BP Chapter 758

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Chapter 758: Eternal Sea Pill

Inside the fourth floor balcony chamber, Hui Yue saw that a row of chairs had been prepared at the edge so that one could look out over the entire auction hall.

People were still streaming into the auction from the entrance and seating themselves on the first floor.

The balcony chambers were also slowly being filled up, and Hui Yue estimated that the auction would begin approximately an hour later.

In this hour, he spent the time chatting casually with Huli and Sha Yun. They joked and laughed with one another, and spoke about what other treasures might be up for sale during the auction.

Hui Yue had already decided that he wanted to purchase the Spirit Enhancing pill, and the Eternal Sea pill, preferably three of them. He wanted to get one for each of his wives. He was also certain that he wished to purchase Nine Peach Leaves and the eye from the Nine Headed Hydra. The only thing he was not too sure of at the auction was the Phantom Moonflower.

Although the Phantom Moonflower was rather amazing, Hui Yue did not currently have a use for it. Therefore he did not mind if others who needed it more won it.

On the other hand, if it were sold cheaply then he would bid on it and win it. It was a treasure after all, and although he had no use for it right now, who was to say that he would not need it in the future.

Time passed quickly as more and more people appeared in the auction hall. Soon all the chairs were occupied, and the lights started to dim as the light on the stage shone brighter.

A young man went on stage. When Hui Yue reached out with his soulforce, he discovered that this young man was not young but an old monster who had comprehended quite a few daos.

With a casual sweep of his soulforce, Hui Yue found that the entire area was crawling with supreme experts, many of whom were on par with Hui Yue.

There was no one who was stronger than Hui Yue by much, but there were some at the same level as him.

Hui Yue reigned in his soulforce and forced his attention onto the stage where the auction was about to begin.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you all for making your way to our auction tonight,” the young man said with a smile on his face. “We have gathered experts from across the entire galaxy this time, and even the fourth floor has been rented out for our astonishing auction! Although I am not entitled to inform you about the rank of this esteemed expert, I would like to give a warm welcome to this supreme expert, and thank you for visiting our small auction house.”

Hui Yue chuckled when he heard the words of this man who was in charge of the auction. He wasn’t saying these things because he wanted to praise Hui Yue, but because he wanted everyone to know that an extreme expert with an outstanding background had appeared.

The many families who were present from the eastern region wished to be noticed by this person. They hoped that their younger experts could join a stronger faction, a faction that was from the truly powerful in the universe, and now, they had the chance to do so.

To draw attention to themselves they needed to prove their strength and wealth, so by now the prices of every item this night would increase drastically. Especially the treasures that everyone wanted to win, they would fetch an even more expensive price than usual.

Hui Yue shook his head, but he did not mind. He had mountains of Worldpower Stones, and he knew that he would be able to buy what he wanted. Even if these eastern families were rich, they could not handle wealth even superior to that of the great sects.

As for how the Universe Box managed to amass such a huge amount of Worldpower Stones Hui Yue truly did not know, but he was very grateful for them.

It was as if the Worldpower Stones were naturally created within the space, and had been doing so for countless years.

Hui Yue shook his head, and his attention vanished from the thought of where his Worldpower Stones came from. His attention moved towards the stage where the first item to be auctioned was appearing.

A cage was rolled onto the stage and inside was a fierce beast. This fierce beast was imported from the Archaic World, and it was one that Hui Yue recognized right away.

“This is a baby Horned Rhinoceros. It is still young and can be easily bound by someone,” the man started to explain. “It came straight from the Archaic World and was traded for the spiral coral.”

“It has an ancient bloodline and is still young. It can be trained to become the most loyal of followers, and its strength will be astonishing in the future, definitely breaking into the Immortal of Creation rank should nothing unforeseen happen.”

“We will start at a thousand Worldpower Stones as it has an ancient bloodline. Please make bids of at least a hundred Worldpower Stones or more.”

As soon as his voice died down, a person called out a bid, “Fifteen hundred!”

“Seventeen hundred,”

“Two thousand!”

The bids were frenzied but the ones bidding were all from the first floor. Although the beast had an ancient bloodline, they were not anything difficult to obtain. If the ones from the major families wanted a beast like this, then they could go to the Archaic World and get one themselves.

The bidding turned slow after two thousand Worldpower Stones were offered, and it ended at two thousand two hundred Worldpower Stones.

After the ferocious beast had been bid for, other treasures appeared one after another. Some were treasured weapons, others were rare pills such as the Pill of Clarity, but none of them were rare enough to cause Hui Yue to be interested.

Complete silence reigned from the fourth floor, and everyone was paying attention to the auction that was taking place before them. Especially the servant that had to accomplish all their wishes, he dared not utter a single word.

