the wuxia community to translate a particular novel.
            As a noob translator myself, I know how difficult it is to keep staring at the PC screen, translate line by line, compare with multiple MTs, do grammer checks, ensure all the relevant punctuations are in place etc etc. Perhaps some of those in the complaining group can try their hand at translating 1 of iet’s wn chapter themselves. Haha

            I hope no one takes offense at what I say 😀

      1. Thunder got the same trash, too – and it was exceedingly rude – a lot, lot ruder than that wuxiareader that finally got banned here. Their readers were quite acidic on those rude fellows but you have to wonder, If you don’t say thank you for someone who gave you something but instead saying you’re not good enough because you haven’t give enough – well, what would you call people like that?

        Oh – and thanks for all your hard work, Thunder and I hope you get better, soon.

    2. My 2 cents on rylain’s action in my OWN OPINION:

      Rylain was doing the translations on his own as he read the story. There is no problem with this despite the complaints various people launched at him for not collaborating.

      My problem is how everything got to the point where he took his links down despite the statement of “I am doing this for myself”. That was made false the instant he posted it online as opposed to keeping them to himself and only strengthened with what has just happened. If it was for himself and he really didn’t care about the rest, there was no need to respond in such a way or to focus on the criticism received.
      (comments CAN be turned off from the beginning. to accept comments mean you want to know what others think)

      People really need to re-learn the meaning of “donation”. just because someone adds it to their site doesn’t have anything to do with you. If that person does their own translations and only asks people to send a little money their way for the time spent and effort, without making it a specific “you are purchasing these extra’s” then honestly they have the freedom to do so.

      That’s my rambling and venting pretty much done ^^

      1. This! Thunder and other translators give people choice to donate for THEIR OWN TRANSLATION of the future chapters. They are NOT making money of the previous chapters done by other translator.

        The whole statement of “Doing this for myself” is nonsense. If you’re translating it and posting it on your blog you’re translating for the fans as a fan. If you want to do it for yourself just keep the file in your harddrive.

        1. How I interpret Rylain’s actions is that he translate at his own speed and convenience. He shares them online as an extra effort on his part. His primary objective is to eventually translate the entire ST from book 1/ vol1 till completion for his personal usage.

          Some ppl have an ocd where they like to read everything in a systematic way, with the same terminology, sentence structure etc. I’m such a person. I won’t grumble online about it, but I will just drop that series if the author or translator is not consistent enough for me. HahaHaha. There are countless other series to pick up anyways.

          1. the OCD is justified with japanese/chinese novels because of the fact it’s a characterized language, a single different character can mean a great deal, thus the translations into English or another language are often highly specific and the best representation in the translators opinion.

            As a reader you cannot follow a story written in English normally that keeps using different names or terminology for the exact same thing, so dropping a series is highly logical in the face of a lack of sufficient continuity being upheld.

            the joke of the whole situation is that rylain is doing his own thing and has not had anything directly stolen from him, yet acts like a “donation” or in his words “monetization” is benefitting from his and hemans past work, despite the fact no-one pays for something that’s already available elsewhere and thus a redundant argument.

            I remember posting a while ago in spc that with thunder picking up the series to translate and all the hate posts he started getting for “being behind”, it would have been the perfect time for him to leave the “spotlight” and start the retranslation that he always intended on getting around to. maybe if that did happen this whole situation could have been avoided without any harm done. He is a translator, people interested in following him and the story will read his posts to see the difference. Chances are high that he-man made mistakes or didn’t stay accurate enough to the material or just couldn’t find the right words for localization which rylain could. I also find it highly probable that a retranslation by rylain could give us terminology and names easier to understand than when it was done by heman, I love re-reading a good story like ST and if rylain was doing the retranslation i would read his over hemans.

  2. Woohoo ! Thunderhill my man, hows your health? I heard you were hospitalized? I hope everything’s alright on your end !!

  3. Hey thunder I love this idea I already have about 20 tabs open for different books I don’t want to have to use more than 2 tabs per book lol thanks for all of your hard work. I hope you get to be feeling better.

