BP Chapter 775

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Chapter 775: The War Escalates

They stayed together, chatting about everything and nothing for the next hour as more and more experts appeared within the pavilion.

After an hour passed, the experts started to grow impatient. It was clear that something big was about to happen. However, since Hui Yue had arrived without an invitation, he was unaware of what it was.

“Yama is coming soon,” the Alchemist God finally said. “Yama is going to talk with us about what our course of action will be from now on. It is clear that the Blood Demons are planning something big from the way they are acting throughout the galaxy. They have started to withdraw some of their forces, leaving just the bare minimum to keep us in check.”

“Since they are planning something big, it is only natural that we prepare for them, but even though Yama is wise beyond our understanding and he is an Overlord, he is incapable of seeing into the future. So even he is unsure of what they are up too.”

Hui Yue nodded his head in understanding. The only reason that they would gather everyone at one place was because it was obvious that the war was escalating.

Not long after the Alchemist God explained the situation to Hui Yue, everyone grew silent as they felt an even stronger aura coming their way.

This was clearly Yama. Although his Overlord level strength and aura were suppressed, it was impossible to not feel the pressure as he came closer.

“Xiao Hui, leave the pavilion right away,” the Alchemist God ordered with a low voice, and Xiao Hui, who was sweating and trembling, nodded his head and instantly left. It was clear that although the aura was pressuring to those who had comprehended a heavenly dao, it was nothing compared to what those who had yet to comprehend one felt.

The crowd within the pavilion split naturally and made it possible for Yama to walk through the middle. He headed straight to a chair that had been prepared for him in the middle of the pavilion so that he could sit and everyone could hear him.

Yama’s eyes roamed across the entire audience and his eyebrow raised in surprise when he saw Hui Yue, Wang Ju Long, and Lan Feng, but he nodded his head in appreciation.

“Dear brothers!” he called out, his voice thundering through the entire pavilion. Since he had stepped into the pavilion, no one spoke. Their eyes glistened and their bodies filled with vigor as they were called brothers by such a legendary figure.

Yama paused for a moment after speaking so that the words could sink into everyone’s minds, and then he continued.

“We have a great war ahead of us! This is a war we have gone through before. Some of you might remember the last war against the Blood Demons, and now it is time to face the enemy again!”

“The Blood Demons are destructive! They wish to kill every single human and enslave the beasts! They want to make our free galaxy dominated by demonkind.”

“We will not accept humans becoming enslaved and killed!”

“They seek vengeance against us and are causing even the innocent to suffer in this war!”

“It is not the fault of these humans that demons were created the way they were, so to punish them for that mistake is wrong and twisted logic.”

“We fight to protect every race’s freedom; we fight to protect our children and dear ones!”

The more Yama spoke, the louder his voice became and more, and more of the cultivators started to roar every time he paused as their fighting spirits rose.

Hui Yue had to admit that he too felt his spirit rising. He now wanted to begin slaughtering demons as soon as possible, but he knew that this was a stupid thought. One could not just randomly roam the galaxy and hope to find the Blood Demons as no one knew where they were located.

“We have to prepare. The Blood Demons will be launching their final attack soon, but we are still not sure where it will occur!”

“It is impossible to locate the Blood Demons. They have three Manor Lords, and these cultivators are all half-step Overlords.”

“Every Manor Lord has a great sentient storage treasure where they have nurtured a world within. Each of these three worlds are filled with Blood Demons, and we cannot pinpoint their location since they are located on the bodies of the three half-step Overlords. Locating them if they wish to hide is simply impossible!”

Yama sighed, and everyone else furrowed their brows. It was indeed impossible for them to locate the Manor Lords, but what was the plan then?

Yama could feel everyone’s motivation dropping, so he continued his speech, “Worry not brothers and sisters!”

“We are in Diyu. Diyu is the main cause of the Blood Demons’ hate. Diyu is the main fortress of all of humanity,
and the cradle of demonkind!”

“When the Blood Demons attack, I am positive they will aim for Diyu! It’s just we do not know when or where in Diyu they will attack!”

Just as Yama said this, he and everyone else could sense an aura approaching the pavilion.

Hui Yue frowned and wondered who would be so daring as to interrupt them when Yama was speaking, but his face quickly changed when he noticed that it was a member of the Yanluo Guard rushing towards them.

This guard was sweating heavily, and his legs were trembling under him as he ran towards the pavilion, but although he was being pressured he continued forward, and when he could no longer advance, and his legs gave out underneath him he screamed at the top of his lungs, hoping that his voice would make it the last distance.