Some down in the audience’s first floor thought that perhaps the fourth floor was actually deserted after all, that no one had rented it out but that the auction house had just said so to entice the masses.

The ones on the second and third floor, however, understood that there was truly nothing worth Hui Yue’s attention that had been auctioned so far. Although their younger generation had bid on the Pill of Clarity and a few other items, none of them had really gone all out. Everyone saved their money for when the peerless items were put on stage.

“We have just gone through most of our pills, and thus I would like to display a set of pills that we have obtained. This set of pills are marvelous and able to make even the women from the major sects wild with greed,” the man introduced the item brilliantly, and even Hui Yue couldn’t help but grin. He could tell the auctioneer clearly knew that these two women on the fourth floor would be eager to get their hands on the Eternal Sea Pills.

A group of guards entered with a transparent jade vial, and within the vial, one could see seven small green pills.

“This is the Eternal Sea Pills. We would have liked to sell them individually, but unfortunately that is not an option for us,” the auctioneer sighed as he shook his head. “The Eternal Sea Pills were instructed by the seller to be sold as one item. If you wish to purchase these pills, then you have to purchase them all.”

“We will start the sale for these seven Eternal Sea pills at five thousand Worldpower Stones!”

“Every bid has to be raised with at least hundred Worldpower Stones.”

A frenzy broke out in the hall, and multiple women started shouting at the top of their lungs. Everyone wanted to get their hands on these pills, and many even shouted out numbers below the current price because they were not able to catch up with the insane bidders.

Sha Yun and Huli looked at Hui Yue with anxiety. It was clear that they really wanted these Eternal Sea pills, but at the same time, it was obvious that they were hesitating to ask for them because they knew Hui Yue planned on buying many items today.

“Don’t worry, it is only around ten thousand Worldpower Stones,” Hui Yue chuckled when he saw their expressions and stood up from his chair and called out in a loud voice, “Fifteen thousand Worldpower Stones.”

The auction hall quieted down for a bit when Hui Yue called out. The ones at the first level because of the high increase in price, and the ones at the second and third level because they wondered if it was worth it to become enemies with some esteemed expert that had a magnificent background.

But although they knew that it would make them enemies, some women were incapable of holding back, even if they had limited funds. For this reason, the price started to rise again, but it rose very slowly, everyone only increasing the bid a hundred Worldpower Stones at a time.

Hui Yue shook his head with a smile on his face. He had millions of worldpower stones, what did a few thousand matter, so he stood up and once more called out, “twenty thousand Worldpower Stones.”

As soon as Hui Yue called out, the eyes of the auctioneer brightened. He had expected to sell them for around fifteen thousand worldpower stones, but now he understood that Hui Yue was not only here to show off his strength, but he was also here to buy things. The auctioneer could not help but hope that he was here to buy a whole lot of things.

After calling out twenty thousand Worldpower Stones only one more person continued to bid against him. This person was seated on the second floor, but Hui Yue could not be bothered to find out where she was from, nor what reason she had to gain these pills so urgently.

Hui Yue considered for a moment, stood up again and said with a loud voice, “Young lady on the second floor, I see that you need these Eternal Sea pills rather urgently, but so do I. Fortunately for us, there are a total of seven pills. If you are just after one or two, then stop bidding and come find me later, I am sure we can find a satisfactory price that we both can agree on.”

Having said that the woman no longer fought back and Hui Yue won the bid of the seven Eternal Sea Pills for twenty-three thousand Worldpower stones.

“Well done Xiaoyun!” an elder in the room whispered in delight when he heard the invitation from Hui Yue. “Your stubbornness made us worried. Sorry if we were slightly rude towards you, but please be at ease, we are very satisfied with your actions.”

The woman named Xiaoyun was seated at the back. Her face was covered by a thin veil, but her eyes showed traces of anger.

When she had been bidding against the unknown figures from the fourth floor, the elders in the room had almost physically attacked her to make her stop her bidding spree, but now that she had been invited to visit him, she was viewed as a priceless treasure.

While the elders in the room were greatly satisfied, the other young generation members were all aggravated and mad that they were not the lucky ones to be offered such an invitation.

Xiaoyun rose from her seat and bowed to the rest of the room before she left. Outside the room a servant ready to bring her to Hui Yue’s chamber.

While this conversation was ongoing, Sha Yun and Huli rushed down to the place where they could exchange their Worldpower Stones for the item they had won.

They had brought with them the token of the fourth floor, and no one dared question it authenticity. Within moments they had their hands on the Eternal Sea pills, and both of the girls were giggling like teenagers as they returned to Hui Yue’s fourth floor balcony chamber with the pills in hand.


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