BP Chapter 759

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Chapter 759: Phantom Moonflower

The auction continued onwards. Now all the pills had been sold, and next was the medicinal herbs and other rare plant materials and metals.

Although Hui Yue paid attention to what was being auctioned, he was not so eager to bid again as he already possessed multiples of the items up for sale.

Just as a piece of deep-sea shell was brought out, Hui Yue heard a knock on the door and a servant humbly announce, “Lady Su Xiaoyun of the Su family wishes to meet with your lordship. Lady Su Xiaoyun is the young mistress that his lordship invited to come visit him.”

The servant was nervous. Perhaps this young lord had just said that he would meet with the woman to make her back off during the auction, and now he would not follow up with his words, but Hui Yue just smiled when he heard the announcement. He quickly gestured for the servant within the chamber to open the door so that she could enter.

A breath of relief escaped both Su Xiaoyun and the servant outside when they saw that they were invited in, and Su Xiaoyun was nervous and filled with vigilance.

She was from the Su family, a family which could be considered renowned throughout the eastern region, but not one of the strongest or most famous families. Still, she knew what it represented to be able to rent out the fourth floor chamber in this Spiral Coral Auction House. She was truly fearful of what might happen when she entered the chamber, but she also knew that this was her only chance.

Inside the chamber were four people: three experts, and a servant.

Su Xiaoyun allowed for her eyes to rest on every one of the experts for a brief moment to see what they looked like and she was surprised to see two attractive, alluring women, alongside a young man that could not be older than herself.

It was clear that these pills had been purchased on a whim to satisfy the women. Su Xiaoyun sighed heavily and regretted that she was not capable of throwing around as many Worldpower Stones as this young master.

“Well then, it is a pleasure to meet you miss Xiaoyun,” Hui Yue smiled at her. “I am Pei Yue of Diyu and the Celestial Sword Sect.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you sir Yue,” the woman said, her voice was gentle and comfortable to listen to like the sound of water flowing down a creek.

“I came to implore you to sell me two Eternal Sea pills,” she said, her entire expression hidden beneath a veil. No one could see what she was thinking or what expression she was making as the only thing visible were her eyes, which sparkled with intelligence.

“I promised you that we could reach some agreement, and I won’t go back on my word,” Hui Yue said smilingly. “I am in need of three of these Eternal Sea pills,” he continued. “The other four I have no interest in. You would like to purchase two of them at least, but if you are interested, I will sell you four.”

Hui Yue had already guessed what was going on. This woman who hid her face behind a veil did not do so for the sake of hiding her striking beauty as some did, but because she was disfigured.

As for how she had become disfigured, Hui Yue had no idea, but he knew that these Eternal Sea pills were capable of restoring the skin and making it smooth and beautiful again. However, taking just one was not enough to gain the same result as when Huli and Sha Yun used them. That was because the pill’s medicinal properties were used to completely transform the ruined skin.

When this miss Su Xiaoyun had asked for two pills, that was because that was the absolute minimum that she needed to be able to restore her appearance.

Four would definitely be much better for her than two. They would guarantee that her appearance would once again become flawless, and this was something she wished for more than anything.

Su Xiaoyun’s eyes glittered in the dim light of the room. It was clear that she knew that Hui Yue had understood her predicament and wished to help her, but she dared not imagine he was not playing a trick on her. For what reason would he offer her four Eternal Sea pills? How much would she have to pay for them?

“I won’t be unfair,” Hui Yue promised while he traced his chin thinking. “I paid twenty-three thousand Worldpower Stones for seven pills, why don’t we say that you pay me thirteen thousand Worldpower Stones for four of them?”

“This price should be incredibly fair,” Hui Yue continued, and although he was unable to see the surprise in the facial expression of Su Xiaoyun, he could see it in her eyes.

“Are you sure?” she asked with bated breath fearing that he was making fun of her, but Hui Yue nodded his head and gestured for Huli to take out the pills.

Huli did not mind. All she wanted was one for herself and her sisters, and now Hui Yue had promised to save three, one for each of them, so it was no problem to sell the other four.

Su Xiaoyun did not waste any time, she instantly counted out thirteen thousand Worldpower Stones and handed them to Hui Yue who chuckled. He then handed her four of the Eternal Sea pills.

As soon as Su Xiaoyun had the pills in her hands, she clutched them to her chest; tears erupted in her eyes and happiness filled her heart. She had never expected that this young man would be so honorable to sell her the four pills without any ulterior motives.

