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Chapter 762: Becoming a Butterfly

Just as the elder spoke, he stepped forward. His speed was as if he had teleported and he vanished from where he was. At the same moment, a scream sounded in the dark night from somewhere close by.

The scream only lasted a brief moment before it once more turned eerily quiet for a short while before yet another scream pierced the silent night.

This continued a few times. The screams would echo through the night, and then after a second, all would become silent again.

After the seventh scream had resounded, a group of screams erupted at once, and then laughter erupted next to the group of experts.

“Those idiots,” the man said with a chuckle. “To think that they dared to target someone that is under my protection!”

Hui Yue was stunned. This man had no soulforce. If he had soulforce, there was no way he would be willing to sell the Nine Peach Leaves, but at the same time, he had the strength to sense the location of every single person who had followed them and destroyed them in the blink of an eye.

“Haha, you are too young kid,” the elder grinned when he saw the confused expression on Hui Yue’s face. “I have comprehended the heavenly dao of life. All life within my senses will be noticed, noticing those who were following us was easy as breathing!”

Although he was bragging, Hui Yue nodded his head since what he said made sense. But to think that this elder had comprehended a heavenly dao was truly reminded him that hidden dragons and crouching tigers could really appear anywhere.

“Don’t worry kid,” he continued. “There is not that many hidden experts in the eastern region who are at my level. Those of us who are, have long since locked ourselves and our families out of these mundane power struggles.”

“Having comprehended a heavenly dao puts us in a dangerous position,” the man continued to explain as they walked towards the inn. “The major sects are trying to recruit us, and want us to increase their own strength. However, it is not possible to join them since we cannot bring our families with us. But if we were to make a faction we would have to be just as careful as well; it might be considered as an attempt to overthrow the major sects and families… And that is something they would never accept.”

“So for self-preservation, our only option is to go into hiding and live a carefree life where we don’t become part of the power struggles.”

“This is also why you haven’t seen us old monsters partake in the war against the Blood Demons.”

“Although there are quite a few old experts who have comprehended the heavenly daos here in this galaxy, none of us have yet to take part in the war. Even that old fox Yanluo is just sitting behind commanding his troops.”

“This is because we know how many heavenly dao cultivators the humans have, but we have no way of knowing how many the Blood Demons have.”

“Although it is rare for a Blood Demon to be born having comprehended a heavenly dao, it is not impossible; it has happened throughout history more than a few times.”

“Heck, even a demon Overlord was born! We know we are strong, but how strong are the Blood Demons?”

“These demons should know our strength, yet they still dare to launch their attacks against us. This means they either think they are strong than the forces we have or are just plain stupid, and I highly doubt it’s the second option.”

“If we had Nuwa or Pangu still in the galaxy then things would be different. If some of the old experts had managed to break through and become Overlords our situation would be different, but as far as I am aware they have not.”

“The Blood Demons know our strength, but we do not know anything about them. We don’t even know where they are located.”

“It is also because of this that we dare not fight yet with our heavenly dao cultivators. If they are to join, then the Blood Demons will answer in kind. The blood that will be spilled will far exceed what is happening now.”

“The weak will be slaughtered like lambs. Families will cease to exist, and it is clear that the Blood Demons do not care if their targets are innocent bystanders, mortals, or whoever, they will kill any human they come across.”

Hui Yue nodded his head; he understood this logic. It was not that he was unrealistically positive about the humans’ chances of winning this war, but he would give it his all.

While they were talking Huli, Sha Yun, and Su Xiaoyun were all walking behind them. They were not listening to their conversation but instead focusing on their own talk about the Eternal Sea pill.

These three women found that they had quite a lot in common.

Su Xiaoyun had been hesitant at the start, not knowing exactly what was expected of her, but the two other women just kept talking to her and eventually her shyness was broken through.

Su Xiaoyun told them why she needed the four Eternal Sea pills. Her face had been disfigured in battle against a Blood Demon, and it was impossible for her to mend it on her own.

Her body was fairly strong, and she knew that it was impossible for her to create a stronger body so for this reason, she dared not leave it for a new one. She did not have the kind of money it took to hire a strong Immortal of Creation to make a body for her.

She had used all of her savings to bid on the Eternal Sea pill, and she could not begin to explain how happy she was that Hui Yue had sold her four of them.

