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Chapter 768: Picking Up Ladies

“No matter what young master asks of us, we will do what we can to provide for you,” one of the elders said with a sleazy smile on his face and a deep bow to Hui Yue.

He then turned to look at one of the other people who had come with him and called out.

“Su Jinhai, at once return to the family and inform them that young master Pei Yue has arrived with over twenty subordinates. We will have to be ready to entertain them at once.”

Hearing this, Hui Yue realized that they did not expect him to have so many experts with him, and he fought the urge to laugh. There was indeed a major difference between inviting four experts in, and a group of close to thirty.

“You don’t need to do anything special for us,” Hui Yue smiled, but within this smile were a few bad thoughts.

The members of the Su family had called his friends his subordinates. There was only one reason for them to do so and that was to provoke his friends to react and turn them against Hui Yue, make them claim they are definitely not subordinates. But none of them did so, they did not even glare at the Su family elder but just smiled amiably, something that made the elder feel uncomfortable.

An awkward silence descended on the group, and the elder spoke a few more pleasantries to Hui Yue who answered without too much care.

After exchanging greetings, the group started moving. All of them headed towards the main city where the Su family had their headquarters.

Although the Su family controlled a world within the eastern region, the world was not one of the largest, nor did they have much influence on the truly large families in the eastern region. Thus they had to take this chance that was in front of them seriously.

Although they weren’t big fans of Hui Yue, they knew that he could make their family grow tremendously if he wished to assist them, and because of this possibility, they would do anything in their power to stay on Hui Yue’s good side.

Even if they didn’t want anything from him, he was easily able to reduce their family to nothing, and therefore, they had to be very careful with how they treated him.

His shuttle had been packed away, and Hui Yue politely followed behind the elder. His friends followed behind him, and the younger generation of the Su family started chatting with the many friends Hui Yue had brought. However, the younger generation made sure to stay away from the Lin siblings and Rong Ming.

Although not all demons were Blood Demons, the young members of the Su family had never come across demons that were not. They were members of the younger generation and had not been out of the eastern region. Although some demons existed here, there were not many, and those who were had been labeled Blood Demons. It was for this reason that most, if not all, demons had returned to Diyu for protection during this war.

Because of the danger of the Blood Demons, all demons were looked at with hostility, and as a result, Rong Ming and the Lin siblings were treated coldly, but neither seemed to care.

The Lin siblings were grateful to Hui Yue for having taken them with him. They were satisfied with the way they were being treated. They did not need a group of young masters like these to fawn over them.

Su Xiaoyun was also being ignored by the Su family. It was clear that although she looked like an otherworldly fairy, they could not forget her disfigured appearance, and worse, they felt jealousy towards her for having become integrated into this group of experts.

Some of the young men tried flirting with Huli, Sha Yun, Xiao She, Wan Qiao, Wang Ju Long, or Rong Xing but none of them were successful, and instead of having the beautiful girls laughing at their jokes, they experienced awkward moments of being looked at strangely instead making many give up their endeavor.

Although the majority gave up on courting the girls quite fast, there were a few stubborn people in the group, and they continued talking with them about everything, even trying their best to tell them about their own achievements.

The thing was, that every woman in the group, apart from Wan Qiao and Su Xiaoyun had already found someone. Although Rong Xing often declined Deng Wu’s advances, she had long since admitted that she was his woman and that he was her husband. It was just that they had yet to marry and declare their relationship, but neither had been in the mood to do so when Rong Ming still was not by their side.

Since this was the case, then the men were doomed to fail in their attempts at building relationships, but all the men in Hui Yue’s group were having fun watching this. They were laughing amongst themselves and sometimes chatting with the young masters and misses of the Su family.

It did not take long for them to reach the Su family mansion. Their procession was magnificent with so many experts moving together, and the mortals and more common Gods stopped what they were doing and looked at Hui Yue and his friends with great curiosity.

The mortals all kowtowed on the ground as they saw immortals flying in the sky, while the Gods themselves felt the pressure emitted from Hui Yue and bowed slightly.

When they reached large family compound belonging to the Su family, the elders heaved a heavy sigh of relief. They were rather embarrassed by some of the young members of their sect who would not give up on the women, but they could say nothing as they would just lose face in front of Hui Yue who was pretending not to notice.

“Welcome to our humble abode,” another elder said with a bow while smiling at Hui Yue and his friends. “Please enter together with us and come to the ancestral hall. Our patriarch would be most honored to meet you.”

