BP Chapter 763

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Chapter 763: Smashing an Ambush

Time went by fast. Everyone was busy doing their own things and soon seven days had passed in a flash.

In the room, all of Hui Yue’s friends had gathered together ready to hear what the next step for them would be; they were ready to hear how it had gone for Rong Ming with the demonification.

The last couple of days Hui Yue had spent some time with the elder discussing the various hidden strengths present in the eastern region.

Although the elder was kind and answered many of Hui Yue’s questions, the young man did not manage to get an accurate picture of how many hidden experts there were in the region, nor did he manage to understand how many there were in the entire galaxy.

Just as Hui Yue had gotten ready to meet up with his friends, the elder excused himself. He vanished into the dark night not to be seen again for a long time afterwards.

In the room with all his friends, even Su Xiaoyun was present. She felt slightly out of place, her face no longer hidden behind a veil, but her beauty blinding everyone who looked at her.

Her face was immaculate. Her eyebrows were like crescent moons, her brown eyes large, and her lips red and soft. Her face was perfectly framed by her long black hair.

Her slender fingers were fidgeting around as she glanced at the many Gods that had been gathered in the small room. She was especially glancing to and from Rong Ming who had the typical purple eyes that showed he was a demon.

Right now demons were very unpopular. All the demons that had nothing to do with the Blood Demons sect stayed in Diyu or were laying low, but here was a demon with them. His appearance made Su Xiaoyun unable to know where she should look.

Seeing her apparent discomfort Sha Yun, Huli, Wang Ju Long, Xiao She, and Wan Qiao all went towards her. All the women gathered in the corner of the room.

As soon as they gathered, they started chatting in low voices. Wang Qiao and Xiao She both praised Su Xiaoyun’s appearance and managed to make her blush in embarrassment. Soon she forgot all about her discomfort as she felt that these women were very gentle and friendly.

Seeing this, Hui Yue smiled. It was like watching a wolf lick a baby. The strongest of their group was undoubtedly Wang Ju Long right now, but looking at her, she was as gentle looking as always. If one did not know her, they might think that she would never harm a fly.

“Well then, now that we are all gathered, I have a few things to inform you all of,” Hui Yue started. He was seated in a chair with his legs crossed and leaning back. He looked like a proper young master, and a playful smile played on his lips as if he was not serious about anything. But his friends knew better than to underestimate him just because he was looking like a rich-pants young master.

Su Xiaoyun knew nothing about Hui Yue, but she understood that he was someone more astonishing than what she had given him credit for before.

At the start, she had thought that it was just him and the two women, but now she saw a group of more than twenty experts gathered in the room. Experts that all seemed stronger than her, something that made her question herself.

“Some days ago, Huli, Sha Yun, and I encountered a group of demons,” Hui Yue said as he waved his hand and a piece of paper came into sight.

“They claimed to be humans that had undergone demonification and that they have run away from the headquarters of the Blood Demons. They claimed that they wish to join Diyu in the fight against the Blood Demons.”

Hui Yue glanced at Rong Ming who was frowning, “I don’t know if it is important or not. They asked us for help, and I would like to assist them. If they truly are humans turned demons, then they should be able to become an asset to humanity, but if it is a trap, then this will be very dangerous.”

Hui Yue was solemn; he really felt that he should assist these Blood Demons.

There was a risk though. The risk was that if they were setting up an ambush, then they would have experts even stronger than the ones that had been waiting for them together with Rong Ming and his father.

Everyone glanced around in the room. They all knew Hui Yue, and they knew each other. They all started smiling as they looked from face to face and saw that all of them were thinking the same thing.

“Don’t worry!” Wang Ju Long grinned, “Even if they are strong, I have completely comprehended the heavenly dao of death. It is now a part of me, and I will be able to protect you all.”

Hearing this, Hui Yue could only smile wryly. Things had changed. He had gone from being the one that protected Wang Ju Long, to possibly being protected by her, but strangely enough, he did not mind. If anything, he was very proud of his woman who had managed to comprehend a heavenly dao.

Su Xiaoyun, on the other hand, was stunned silly when she heard that Wang Ju Long had comprehended a heavenly dao.