“Thank you,” The woman was still worried about Hui Yue’s kindness and almost rushed out of the room, causing both Hui Yue and the two women to laugh a friendly laughter.

“If you wish, you can stay here and watch the rest of the auction,” Hui Yue said before the woman managed to leave the chamber causing her body to instantly freeze. Fear flickered in her eyes, but Hui Yue raised a hand and waved at her.

“It is just an offer,” he reassured her. “I am looking for someone who can tell me what is happening in the eastern region and how the war against the Blood Demons is faring,” he sighed. “I am new here and do not know much, but it would be nice to hear about it from someone who lives here.”

The woman calmed down when she heard what Hui Yue said, and his words made great sense.

“You wish to know about the war with the demons?” she asked to be completely sure, and Hui Yue merely nodded his head.

Calming down the woman knew that it would be good to make connections with this young man. Good for both her and her family, and since all he wanted was to hear about the demons, then she did not mind obliging him.

While they had talked and their transaction had been going on, all the rare herbs and materials had been sold, with only the last item up for grabs, the Phantom Moonflower.

An extra chair was produced from somewhere, and Su Xiaoyun sat down next to Huli. Her eyes were wide and round when she looked at this magnificent flower that had the legendary effect of being able to kill anyone below the Overlord rank, but if refined was able to save someone from certain death.

The herb was truly wondrous, and everyone was silent when it was brought on stage. No one said even the tiniest thing as they waited to hear the starting bid as the auctioneer introduced the herb.

“This is the legendary Phantom Moonflower,” he began with a voice filled with mystery. “The Phantom Moonflower is poisonous and able to kill anyone who consumes it, even just a tiny petal is lethal if consumed. However, it is the main ingredient of the Phantom Moonflower pill; a wondrous medication that can save a person from certain death.”

“Even if your soul is being torn apart, if your body is being shattered into Ancestral Worldpower, then both will become restored if you eat a Phantom Moonflower pill.”

“Legend has it that the Phantom Moonflower is as elusive as the moonlight, only revealing itself to chosen experts, who are endowed by the heavens.”

“Because of this, it is increasingly rare to get your hands on a Phantom Moonflower. Last time we had one up for sale was more than three thousand years ago, but now it is for sale again. If you do not wish to wait even longer, then make sure to purchase this Phantom Moonflower now!”

“Bidding will start at twenty thousand Worldpower Stones and has to be raised with two hundred Worldpower Stones at a time.”

A bit of silence descended onto the auction hall before frantic voices started calling out their bids. This time, Hui Yue had just leaned back and smiled as he saw the bidding war in front of him.

Now and then the auction would calm down, and no one would bid for a few moments, but then it would erupt again.

When the price reached forty thousand Worldpower Stones, everyone on the first floor was out of the bidding war and even some on the second floor had to give up, but the third floor was still bidding fiercely.

Hui Yue contemplated for some time before he smiled and stood up, “Fifty thousand Worldpower Stones,” he called out, and his voice reverberated through the auction hall, once more stunning the entire audience.

Some were considering if this Phantom Moonflower was really worth that much, while others remembered that when Hui Yue had bid against the woman from the Su family, he had been incredibly polite and friendly, even offering to meet with her.

If they could also make him aware of them, then they were willing to pay extra for the item.

Because of this more people started to bid vigorously for the item but Hui Yue completely ignored them and continued bidding himself.

“I did not think you wanted this item,” Huli giggled, and Hui Yue shrugged his shoulders. “I can’t let it go when it is this cheap. If they truly pay a high price for it, then I will let go, but right now let us help the Spiraling Coral City’s Auction House a bit more.”

Hui Yue had spoken with a low voice so only those inside the chamber could hear him, but the servants felt their hearts swell with gratitude. They too were members of the Spiraling Coral City’s Auction House, and they wanted to see it do well. What Hui Yue was doing was definitely lending a helping hand to the auction house. While the other families thought that he truly wanted it, the auctioneer and the servants understood that he didn’t really want it but wanted to help them.

At the same time, the bidding war reached sixty thousand Worldpower Stones and kept rising.

The people on the third floor were so confused as to what was happening. When Hui Yue had bid the last time he had even taken the time to contact the one he was bidding against, but now he just raised the price.

Finally, Hui Yue bid seventy-eight thousand Worldpower Stones and won the bid. No one continued to bid against him as they thought they might insult him. Seeing this, Hui Yue could happily lean back in the chair as he knew that he had won this item. Although it was not what he wanted the most, he would never reject something so rare.


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