  4. OMG i see comments besides varler’s. i have just come from book 6 and lemme tell ya, varler is the only one who bothered posting comments

    Oh and thanks a lot for all your hard work thunderhill 🙂

  5. this problem is not the first of its kind nor will it be the last… as long as there will be monetary involvement in this business the drama will never cease…
    this is very sensitive case….although i thank all the donators and Ren for their cooperative effort, and although i really enjoy the fast releases, but involving money in this business have & will create problems for it free translators or those who try to make money translators….
    as long as i remember, be it manga/manhua/etc, anime, novels, etc…all of these have been delivered to the society by fans and free of charge…
    unfortunately those who gracefully dedicate their time free of charge to us fans to translate our favorite novels for us will be disheartned by those who charge for the translation and soon everyone will do paid translations and there wont be free translations as it is now or it has been in the past…
    even though it may affect CD releases, but i will say this..i totally do not support paid translations…yes, it may be slow but at least the wouldnt be drama like this..
    yes, there people may not agree with me, but this is my opinion… i am even OK for being banned from this site….
    i support Rylain for his action if his work is taken granted for and other make money off it…
    dammit, this is really sensitive messed up situation…i wish there was never money involved in this business…

    1. You won’t be banned from this site, kinda peeved you think you would everyone is entitled to their own opinion, while I don’t agree with you whats the point in arguing about it? I see the donation system to be good as long as you aren’t being a bum about it, subpar translations, ect. Ren has basically done over 400 chapters since december (I think its closer to 450 now) by him self he gives regular chapters 2 per week but instituted a donation system that will allow the community to get 16 chapters in a week if all is good(tonight is a slowdown compared to three chapters a day 5 times a week for 15 chapters and a week and four chapters on the weekends for a total of 23 chapters). He did this for months ontop of his full time job. While I get where your comming from with what you said, I don’t think donations are bad atleast how ren does them. You won’t be banned from stating your opinion but this stuff has been hashed out multiple times over and over again please read how the sponsered chapters work and maybe you might change your views? Talk to you later in the chapter comments sometime. ~pickle out.

    2. What exactly is bad about making money out of your hobby/effort? I don’t get what you’re saying at all. In fact, I think every translator should accept donations, at least.

    3. The problem with ungrates these days were that we’re so used of getting things for free that when those ungrates sees someone received something for their efforts they complained – even insulted – them for not giving it free for them, even if those ungrates got it for nothing because others paid for it.

    4. yay let’s all live in a world without money, how naive can you be? Let’s say you have an average pay and use 3h every day for translating, you wouldn’t want money? It doesn’t matter if someone accepts or even requests donations while others do it for free, there will always be assholes

    5. I really don’t see the big deal about this. It’s not like anyone is forcing donators to donate,If they have the money to donate they donate. This system actually works really well and i’m honestly surprised y how much people donate. No one is hurt by this and chapters are done quickly and ren puts in great effort to keep readers happy whether there are donations or not. Plus as far as i know this is only for CD not ST and if rylain wants money for his/her work why doesn’t he do the same?

  6. There is one problem with this whole disscusion because translators are doing it for free or to be kind or whatever leechers may not complain?
    Basicly what Rain did is counterproductive to his own statements he says he is doing it for himself yet when people give him praise he gives priority to complaints saying that all people who come to his site are complaining isnt far off from the truth (as to what is going in his mind).
    Any and all people when they read ST or CD will want releases and if they are faster they will be happy and when they are slow they wont be happy this is an universal truth cant be argeud against the only thing u can say is that leechers should be decent and not dumb wich they are 99% of all COMMENTS are praise even if they are a bit empty and only hypocritical.
    But does that matter leechers are hypocrites by nature.

    So what am i trying to say? even if Rain removes the chapters it will only slow down translations by a bit a full translation of ST will come doesnt matter how long it takes(and in the end Rain betrayed himself because he is clearly not doing it for himself).
    I love reading chinese novels i would gladly pay if there was a subcription plan or something but donating is a bit diffrent the feeling some people get is like throwing away money so they dont even consider it.

    And lastly i am considering to donate to this site as it has given me boundless amounts of material to read 2nd translator i want to donate to is Bagelson From blue silver translations (douluo dalu) people from wuxiaworld and blue silver are worth it neither immature or to mature ^^.

    1. Nah its not leechers that are the problem, its people having no manners or decency over the Internet. leechers at least say thank you which you might think is hollow but it’s not.most of the time, but you always have a random few who go overboard. While they might be doing this because they really love the story complain about the pace I know it gets on translators nerves, but I wish they would ignore there comments because the majority of leechers don’t feel that way you get something for free, be thankful, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. 🙂

    2. Saying thank you for someone who give you something is about manner – about how we behave ourselves.

      You’re saying that manners are for hypocrites and that Rylain are lies for saying he’s doing it for himself because people like you insulted him on his work so he quits that you can no longer enjoy his work?

