Breakers Chapter 184 & Important Announcement

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Chapter 184

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Important announcement about my upcoming plans. 

So, I’ve been on holiday for the past few weeks, meaning that I’ve been on a translating streak. Let’s just say that anyone who follows Breakers and GOC on my $80 patreon tier has been very happy *cough cough*

Anyway, this means that I am almost caught up with the author of Breakers so I will be discussing my next plans.

At the moment, I plan to focus on GOC and hopefully finish it soon since there is only 165 chapters. After finishing GOC, I will probably pick up a new story, an untranslated one that I’ve been enjoying.

I know, what about ATD? ATD is more popular than GOC and people have been wanting the release rate to increase. Unfortunately, the author has been on a bit of a slump lately, with writer’s block or some other situation, I don’t know. To give you an example, he posted no chapters in 10 days, then 2 chapters on the same day and then it was 18 days and ongoing with still no new chapters at the moment. Therefore, the chapter count is stuck at 97.

I’m going to keep my current translation rate and hope that by the time I catch up with ATD, the author will have gotten over his slump. If not…well, I’ll decide then.

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  1. WHAT!!!!!!!!??!?!?!?!?!? There are only 150+ chapters of GOC?!!?!?!??!?!?! But it seems like it has potential to go WAY further than that!!!!

  2. Hope whatever you choose to occupy the space of ATD is good, which based on the three currently being translated, is quite a good chance of being so.

  3. Awesome. Looking forward to the new novels. Not sure, if i should ask this here or somewhere else. Butthough i could just ask. Are you by chance planning on posting the chapters of Moonlight Sculpture or Ark you have already translated on Wuxiaworld. If so that would be great.
    Anyway thanks, Appreciate the Korea Novels

  4. Hope there’ re more goc chapter…
    Anyway lil bit oot, do you know why rainbowtransalation web that translate LMS cant be accessed
    Anyone know alternative web that translate LMS that rainbow traslated

  5. Guys, you are making a mistake by trying to compare the amount of korean chaps with chinese chaps. Korean novels usually have less chapters. And those power ups novels (like dungeon hunter, reincarnator, dimensional sovereign) usually ends in around 200 chaps.

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