BP Chapter 774

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Chapter 774: Master’s Return

Everyone within the pavilion turned to look at Hui Yue, and all their faces were filled with incredulity as if they could not fully believe who they were looking at.

“Only those who have comprehended a heavenly dao are allowed inside, the others will have to go back,” Yanluo apologized. Hui Yue nodded his head as he turned around and told his friends to head back with Yanluo’s daughter.

While the others left, Hui Yue, Lan Feng, and Wang Ju Long continued forward into the pavilion as they were being observed from every corner. No one said anything, but their thoughts were clear on their faces. No one had expected that such young heavenly dao experts would emerge from within this war.

“That is my son! His brother and his wife are also here! Let’s celebrate the young generation overcoming us old men!” A loud voice suddenly boomed through the entire pavilion, followed by rough laughter that broke the silence.

Everyone laughed or chuckled and looked at Pei Tian who had called out. His face was filled with pride, and his heart was bursting with happiness. Everyone present could understand just how proud he was at this moment and no one would say anything against him. They too wished that the day would come where their sons would rise to their level, but as time passed, it became harder and harder to become a genius as the pure bloodlines were becoming more and more diluted.

“Old man Tian, don’t lump us all together with you!” someone else called out with a chuckle. “Although we are old compared to these three who have yet to live for even a quarter of a millennium, we are far from being as old as you who has lived for an eternity already! We don’t feel old yet, and neither have we given up our hopes of advancement. You just live your comfortable life while the rest of us will focus on our cultivation!”

Hui Yue said nothing when he heard some people laugh at this speech and others give their agreement. It was clear that there were two options when one had comprehended a heavenly dao.

One was to be content with the strength one had reached and be seen as one who had reached the apex.

The other opinion was to become obsessed with cultivation and pursue the rank of Overlord.

Unfortunately, no one knew what to do to become an Overlord. What was it that made one breakthrough? Yama had never answered this question when asked. All he said was that if he informed them about what it was that made one have a breakthrough, then it would be impossible for them to ever breakthrough. It was something that one had to realize for themselves.

Hui Yue, Lan Feng, and Wang Ju Long went to Hui Yue’s father as soon as everyone went back to casually chatting.

“Boy, you shocked us old men,” Pei Tian said with a great grin on his face, and he lifted his hand and patted Hui Yue on the shoulder.

“To think that you, your brother, and wife were capable of comprehending a heavenly dao already is truly unexpected,” he continued, and a group of nine heavenly dao experts around him nodded their heads.

Noticing that Hui Yue looked at the many experts who nodded their heads, Pei Tian decided to introduce them.

“These are our brothers,” he said. “They are the heavenly dao experts of the Celestial Sword Sect. Throughout the years only us three brothers of the Great Roc and these nine experts have managed to comprehend a heavenly dao.”

“It is also because of these nine brothers that the Celestial Sword Sect has been able to keep its position as one of the strongest sects in the galaxy. Only the Nightcrawler Sect has as many heavenly dao experts as us, and of course, there is Diyu who has even more than us.”

“But to think that the young master and his wife alongside his brother have already become heavenly dao experts!” one of the nine experts from the group exclaimed with pride in his eyes and a great smile as he could not hide his happiness.

“We have now gained three more heavenly dao cultivators alongside us nine and you three old monsters, that gives us a full fifteen experts who have comprehended a heavenly dao in the Celestial Sword Sect!”

“We have almost as many extreme experts as Diyu now!” another person said with a gleam in his eye and slight greed evident in his voice.

“We are allied with Diyu,” the patriarch said with a decisive voice before anyone had the chance of saying anything against them.

“Our rank in the galaxy is already unshakeable, and we do not want for anything else than what we already have.”

Hearing this, the man who had mentioned their strength earlier lowered his head and said nothing more, his face slightly pale and embarrassed, but he also knew that he was not going to be punished as he had not said anything, just casually hinted it.

“We still don’t know if Hui Yue’s brother will join us, or if he wants to become a hidden expert.” His uncle, the third brother of Pei Tian and the Patriarch suddenly intervened, and everyone looked at Lan Feng curiously. It was true what they said, Lan Feng had been with Hui Yue so far, but he was not actually a part of the Celestial Sword Sect.

Lan Feng smiled sheepishly and scratched his chin, “I will always be by Yue’s side.” He said a little awkwardly. “We are brothers for life. We have been through good and bad things together, and we will always have each other’s back.”