      Well, I say you reap what you sow. It’s just too bad it’s not you alone, but us the so called leechers as well that suffers the consequences.

    3. @PostBank
      “But does that matter leechers are hypocrites by nature.”

      i don’t agree, buddy, all reader is a leecher, even me and you too!
      so relax and don’t fart nonsense about things you can’t understand!

      1. @ghostblade I don’t think he was wording what he said right I took a look at most of the content of his message he probably didn’t get his point across clearly.
        @ Postbank Could you elaborate on what your trying to say in that comment? Please don’t generalize too much I’d say that the leechers you have mentioned postbank are the minority, not the majority like you said.

    4. From now on, work for free. Second off… I would never provide 3 hours of my time per chapter for people everyday. Are you nuts? Do you know how much translating earns? I translated a conversation from English to Japanese and visa-versa for an hour… Know how much they gave me? around $400… And you know why that’s not a lot? Because I spent years learning and mastering Japanese to the point where I could do this at a University level.
      And you expect people to come translate fricking Chinese and do it for free. 3 hours of your day per chapter for goddamn free. I could not do it. I don’t care how many people thank me. I would never ever do it. Even if I’m paid, it’s hard to do if you’re doing it at Ren’s level. If you want to translate for free… Do so, but people like Rylain who translate for free and then say bad things about people who translate for donations(thunder)… I hate them… They’re hypocrites who think their way is the right way of doing things. No. If you want to do it for free, that’s your choice and it shouldn’t affect you that others do it for pay.

      1. Yup your right and when they ask for donations they arent asking for 10 dollars/euros just 50 cent per person will already be something Thunderhill and rylain can be happy about.
        U probally know how many people visit this site and read their novels in the freaking 10 thousand.
        I tryd learning chinese but its hard very hard i can speak 4 languages yet its still hard this shows how much appriciation i have for translators (but yet again i cant convei this except with words wich dont hold much sigh).

    5. This conversations about translators’ rights and benefits from their works, judged from reader’s point of view is moot. The rights all belongs the the translator’s while readers bickering why they got no more to read and cursing the translators the works will get no where.

      If you want to have a word – go translate yourself. If you can’t thank the people that bring the works to the world.

      meant to have it on top…

  7. thank you for continuing the translations of stellar transformation and letting Ren mirror them here I greatly appreciate it, and hope you continue with your good work.

  8. Basicly no one needs to agree with me GhostBlade comment has no substance either he thinks he understands and the rest doesnt while Archaic pickle makes up a constructive comment.
    I said leechers are hypocrites by nature if people perceive this to be negative then y i didnt manage to convei my opinion because being a hypocrite isnt bad in this scenario at the end i showed my stance to translators saying i am willing to pay.
    I dont understand why anyone should think i am being negative i am only critical about Nightbreeze translations as i find it weird that he needs to feel hurt over a minority hurting any new fans of Stellar transformations i find this sad.

    The obvious stance a translator or a leechers needs to take is one of distance do what you think is right without trying to find someone to agree with you because that most likely wont happen there will always be one person who is the opposite of you.
    So again i find nightbreeze very weird for him to take off those chapters why not close down your whole site -.- instead of ripping off 10-20 chapters this will give a mixed message (yes u can read some chapters on my site but i am trolling you by removing only few chapters so u will get stuck with a what the peep face).

    To defend nightbreeze for a bit i can understand why he doesnt want people to profit from his chapters the obvious thing he should do is say i dont want any new chapters i translate to appear on any other site but u can use the 10-20 i translated to function as a bridge.
    This was already the case as from chapter 54 thundertranslations already took over.

    When i said he should close his site i didnt mean it just to scetch a picture he took down 10-20 chapters making any other chapters useless so dont think i want him to close down or kick him while he is already down.

    1. i totally agree with you. He/she probably just took down these chapters out of spite, but the internet is big and the people already released the cached version of the deleted chapter…

      1. In the end i dont want to paint Rylain as a bad person saying he did it out of spite neither will i say he didnt.
        The only thing that matters is that Wuxiaworld and Thunder translations didnt use the translated copies of Nightbreeze this shows more than anything they didnt intend to profit from it.
        Otherwise they would do the same like some manga sites do placing translated manga obviously with a waterproof mark on their site without permission.

