BP Chapter 761

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Chapter 761: End of the Auction

The auction continued unhindered, and everything that was up for sale was sold at astonishing prices. After the weaponry, they changed the category of goods to beast artifacts, living beasts, dead beast bodies, cores, and so on.

This was also the place where the Nine Headed Hydra’s eye was the final treasure that was put up for sale, and once more Hui Yue called out his bids.

As soon as people realized that this wealthy and well-bred young man from the fourth floor wanted the Nine Head Hydra’s eye, everyone sighed in unison.

He had taken all the best treasures in the auction so far, and now he planned on taking the final one as well.

Unlike the others, although many young masters wished to purchase this eye, they knew that their wealth, background, and status could not hold up to Hui Yue’s. For this reason, they quickly gave up bidding.

Hui Yue won the Nine Head Hydra’s eye very easily. He could not help but smirk when he thought about all the new things he had gotten his hands on, especially the Nine Peach Leaves made his mood incredibly excited.

“Well then, let us go and exchange the Worldpower Stones for the items,” Hui Yue said as he stood up. Su Xiaoyun was feeling slightly lost for what she should do. Should she follow him or reunite with her family? It was hard to decide, so she just stood up at the same time as Hui Yue, her eyes wavering but then Huli came to her aid.

“Come with us,” she said while smiling and took her hand. Su Xiaoyun was stunned and looked at the fair hand that held hers.

Although Su Xiaoyun was a woman, she felt her face blush, and she could only lower her head. Huli was truly beautiful.

Without thinking much about why they wanted her to tag along, Su Xiaoyun just walked with her head down and followed Huli and the rest of the group.

Hui Yue and the elder were talking with one another about the Archaic World, refining, and other sorts of alchemy talk. The elder was especially eager to hear about the process of refining a body.

Although this man had said that he was a friend of the Alchemist God, Hui Yue was on guard and did not answer all his questions straight away. Instead, he answered in a roundabout way and ensured to keep the most important details hidden.

The elder did not seem to mind, he had a good-natured smile on his face and kept laughing out loud.

At the same time, Su Xiaoyun was following behind them, her face was hidden beneath her veil. No one knew what she was thinking either, but Huli kept talking to her about what they had encountered in the western region while still keeping all the information that she should not know from her.

Hui Yue and the group managed to make their way to the chamber where one could exchange Worldpower Stones for the items they had purchased.

It was possible to pick up some of the things during the auction in case one wanted to leave earlier, but in general, most experts picked up their items after the auction, and thus the place was filled with experts.

When the servants saw Hui Yue appear with the women and the elder, one of them quickly stepped forward. “This way young master,” he said with a deep bow gesturing for Hui Yue to follow him towards a chamber on the side.

Everyone was making a ruckus when they noticed this. “Why is he being treated specially?”, “Why can he skip the queue?”, “Who gives you the right to step all over us?”

Everyone was complaining, but Hui Yue ignored them and followed the servant with his head held high. He had no expression of shame or discomfort on his face; it was as if this treatment was something he was used to.

Just as the people started becoming more and more annoyed, the voice of one of the people in the queue could be heard, “That is the guy from the fourth floor!” he said with a shrill voice.

As for where the voice came from, no one knew, but the moment it sounded, everyone stopped their complaining and gulped. If they insulted such an esteemed expert, then their future would become bleak.

The atmosphere instantly turned tense, and everyone stared at Hui Yue with big eyes, fearing that he would ridicule them, or worse, say something that’d make their families exile them. But to their astonishment he did nothing. He just followed behind the servant to the next room.

In the room, he met up with an elder of the auction house. He handed over the Worldpower Stones to him and received his items. At the same time, the elder also managed the funds for the previous owner of the Nine Peach Leaves and gave him the Worldpower Stones from the sale, minus their fee.

“Well then,” Hui Yue fiddled with the Nine Peach Leaves in his hands like a child who had gotten a new toy, and a childish smile had spread on his lips. But despite his excitement, he quickly calmed himself and stored everything in the Universe Box before turning around. “Let’s head to the inn,” he decided.

“Miss Xiaoyun I would be honored if you would work as our guide while we are in the eastern region. I promise to pay you handsomely. If we encounter danger, we will do everything we can to protect you, and if you feel it is too dangerous, then you can run away, leaving us to fend off the enemies.”

“We are staying here?” Huli asked while cocking her head. Their aim to come to the eastern region was to find Rong Ming and his father. Now that their mission was accomplished, it would make sense to return to the Celestial Sword Sect.

