BP Chapter 765

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Chapter 765: Life and Death

The many Blood Demons roared as a reply to their blood prince causing the ground to shake and a heavy pressure to decent onto Hui Yue and his friends.

Although they had expected it to be an ambush and knew that they would be up against the masses of strong experts, things were different when they stood in the actual situation.

Still, none of them stepped back, they all merely smiled though some of the smiles were slightly strained.

Hui Yue was unaffected by their display of might. His eyes were locked on the blood prince.

This blood prince was the highest ranked prince he had ever met, and it was clear that he was facing the most formidable opponent to date.

Still, instead of feeling despair, Hui Yue felt the urge to fight burn within. He knew that he did not have to worry about the others when Wang Ju Long was looking after them; his only task was to focus on this blood prince.

In reality, Wang Ju Long could handle all of them on her own easily as she had comprehended a heavenly dao, but Hui Yue wanted to push himself. He wanted to challenge himself and see if he had any chance of having a breakthrough too.

Wang Ju Long had mentioned that Hui Yue had a heavenly dao surrounding him, but he could not sense it. If he pushed himself, perhaps he would be able to.

The sounds of battle erupted on the small, innocuous deserted island. Screams, shrieks, and the sound of weapons clashing resounded everywhere while the scent of blood permeated the air.

The Blood Demons had the advantage of numbers, but for some reason, they were the ones who were dying.

The humans and beasts suffered slight superficial injuries, but the Blood Demons were falling in vast numbers.

Hui Yue had still not begun his fight yet. The blood prince was observing the battle that was ongoing beneath them, and his face turned grim.

It was clear that the humans held the upper hand and that they were having fun slaughtering his soldiers. Every time they faced a dangerous situation Wang Ju Long would appear from the side and solve it with a single wave of her hand. This caused the pressure that the humans and beasts felt to lessen greatly.

“If I want to defeat them then I need to take out their commander quickly,” the blood prince sighed who was looking at Hui Yue with a murderous air. His eyes glistened with hatred. He had expected that this would be a simple task, but who would have thought that it would be so troublesome.

Especially this woman!. She was turning the tide anywhere she went, and she did so without any problems at all. Her strength was well hidden, but when the prince looked at her, he was incapable of fully sensing her true strength.

“She might be the most troublesome one here to deal with,” the blood prince sensed. “But although this is the case, I need to get rid of this young man. He is their leader, and he is also the one An He ordered me to kill. If he dies, then the others including that woman will succumb to despair and will be easily beaten.”

This was his plan, and since he had reached this conclusion, he no longer wasted any time. He rushed towards Hui Yue with his sword lifted high.

Hui Yue saw the movements of the blood prince and knew that the fight was about to commence. He swiped out his hand, and suddenly the Nine Peach Leaves appeared hovering above him while the Celestial Sword was held in both hands.

Hui Yue was far from the eyes of others, and the only ones present were Blood Demons and friends, so he did not need to fear anyone leaking the information of him having the Celestial Sword. If the Blood Demons wished to do so, they would have done it a long ago.

The Nine Peach Leaves were controlled with his soulforce, and they shot towards the blood prince rapidly.

All of them were thin like leaves, and their speed was so fast that even the eyes of experienced cultivators like themselves, had problems following it. Its blades were razor sharp, able to cut through iron as if were butter.

It could cut through a Blood Demon easily, and this blood prince had not expected that Hui Yue had such formidable weapons.

Still, the blood prince was a blood prince after all. He had undergone countless life and death struggles and had impeccable reflexes.

He veiled himself in five superimposed daos, and a slight trace of fear crossed his eyes as he felt how the knives sliced through the first of his protective barriers easily. They then managed to break through the second and third layer of his protective daos, before they finally stopped halfway through the fourth superimposed layer of daos.

To break through four layers of superimposed daos showed just how strong Hui Yue’s soulforce was, especially because this was just a probing attack.

The Blood Demon who had moved forward very fast instantly retreated, his eyes filled with shock and his heart beating rapidly.

“What was that?!” he exclaimed shocked, but Hui Yue just chuckled. This time he shot forward after the blood prince. He had spent around seventy percent of his strength in that attack, and if he had gone all out, he would be able to injure the blood prince with his Nine Peach Leaves.

At the same time, he also held the Celestial Sword in his hands, a sword which was the highest ranked sword in the galaxy. There was no way that it would not be able to deal with this blood prince’s protection.

Hui Yue smirked as he was like a shadow that had latched onto the blood prince; he followed his every move.