The truth was that they were trying to buy time. They had only prepared rooms for four experts, but now they had to magically provide rooms for close to thirty cultivators, and this was no easy task.

“Thank you, please lead the way,” Hui Yue said with a smile. He understood their predicament and could not help but praise Su Xiaoyun for not going into detail about how many were coming. From this, it was clear to see that she wished to cause as many issues for the Su family as possible with their visit.

But although Hui Yue was a son of the heavens, a dragon amongst men, he had to be wary of local tigers. Even if he wished to cause problems, he should not cause too many problems, and he should not do so outright.

Since this was the case, he pretended to be clueless and allow for the Su family to embarrass themselves.

Hui Yue followed the elder into a tall building and gestured for all of his friends, apart from Su Xiaoyun, to stay outside.

“I will be back shortly,” he promised, and they all nodded their heads as more and more members of the Su family came forward to look and converse with these strange strong cultivators that had appeared out of nowhere.

Everyone in the Su family knew about Hui Yue and his appearance, but no one knew that he would bring so many people.

Hui Yue and Su Xiaoyun were led into a large hall where more elders of the Su family were present alongside an old man who was the patriarch.

There was also a family leader and a grand elder, both of whom were seated next to the patriarch. They looked very humble as they glanced at the old man between them.

“Young hero, it is my pleasure to meet you,” the patriarch said as Hui Yue entered the hall causing Hui Yue to smile wryly. He was not used to being referred to as a young hero.

“The pleasure is all mine senior,” Hui Yue replied courteously. He could feel that this expert was in no way simple, but he was still a far cry from reaching the strength of controlling a heavenly dao.

Still, although he was weaker than Hui Yue, he was still his senior, and this was the correct way of referring to one another. Hui Yue gave a fractional bow, something that could be considered a display of goodwill from Hui Yue.

While it could be considered a sign of goodwill, it could also be considered an insult since Hui Yue only bowed fractionally, but no one dared say anything against it. The patriarch seemed to look at it as if he had been given a bit of respect. One should know that with Hui Yue’s strength he did not even need to bow at all in front of this kind of family.

“I hear that our Xiaoyun has been beneficial for you during your travels in the eastern region,” the patriarch continued to speak with Hui Yue, and if Hui Yue did not know better, he would have believed that Xiaoyun was a favored child of the Su family, that she could even be his own grandchild.

“Xiaoyun has indeed been a great help to me,” Hui Yue did not disguise his praise as he nodded his head. “Without her, it would be a bit troublesome to find our way around the eastern region and get an accurate understanding of what was going on.”

“Although we cannot partake in the skirmishes due to the strength of our group breaking the balance, we still enjoyed our stroll around the eastern region.”

Hui Yue intentionally dropped a hint to him having comprehended a heavenly dao, but he was disappointed when he saw confusion on the faces of the Su family. He realized that the weaker families were unaware of the fact that heavenly dao cultivators had still not taken action.

It was more accurate to say that this kind of family was actually unaware of the fact that there were heavenly dao cultivators within the eastern region at all.

They knew that the main families and sects had experts that had comprehended a heavenly dao, but they did not have any idea of what realm these heavenly dao experts had reached or how many of them there were. To families such as this one, the heavenly dao realm was simply a realm of legends.

Hui Yue did not go into details explaining himself and instead just smiled, “I have taken a liking to Su Xiaoyun, and I have decided to bring her with me to Diyu.”

“Don’t worry,” he continued as he saw that a group of the elders were about to open their mouths, and a great smile appeared on his lips, “I will look after her and ensure that she comes to no harm.”

“I understand that you need to look after the younger members of your family, but I am also sure that you would give them the freedom to choose their own future, and little Xiaoyun has already decided that she would prefer to go with us,” Hui Yue cut off the elders and with the speech he delivered they had absolutely nothing they could say in return.

“Well, Xiaoyun has her responsibilities to do for the Su family,” an elder finally objected after some time. “We will be hard-pressed to find another expert to take over her jobs, and although she is free to do what she wishes, we cannot forget that we already allowed for her to join you for the last couple of months.”

The man started rubbing his hands while the patriarch rolled his eyes and sighed.

The patriarch understood Hui Yue’s character. Had this elder said nothing, then there was a chance of a reward from him for taking Su Xiaoyun, but now that the elder had implied that he felt Hui Yue was obliged to pay, the patriarch knew that Hui Yue definitely would not.


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