Hearing this, joyful expressions erupted on everyone’s faces. They had suddenly gained three heavenly dao experts!

Other groups of experts looked at them with jealousy, especially the major families and sects. They felt threatened, but the current situation did not allow for internal strife within the human and beastly sects. Now they had to spend all their strength fighting the Blood Demons. However, most hoped that the other families and sects would lose their heavenly dao experts, while their own would be unscratched in this war.

Reality, on the other hand, was harsh. Everyone knew that the Blood Demons had prepared for a very long time, and they would only attack if they were certain of victory. For them to attack now meant that they had a lot of experts, it meant that they were capable of at least fighting on par with humanity and the beast’s side.

Just as Hui Yue was chatting with his family, a few experts came over. First came the expert from the western region who had given Hui Yue a few trials. He was greatly shocked upon seeing Hui Yue’s rapid progression, and he could not help but fear that this young man held a grudge against him. Thus he went over to converse with him and feel him out.

“Don’t worry,” Hui Yue could guess what he wanted and instantly removed his worries. “Without senior’s guidance and trials I might not have been able to reach my current cultivation,” he said humbly.

“Senior had reason to kill this young one, but senior held back and gave me trails to overcome instead, trials that assisted humanity in this war.”

The elder felt much better after hearing this, and he was humming a song as he left the area where the Celestial Sword Sect members had gathered, and as soon as he left, the elder from the eastern region appeared.

“Who would have thought that you would have a breakthrough in such a short time since we last saw each other!” the elder exclaimed happily as he slapped Hui Yue’s shoulder.

“We can be considered good friends so if there is something you need help with don’t hesitate to ask; I will help as much as I can. The favor you granted me was great, so it is my honor to assist you this time in the war!”

This elder spoke with such a loud voice that everyone present in the pavilion heard him and many were listening in on the conversation.

Everyone present was shocked when they heard the words spoken by this old man. From his words it was clear that this young man had not only managed to become a hero who had comprehended a heavenly dao at such a young age, he had also managed to somehow convince a heavenly dao expert to owe him a favor before he even broke through.

It has to be said that it was hard to make a genius owe someone below his level a favor. Normally it was simply impossible that they could have something or do something that the stronger expert did not already have.

But this young man seemed to have something like that, and this made the others curious. Extra long glances were sent towards Hui Yue.

“Old man, don’t tell me that you are bullying my legacy apprentice?” a voice suddenly floated into the pavilion, and everyone turned to look at the person who the voice belonged to.

Hui Yue’s heart skipped a beat, and a smile sprung to his face as he turned to look at the face of his master.

“Master!” he called out ecstatically, and all the eyes of everyone in the pavilion widened in surprise.

They knew that Hui Yue had something to do with the Alchemist God as they had noticed their refined bodies, but when they heard the words legacy apprentice they were deeply shocked to their cores.

Every master had only one legacy apprentice in their entire lives, and to have chosen Hui Yue meant that he had a talent that far outstripped all his previous students. At the same time, it also showed that Hui Yue had learned everything that the Alchemist God could teach him.

“Little Yue, did you think that I would leave human races alone when there was a war going on?” he chuckled as he rubbed Hui Yue’s head, a gesture that made everyone understand that Hui Yue was indeed a very young man.

“I wasn’t bullying him,” the old man grumbled, but although he grumbled it was hard for him not to smile when he found that his old friend had emerged once more.

Hui Yue, although he was now an expert that had comprehended a heavenly dao, he still felt that his master was unfathomable. It was simply impossible to sense how strong the man truly was.

Hui Yue was smiling and happy. By his side, Wang Ju Long and Lan Feng noticed that the Alchemist God was not alone, but by his side was Xiao Hui, the sentient pill, and they went to converse with him.

Although only heavenly dao experts were allowed inside the pavilion, no one said a word about Xiao Hui being there.

They had been together for quite a long time in the Archaic World when Hui Yue was learning from the Alchemist God, and thus they could start chatting together again as if they had never been apart.

Many experts wished to talk with the Alchemist God and even more people were looking at Hui Yue as if he was a true treasure. Seeing this, Pei Tian’s face could not become brighter or happier than it was now.

A father’s dream was always to be overshadowed by his own son, to see them grow up and become much stronger and outstanding than they had ever been able to be; they wanted to take pride in their son’s growth.


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