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Chapter 764: The Lin Siblings

Since the decision had been made, Hui Yue did not waste any more time. He instantly checked out of the inn and brought his entire group with him.

While they were traveling through Spiraling Coral City, everyone was on high alert.

Although they had yet to reach the location that had been specified by the demons, a small deserted island not far from the city, they dared not let their guard down. In this way, they advanced slowly.

“It should be around here,” Hui Yue said after they had flown for around two hours, and finally they managed to reach the small island. It seemed very unassuming at first, but it was the perfect place for a secret meeting.

It was not too close to the city, but neither was it too far away. There were no mortals living on this island, and all the immortals would pass it by without giving it a second glance. Although some beasts lived here, none of them seemed to cultivate so there was no one who could get in the way of Hui Yue and his friends when they went searching for the demons.

They did not have to search for long. However, just as they entered the island, they felt a tremor run through them and knew that they had stepped into a formation.

This formation was a stationary one, and it was not simple either. If Hui Yue wished to create one similar, then he needed to sacrifice between three and five hundred seals, something he would never be willing to do.

His face turned solemn, and he moved forward carefully. Everyone else was also on high alert. Their eyes darted from side to side, and they watched everything in sight.

“Are you Pei Yue?” someone in front of them asked, and all of them stopped in their tracks. Hui Yue watched as two demons appeared.

These two demons had been part of the group that met Hui Yue in the inn earlier, and their eyes were wary as they looked at Hui Yue.

One of them was female while the other was male. The female looked pale and rather nervous. She constantly shivered and looked around her, while the male was tight-lipped and cold.

“I am Pei Yue,” Hui Yue acknowledged. His soulforce was useless within this formation that they had entered. It was impossible for him to sense any other people around them and thus he was extra careful.

At the same time, he did experiment with his Nine Peach Leaves and formations to find that both of them worked quite well. It seems that it was just his ability to detect and sense everything around them that had diminished.

“What is this formation?” Hui Yue asked curiously, but the tight-lipped demon said nothing and the nervous one just shook her head as her body was shaking. Her eyes still darted from side to side, and Hui Yue could easily guess that these two demons had been tasked with slowing them down, or tying them to this position until the others arrived.

“So who is it we are waiting for?” Hui Yue asked, and his question caused the nervous woman to jolt while the tight-lipped demon’s expression soured.

“If you want my help, then you ought to do something to gain my trust,” Hui Yue continued with a smile.

The two demons were wavering. It was clear that both of them were uncomfortable with what they were doing, but they had been given orders and dared not go against them.

“Well since you won’t speak with us we will just continue forward,” Hui Yue grinned, but just as he said that the nervous girl was incapable of keeping her mouth closed anymore and broke down in tears, “I am sorry!” she exclaimed as she rushed towards Hui Yue.

“I thought that we were going to ask for your help to get away from the Blood Demons,” she continued with tears streaming down her cheeks as she rushed at Hui Yue and prostrated in front of him.

“I was a human; I hate the Blood Demons! But they have set up an ambush here on this island. They abused us again!”

“Lin Na that is enough!” the tight-lipped man scolded, his face was now completely white, and he was not feeling good, but Hui Yue kneeled in front of the crying girl.

“Don’t worry about that grumpy guy over there,” he said with a smile on his face. A gentle smile that made the girl cry even louder, “Just tell me what you want to tell me.”

“There is a prince here!” the girl called Lin Na said, her voice high-pitched as her eyes turned red because of the tears she had shed.

“He is not going to allow us to seek shelter in Diyu; they are going to use us to lure you in and then kill you. You and your friends will all be killed, but I cannot accept it! I don’t want to be the pawn of these Blood Demons any longer!”

“There is a formation on this island, it is very strong and built from a whole four hundred seals! It has one weakness, and that is on the northwestern corner of the island. There the seals are weaker, and it should be possible to break through them.”

Hui Yue contemplated for some time and nodded his head, “Why don’t you come with us?” he asked after some time. “You can join us, and if you take a blood oath not to assist the Blood Demons again, then I will help you join Diyu or something as good as that.”

The offer was fair. Although there was a chance of her being a Blood Demon, if she made a blood oath that she would never help them again then she should be trustworthy.

“Will you do that?” she asked with her teary purple eyes as she looked at Hui Yue. “I have been a part of a group that tricked you, and now you are offering to help me.”

“It is okay, you have repented, and you even warned me,” Hui Yue said with a smile on his lips, his words causing Lin Na to nod her head. But she suddenly looked at the tight-lipped young man who suddenly had a small smile on his lips.