Both Huli and Sha Yun took pity on Su Xiaoyun. Both were women, and they could imagine just how terrifying it must have been to be disfigured and unable to do something about it. They knew they were spoiled. Should something happen to their bodies, then Hui Yue would refine a new one for them right away.

“Listen Xiaoyun, if you do a good job, I am sure that our husband can refine a new body for you,” Huli grinned. “These bodies are the sturdiest in the galaxy; they are simply amazing!”

Su Xiaoyun was not old and had lived for around five hundred years. She was not a member of the younger generation any longer, but she had not lived long enough to know much about the Alchemist God either, and she cocked her head curiously.

“Refined bodies?” she asked confused. “What is that? Is your husband that strong?”.

She could not help but ask. When she looked at Hui Yue, she had this sixth sense that told her that he was not older than her, but she had just managed to become an Immortal of Creation a few years prior.

If they were around the same age, was it that wise to ask for this man’s help to make a body? Su Xiaoyun could not help but ask herself this question, but she said nothing out loud.

She had been with Hui Yue in the auction house and had heard the elder that had appeared also talk about refining a body. Was it truly such a marvelous thing? She could not help but wonder with a slight bit of anticipation.

As they returned to the inn, Hui Yue ran into Wan Qiao, Xiao She, and Lan Feng on the way out. The phoenix was going shopping with Xiao She and Wan Qiao had decided to tag along. What the others were doing, no one knew, except that Rong Xing and Rong Ming were locked up in their rooms, not moving an inch. This was while Deng Wu was waiting in the same room, acting as a guard to ensure that no one would be interrupting Rong Ming in the middle of his demonification.

Lan Feng looked a little confused when he noticed the elder and Su Xiaoyun, but he said nothing. He just shook his head with a small smile on his lips and left.

Hui Yue rented a room for Su Xiaoyun and asked for the women to lead her there. He also asked the three of them to look after one another while taking the Eternal Sea pills as they would be momentarily vulnerable while consuming it.

Then he spread out his soulforce and found that Wang Ju Long was no longer locked up in meditation, but instead, reading a book in their room. After finding Wang Ju Long, he led the elder to their room.

“This is my wife,” Hui Yue introduced Wang Ju Long to the elder as soon as they entered the door. “Ju Long, this elder is a friend of master. Because of a business deal between the two of us, I will refine him a body. Why don’t you go to Sha Yun and Huli? They have an Eternal Sea pill for you; it’s a miracle medicine for women.”

Hearing this, Wang Ju Long smiled. She nodded her head and left the room to look for Sha Yun and Huli.

This left just the elder, and Hui Yue left in the room. “Protect me while I refine your body,” Hui Yue requested, and the elder grinned and nodded his head. “Don’t worry, even if the house collapses, I will make sure it does not interrupt you.”

Hearing the self-assurance within this man’s words, Hui Yue could not help but chuckle, before he waved his hand and all the materials for refining a body appeared in front of him.

He slowly began the refinement process. It was something he had done many times before and now he was quite skilled in refining bodies.

He still broke a sweat, and it required all of his attention, but he was no longer exhausted on the verge of losing consciousness afterwards.

The time slowly ticked by. Hui Yue was focused deeply on refining the body, and the elder was standing right by his side with a serious expression on his face. He watched everything and everyone in his surroundings and ensured that no one was able to cause problems for them.

In another room, Huli, Wang Ju Long, Sha Yun, and Su Xiaoyun were giggling and discussing the Eternal Sea pill. Although Wang Ju Long did not care too much about her appearance, she did wish to be able to look good in front of Hui Yue. For this reason, she was happy when she knew that there was a pill for her as well.

“We should let sister Xiaoyun take her pills first,” Wang Ju Long said after a bit of time. “She is the one suffering the most, so let us all protect her. With me here, it will be very hard to cause problems,” Wang Ju Long said with a certainty that the other women had never before heard.

“In that case, I would like to thank you,” Su Xiaoyun did not decline. She truly could not wait much longer to take the pills, and although she did not know where this woman’s confidence came from, she could sense a conviction in her words that her to believe Wang Ju Long.

Like this, the night passed. Su Xiaoyun was like a butterfly, turning from a caterpillar into an ethereal beauty, and Huli, Sha Yun, and Wang Ju Long also experienced similar transformations.

Hui Yue had also been refining the majority of the night. He managed to finish the refinement in the early morning, and the elder, who was completely incapable of keeping in his excitement, merged with the body right away.


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