“I have a feeling that we will gain a lot if we choose to stay here,” Hui Yue said with a grin on his face, and his words made both Sha Yun and Huli sigh.

They knew this husband of theirs. He would not stay just for a single feeling, but he was in a position where he did not fully trust those who accompanied him, and therefore, he had to keep quiet about the specifics.

Neither Huli nor Sha Yun questioned him, they just nodded their heads.

Su Xiaoyun pondered for a bit of time. She had been tasked with getting close to this man for the sake of forming a good relationship with him and her Su family, but did she really want to travel with him through the eastern region?

She found herself enthralled by Hui Yue and his demeanor, and the two women’s beauty such that it was impossible for her to look away from them. She could not help but feel that if she followed them her life would change forever, for the better.

“Let me ask my family first,” she sad hesitatingly. “They should be waiting for me outside,” she continued. “When I have spoken with them, I will give you my final answer, but if I were to decide, then yes, I would gladly show you around our eastern region.”

Hui Yue had expected this answer, and he nodded his head. “Then let’s go and meet with the Su family so that we can get their approval.”

It was as Su Xiaoyun had said, the Su family was waiting outside of the auction house, and all of them were rather restless.

None of them had known anything about what had gone on while she was on the fourth floor of the auction hall. Had she been treated well? Had she managed to make some connections? What had happened?

The elder who had been in charge of their trip was pacing up and down the street, unable to calm down at all. He was agitated and felt slightly humiliated.

When the auction for the Eternal Sea pills was ongoing, he had even threatened Su Xiaoyun to stop her bidding, but her bravery allowed her to enter the fourth floor. How was he supposed to face her now?

“Uncle Zhou,” the ethereal voice of Su Xiaoyun sounded out, and the elder who was pacing up and down the street turned around to find Su Xiaoyun together with two very alluring women, a young master, and an elderly figure.

This elder of the Su family was no simpleton, and he instantly guessed that this young master was the one who had been bidding during the auction.

He could also roughly guess that the two women were his companions. Looking at the elder, he instantly assumed that it was some ancient monster that was acting as the dao protector of Hui Yue, to protect him from any dangers he might encounter.

“Niece Xiaoyun, I am happy to see you back,” the elder said with an ugly expression on his face. He tried to smile but his teeth were gritted, and it was impossible for him to truly seem caring.

“Uncle Zhao, this is Pei Yue of the Celestial Sword Sect and Diyu,” Su Xiaoyun introduced Hui Yue. “These two women are Sha Yun and Huli, his wives, while the elder is…” her voice trailed off as she did not know how to introduce him.

Shaking her head, she continued. “They have asked me to be their guide while they are in our eastern region,” she explained to the elder.

Just as the elder was about to open his mouth, Hui Yue stepped forward to give his opinion, “It is as miss Xiaoyun has said, I would like to borrow her while being here. I promise that she’ll be heavily rewarded for her task, and so will the rest of the Su family.”

Hui Yue could sense that this elder did not care much for Su Xiaoyun, but while he did not care for her, he did indeed care for the Su family. He would love to bring home some amazing achievement such as having the young genius of the Celestial Sword Sect owing him a favor.

“In that case, little Xiaoyun, you better serve this young master well,” the elder said after contemplating for a short while. His face was all smiles, and his hands were rubbing together.

Hui Yue could sense that he had something planned, but he had his own plans. He tossed a storage stone to the man, “Here are one million Worldpower Stones,” Hui Yue said casually, but his words caused the breath of every Su family member to catch in their throat as he tossed the stone to the Elder.

“This should be enough to cover the Su family’s hardships for lending out Su Xiaoyun to us,” he said casually before he turned to leave.

The elder was completely stunned silly, unable to react before he suddenly pocketed the stone, his eyes blazing.

He had expected to gain a favor which could be considered priceless, but in the end, the one million Worldpower Stones were much more useful to the Su family. He bowed before leading the rest of the Su family members to leave instantly as he dared not linger.

Hui Yue chuckled when he saw how he was eyeing everyone, filled with suspicious behavior, but he said nothing. “Let’s return to the inn now that this has been solved,” he said finally, and he led his friends to leave the auction house.

They had not walked long before the elder who had originally owned the Nine Peach Leaves turned to Hui Yue who just shook his head and sighed, “I know.” He said, “There are quite a few of them this time.”

“Let me deal with them,” the elder said in a rough voice. “I have decided to protect you for now on till you refine me a body, these small fries are just pissing off my great mood!”


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