“The Blood Demons are attacking! The Blood Demons are advancing towards Youdu!”

After saying this, the Yanluo Guard passed out. His head smacked into the stones that made up the trail towards the pavilion, and silence descended upon the heavenly dao Gods.

Yama’s eyes turned sharp, and he stood up the moment the guard passed out.

“We go to war!” he howled. “They have delivered themselves to our doorstep. They must be certain of their victory, but we are not weak! Let us fight! Let us show the final stand of humanity!”

Everyone roared as their weapons appeared in their hands. Yama’s voice could suddenly be heard throughout the entire Netherworld, “The Blood Demons have infiltrated Diyu! They are marching towards Youdu. Anyone who wishes to fight for humanity gather in Youdu and show your strength! Let this fight be known as a battle that will be passed down through history!”

As his voice reverberated through the entire world, every cultivator sprung to life. All the demons who were on the side of humanity took their weapons and prepared to fight for Diyu, fight for their own lives, and their own freedom.

His words caused an avalanche of cultivators to rush towards Youdu. All cultivators within Youdu were now preparing for the battle.

Hui Yue’s friends had also heard the voice, and their blood started boiling. They rushed out of their rooms and saw that Yanluo’s daughter was standing next to the door waiting for them. She was grinning from ear to ear while holding a set of battle maces looking terrifying.

“This is so exciting!” she exclaimed to them. “I have never been in a war before! Now I will be allowed to slaughter to my heart’s content. Dad said he would reward me if I killed many Blood Demons!”

“Anyways, follow me. We need to meet up with daddy and that fake phoenix boy you follow!”

All Hui Yue’s friends were dumbstruck when they heard how she referred to Hui Yue, and they also felt a cold chill run down their spine when they realized that this cute and innocent-seeming little girl was actually a cold-blooded murderer.

Still, no one judged her; they too were eager to fight in the war. Their blood was burning, and their eyes glistened with excitement. It was impossible to hide their smiles, and when they noticed that the phoenix girl had vanished, they rushed after her.

Yama was the first to leave Youdu. He was now hovering in the air outside on the barren plain that led up to Diyu, and he squinted his eyes as he saw four Blood Demons moving towards them.

These Blood Demons were leisurely walking forward, and at the same time, more and more experts poured out from within Youdu. Hui Yue and his friends met up and also moved towards the barren land outside of Youdu.

“Will we survive this?” Su Xiaoyun mused, and her words caused the group to understand that this was not a fight they had certainty in winning. Hearing her words, their smiles dimmed slightly, and everyone thought the same. Could they defeat this massive army of Blood Demons that was about to attack?

Hui Yue sighed, “This is different from everything else we have ever encountered.” He said seriously. “This is war – real war. I doubt that all of us will survive, but I want you all to know that I trust every one of you. I want all of us to fight together, side by side, and we will bet our lives to win this battle.”

“This might be our final fight by each other’s side. We have been together for a long time, and I trust you all like as I would brothers and sister. Let’s defeat these Blood Demons, and if we should die today, if this is to be our last stand, let’s go out brilliantly in a blaze of glory!!”

Hearing Hui Yue’s words the others agreed wholeheartedly. “That’s right!” Mu Haolong laughed, “I thought I would die in the Red Realm long ago, but I have been given a second chance at life! To die now is no shame, and if I can take a lot of Blood Demons with me, then that is what I will do!”

The others nodded their heads, and Hui Yue smiled sadly. He wished that his friends did not have to fight in this war, but every single person was needed. He could not afford to leave out his excellent group of cultivators.

“Let’s go!” Hui Yue said, and his friends roared as they raised their weapons.

It did not take long before they reached the outside area where more and more experts gathered. Hui Yue saw that all the heavenly dao experts were spread over the entire army, and with them were full families of cultivators. It turned out that they had not come alone either; they had also brought with them all the able men and women in their family to fight in this decisive battle.

Even the majority of all the great sects and families were here; Hui Yue recognized many members of the Celestial Sword Sect. However, there were also many missing. To be allowed on the battlefield one needed to have comprehended at least a major dao.

Demons were everywhere amongst the human army, and Hui Yue frowned when he saw this. It was not that he didn’t trust the demons, but there were so many of them. Although demons had limited potential, there were millions of them! It seemed that they had all gathered in Diyu ready to fight against the Blood Demons.

Hui Yue’s eyes continued to roam across the army that fought for humanity, and he sighed. He had never before seen so many people gathered at one place before, and he knew that it was clear that this battle would go down in history as one of the bloodiest ones ever fought in the history of the galaxy.


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