Hui Yue reached out to all his open caves in his core; he had the strength of his previous lives that he had unlocked and he also depended on his formidable soulforce to throw the Nine Peach Leaves after the young blood prince constantly.

The Nine Peach Leaves were becoming more and more ferocious as Hui Yue got more and more proficient in controlling them. Their attacks went through the protective layer of his enemy again and again leaving cuts on the blood prince’s body, shredding his clothes, and drawing blood.

The wounds were all superficial, but they were making the young blood prince agitated and filled with humiliation and hatred.

Hui Yue smirked sinisterly and lifted the Celestial Sword with both hands as he struck down with all the strength he could muster.

The Celestial Sword was a real treasure, and the fact that it came crashing down from the front of the blood prince caused him to gasp in shock at its power. He once more formed his superimposed dao shield around him to take the blow.

A loud boom sounded out as the Celestial Sword came into contact with the superimposed daos, and both Hui Yue and the blood prince were shot backwards. Both of them felt their blood in turmoil and could even taste it in their throats.

Neither had sustained serious injuries, but they felt that they were rather equal in strength. Hui Yue had held the advantage from the very start because of his Nine Peach Leaves, but now that they fought to a standstill, the situation could easily change.

The blood prince was filled with hatred and anger from being humiliated, and not thinking clearly, he screamed out and charged at Hui Yue with his sword lifted high in the air.

The sound of swords colliding sounded out again and again. The two collided against each other and sparks flew everywhere.

The sword that the young prince was using was also a treasured sword, but it was a far cry from the Celestial Sword. Soon small chips started appearing on the blood prince’s blade.

His eyes widened when he noticed this, but he gritted his teeth and continued to clash with Hui Yue. He could stand down, and Hui Yue was not going to either. They continued their battle which turned more and more bloody as the seconds ticked by.

Although both parties avoided serious injuries, the swords and swordlights rained everywhere. Their speed was so fast that it was impossible to avoid all of them, and they gained cuts and wounds all over their bodies and their faces.

They had reached a stalemate, but suddenly the blood prince’s eyes gleamed dangerously as he took a step forward, sidestepping Hui Yue’s swordlight. He counter-attacked with his own powerful swordlight.

The strength of this attack was far stronger than Hui’s just now and his previous attacks. This blood prince had one more dao than Hui Yue comprehended. Thus when superimposing them and layering them together he was on a higher level, and for this reason, his attacks were more dangerous.

The only reason that Hui Yue had been able to fight equally was because of his Nine Peach Leaves and soulforce, but this attack managed to bypass the many defenses of Hui Yue and cut him on his chest. This cut was many times deeper than before, and it started bleeding profusely.

Hui Yue was surprised. He had not lowered his guards, nor had he been careless, but now despite his vigilance, he had been severely injured. He was injured, and their battle had not been that long.

His eyes turned red, his blood boiled ferociously, and he felt his killing intent surge through his body. He was being baptized with the pure intent to slay his enemy. He felt as if everything had clicked in place. It was all becoming clearer and clearer that in this world slaughter was everywhere, and for one to survive, they had to cut a path through countless corpses.

Hui Yue was no saint. He would kill anyone who he felt needed to die, but he was not eager to kill for the sake of killing alone.

He valued life. He wanted people to live if they could, and would rather suffer himself than let others suffer, especially if it was his friends. Although he would not go so far as to sacrifice himself, or his friends, for strangers, if he came across someone whom he could help he would do his best.

The killing intent around him was erupting, but suddenly it vanished. The killing intent had grown to such proportions that it had shaken all his friends and the Blood Demons in the area, but the blood prince charged right at him regardless. When Hui Yue felt the killing intent subside, he suddenly understood something that he had never understood before.

Life was precious, but to value one’s life death was important too. If one had no fear of death, then one would never truly value the fleeting time they had to live.

The air surrounding island picked up, and everyone felt the daos descend, but this did not stop the blood prince who was now already at Hui Yue’s side. His sword struck out, and Hui Yue, who was fully focused on the strange feeling did not even move a muscle when the sword entered his chest and pierced through his heart.

Hui Yue felt a stream of blood spill from his lips, and he looked down. Surprise filled his eyes as he tried to speak, but instead, blood just bubbled through his mouth, and no words came out.

His eyes started to grow dim, and he felt strangely at peace. Life and death were entangled; there was no life without death and no death without life.

“NO!” Wang Ju Long’s voice was the last thing Hui Yue heard before things started to turn black.


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