Heavenly daos were things of legends. It was simply not possible to reach this level! Su Xiaoyun was truly shocked and in disbelief.

“Yue, we should check it out. If it is an ambush, then we will shock them and kill them all!” Mu Haolong said with a sinister grin on his face.

“They are likely sent by An He,” Lan Feng nodded his head. “And since this was the case, then it would be best to deal with them sooner rather than later.”

“We will meet with them, but let’s expect that they will try to kill us rather than seek shelter with us,” Lao said, and Jo and Hui Lei nodded their heads.

“I am eager to see if they can stand up against my shields,” Xiao Ning joined in, and soon all of them were calling out about how they would beat them black and blue. How they would ruthlessly kill them and send their heads back to An He as a souvenir.

During all of this time, Hui Yue did not speak, he just sat there smiling resting his head on his palm and observing his friends. This was an important decision that could perhaps bring some of them into trouble, but it was clear that they wanted the same as him.

“I was not allowed close to other humans at the manor,” Rong Ming suddenly started talking. As soon as he spoke, everyone quieted down and listened. Rong Ming was after all the specialist when it came to demons. The others might have killed many of them, but Rong Ming had lived amongst them, and he was currently undergoing demonification.

“There are different worlds that belongs solely to the Blood Demons,” Rong Ming began. “These worlds are all hidden within sentient storage treasures much like the Universe Box.”

“The storage treasures are owned by the Manor Lord, the absolute ruler in that world. He can only be managed by the Overlord himself.”

“As far as I knew while living in one of these worlds was there are three of them, and three Manor Lords.”

“For Blood Demons, the hierarchy is quite simple,” he continued. “First is the Overlord. He is the supreme emperor of all Blood Demons.”

“Then comes the Manor Lords. These Manor Lords are all half-step Overlords as well, and although they will never reach the Overlord rank in their lives, they are never to be underestimated.”

“Then comes the Council of Elders. I don’t know much about them except that they too are a tremendous force to be reckoned with.”

“After the Council of Elders are the blood princes. An He is one of these blood princes, and his rank is not low either.”

“We cannot underestimate any of them. Although we have come into contact with some of the blood princes, we haven’t met the real hard to deal with individuals yet. When we go we have to be aware that there is a chance that one of these strong blood princes has come to take care of us just because they want to ensure our death once and for all.”

Rong Ming’s words caused a damper on everyone’s mood, but Hui Yue just smiled as he had done before. It was as if the words Rong Ming had said were completely unimportant.

Everyone soon glanced at him, and Hui Yue nodded his head, “I know, but if there is such a strong Blood Demon, then they will not need to cause such a scene in front of us.” He started to explain. “They will want us just to die and come kill us instantly. At the time we met up with the demons, the Blood Demons were still unaware of Ju Long having comprehended a heavenly dao, and they were still this cheeky about it. Clearly, they do not have the assurance that they can deal with us easily.”

“Another worrisome thing is that they might be spies. People who pretend that they have left the Blood Demon side but in fact will just gather information from them.”

“There are many things to keep in mind before meeting up with them, but no matter what, I also feel that meeting them is the best idea.”

Su Xiaoyun finally understood that this group of people had some enmity with the Blood Demons, and although, she was slightly worried that she would die, she also knew that as long as she was alive she would do her part in defeating them.

“Well then, Ming, tell us what is the results of your demonification?”

“My demonification went smoothly, much better than before. I have comprehended three full major daos, and I can feel that my potential is still roaring, I can become even stronger!”

“It seems that the stronger the Blood Demon, the more of my potential will be unlocked. So let us hope that one of the blood princes is present in the ambush. I could use bigger prey!”

Hui Yue laughed when he heard Rong Ming and nodded his head. “I have something for you Ming,” Hui Yue said as he threw a storage stone to Rong Ming who caught it and took out an item.

It looked like a gem, a red gem. It emanated an aura that made everyone’s breath catch in their throat.

“What is this?” He asked confused, and Hui Yue just smiled and answered, “It is a Nine Headed Hydra’s eye. It can help you face inner demons if you ever encounter them.”

Rong Ming was surprised. He said nothing just felt warmth in his heart. “I am not going to say thank you,” he said after a long silence. “But we are brothers and know that I will gladly trade my life for yours.”


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