“Lin Na go with them,” he said. “You know how strong this young man and his followers are, with them you should be able to live a much better life.”

“But older brother, come with us!” Lin Na said, her words causing Hui Yue to raise an eyebrow in surprise.

“I am not welcome,” the older brother said but Hui Yue cut in. “If you too make a blood oath to never assist the Blood Demons again then I am not against you joining us.”

The young man was silent for a long time, his eyes glistening in the light. Then he nodded his head and cut his arm with a knife that appeared out of nowhere.

“I, Lin Tian, swear on my blood that from this day forward I will never again assist the Blood Demons. Should I assist them then let me die.”

The blood oath was incredibly simple but it contained everything Hui Yue needed it to, and Lin Na quickly followed her older brother’s example.

“Let’s get out of here,” Lin Tian said with a serious expression on his face, but then he noticed the facial expressions of all the other experts in the group and frowned.

Everywhere he looked he saw grins. All of these grins were malicious and filled with sinister thoughts. It was clear that they had something else planned.

“We came here knowing full well that it was an ambush,” Hui Yue explained. “We have a great enmity with one of the blood princes, and a blood prince ranked rather highly even.”

“He would never let us go if he had a chance to kill us, and we are the same. Every time we have the chance to kill a blood prince we will take it,” Hui Yue explained.

The words caused the two demons to be stunned, but after a bit of time, they nodded their heads. Then it made sense that a blood prince had been dispatched to deal with them.

“But Pei Yue, don’t you fear his highness?” Lin Na asked with big doe eyes, and upon hearing her question, everyone started laughing. It was true that they would have been more careful before, but now they had Wang Ju Long who had comprehended a heavenly dao.

Hearing them laugh at her, the girl blushed and felt slightly wronged, but then Rong Ming stepped forward and petted her shoulder. “We are not going to lose this fight,” he promised her, and the girl who had been pouting slightly nodded her head as she was mesmerized by Rong Ming.

“Ju Long, you have to protect everyone other than me,” Hui Yue ordered. “I will deal with the prince, you are only to help if I am dying,” he ordered, and Wang Ju Long nodded her head in approval.

She would never allow for Hui Yue to die, but she understood that he wished to challenge this demon prince and test his strength.

“So, Lin Na and Lin Tian, how many Blood Demons are there on this island?” he asked curiously, and the two of them frowned, “I think there are a couple of thousands. Every one of them is superior experts since they knew that ordinary experts would have no chance against you.”

“They have gone all out this time,” Hui Yue said with a whistle, but he did still not seem worried.

“Oh, they are here now, get in formation!”

Everyone gathered up in a small teams with their backs against one another, the only two who were not standing back to back with anyone were Hui Yue and Wang Ju Long.

Even Lin Na and Lin Tian stood back to back with one another. While most of them were itching for a fight and filled with fighting spirit, Lin Na and Lin Tian were different. They knew the strength of these Blood Demons, and their faces were pale and worried.

“Ju Long make sure that no one on our side suffers a loss. I know that you have just recently gained control of your dao, but at the same time, I also trust in your power the most. Although I know that you hate being ruthless, please be ruthless to our enemy.”

Wang Ju Long had never been a person of many words, and when she heard this, she nodded her head saying, “I will,” with a voice filled with conviction.

“You are all surrounded,” a drawling voice sounded from a distance. “You will only survive if you give up the lives of Pei Yue and the three descendants of the Divine Beasts.”

Hearing this the eyes of everyone turned red and filled with killing intent, “If you want a fight just come for it!” Hui Lei yelled out, and the others started laughing out loud.

“You asked for this yourself!” the same voice sounded again as if it was bored with what was happening.

Suddenly the sky turned dark, and Blood Demons arrived from every side.

“They are like ants,” Xiao Ning sighed. “If you kill one, two come, if you kill two, five come. Anyway, let’s get rid of all these demons and dye the ground red with their blood!”

“Yes!” the others called out and readied their weapons. It only took a few moments before the Blood Demons arrived in front of them, but surprisingly enough they did not attack, instead, they spread to the sides as one person appeared in the area that had been cleared.

“Lowly humans, I am the blood prince ranked twenty-fifth!” he introduced himself, “My name is Zhang Shaotian, and I will be the one who sends you to the underworld. I will make older brother An He proud of me!”

Hearing this self-assured blood prince talk, the friends of Hui Yue started laughing again.

Their laughter made the blood prince feel uncomfortable and ridiculed, and his purple eyes glistened with anger.

“Enough!” he yelled out. “Kill them all!”


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