      2. Rylain’s reasoning for not monetising his project was because he felt that since he-man had translated 10+ books for free, he would essentially be profiting from he-mans work.

        As such his decision to remove the chapters is consistent with his reasoning for not monetising himself in the first place as he has already been clear that he considers this sort of behaviour to be unethical or in some moral grey area.

        I personally have no issue with translators receiving donations for their work, so if I was in Rylain’s shoes I wouldn’t do the same – but I don’t think this is spite, he is acting in a manner consistent with his stated beliefs on the issue.

  9. I actually couldnt care a lot less about ST but sometimes getting one of those chapters is also nice in case there has been a dry episode of good LN releases. So why not just state here that for those chapters people can just go to rylains site and read it there, retranslating those 15 chapter or however many those are is just so useless and a waste of time

    1. If u try to look at it from a diffrent perspective chinese novels are kinda populair currently (for me i went from anime to manga>light novels>wuxia chinese novels.
      There arent many translators so Rylain from nightbreeze was very much needed he has a decent translating speed and also decent taste ^^ in novels he could pretty much translate a novel u like in the future after ST now that is fairly impossible to occur.
      But indeed u got apoint it will be a blow to the community of wuxiaworld as he will have to spend a bit of his time on ST wich he could have spend on a diffrent title.

      1. u didnt get my point which is okay because I made it quite hard to understand but it seems that u dont even understand this posts =D I dont mean for rylain to stop nor that she should translate something else than ST, its her (I think its a she Lol) decision what LN she translates, I just think that its quite useless and a waste of time for Thunder to retranslate those few chapters

        1. Y that is what i meant he will have to spend his time on these chapters that already got translated wich he can spend on something els so its kinda a waste of time.

  10. Someone who can’t handle negative stuff shouldn’t be on the internet. Period. Also, I was wondering but why would he say thunder isprofiting off his stuff and he doesn’t like it? I don’t get it because Thunder translates his own chapters, does he not? So doesn’t he profit off his own translations? Sounds like a kid’s argument.

    1. It indeed is a bit roundabout but its a fact if thundertranslations didnt have the free chapters to act as a bridge no one will make any donations for ST.
      If his argument is that he doesnt like all the trouble that comes with ST then it would be fairly acurate.

      1. I see what you mean. But still, he does translate his own chapters? And plus, Ry and He decided to do theirs for free right? So, shouldn’t their choices have nothing to do with another? I mean, if they wanted to… They could have monetized their translations… But they decided not to. Since they decided not to, that’s great and all… But they don’t really have any real “argument” when hating again Thunder. Know what I mean?

        Next thing is… Let’s say Thunder actually starts ST instead of HE-Man… He would have most likely still got donations after the first two volumes or so? Because good novels catch on. So… After like 2-3 volumes… He’d make a site, add a donation bar and continue translating as he does. So… In the end… He would’ve still got people donating. I wonder if I explained what I meant right?…

  11. Hey, I didn’t post updates for when I update the chapters because it feels weird; like, ‘Hey, I am posting the chapters that were put up two weeks ago!’ Hehe. Plus, don’t want to steal your thunder (pun intended).

  12. These conversations about translators’ rights and benefits from their works, judged from reader’s point of view is moot. The rights all belongs the the translator’s (author’s comes before that of course), so even if readers bickering why they got no more to read (or if previously available works becomes no more) and cursing the translators, there’s nothing you can do. It’s within translator’s rights to do whatever they like with their works.

    If you want to have a word – go translate yourself. If you can’t, give best regards to the people that bring the works to the world.

    1. Yes your right but that aint the problem we arent telling him to give us his property (at least for me that is the case) i am saying the reason behind his actions are weird childish.
      (when people make such arguments its almoost of the same quality as people saying that that car looks ugly and the other dude tells him to shut up because he cannot produce a car himself).
      To prove my point Nightbreeze didnt remove all his chapters if he did i would not complain he removed only 10 inbetween like how screwd up is that either remove all or stop translating dont do what he did now.

  13. Thanks for letting us know dude, tis a shame didn’t even realize parts 33+ had been translated was sat here waiting for them patiently reading BTTH and CD. Oh well, I’ll wait on your bridging to be done before i pick this up to read once again, Tanks for the hard work to come though.

  14. so much controversy. anyway will be re-doing them. unless rylain explicitly says he/she doesn’t mind me hosting his/her translations here (cos I kept an offline copy).

    Else sit tight while I slowly redo them whenever I’m free and bored of reading ahead

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