BP Chapter 757

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Chapter 757: Who Am I?

The waitress was unsure of whether or not these emblems were enough to entitle this young man and his two women to enter a balcony chamber, but she dared not slight him. For this reason, she decided to bring him to the elder in charge of the more esteemed guests.

“What brings you here?” the elder spoke in a neither hostile nor humble manner. He gave an impatient glance at the waitress who had brought Hui Yue, Sha Yun, and Huli there while sorting through some papers in front of him.

“My lord, this sir brought with him two emblems that this lowly one could not recognize and he has requested a balcony chamber. As this lowly one is too incompetent, the only option was to find your lordship to determine the young sir’s rights to a balcony chamber.”

The elder frowned. These waitresses knew all the emblems of the eastern region’s main families, and should also recognize most of the experts by their portraits.

He looked at Hui Yue and was surprised. There was a small smile on this youngsters lips, and he seemed as if he was not worried the least, in fact, he seemed slightly amused.

“Well then, young master, please allow me to see your emblems,” he said, this time more humble than before because after a second glance he felt a certain air of superiority coming from this young man in front of him.

Hui Yue handed over the two emblems, and the face of the Elder paled slightly before he bowed deeply. The waitress was shocked. She had never seen the elder behave like this before.

“Pardon my ignorance,” the elder said hurriedly as he bowed. “I was unaware that we had the honor of having such an esteemed expert such as yourself here in our small auction house.”

The more he spoke, the more shocked the waitress became. Who on earth was this cultivator to make the elder change this drastically?

Hui Yue just chuckled, the change had been expected by him since he displayed both of his emblems at the same time, showing that he had quite a certain authority within both Diyu and Celestial Sword Sect. No auction house would go against either of these two places and never both of them.

“You have nothing to apologize for,” Hui Yue said smilingly. “I have been treated courteously, and I am very satisfied. I would like to borrow one of your balcony chambers to ensure that I have some privacy when bidding.”

The elder quickly nodded his head as he straightened his back once more. “We have four levels within our auction hall,” the elder explained. “The first floor is for the common people. This is where the chairs are set up in rows, and people will sit next to strangers. Everyone is capable of seeing the ones on the first floor of the auction house.”

“The second floor is considered the balcony chambers,” the elder continued his explanation. “This is the subpar chambers, available for the more famous people, but only those who do not have too famous a background but sufficient status. This is also the location where we allow for those who are auctioning off their items to be.”

“Although these are subpar chambers it is impossible for others on the first floor to see those in these chambers. The higher ranked chambers are also not able to look inside them either, but they have the right to ask about the origins of the experts within the chambers below them.”

“This is what happens to all the balcony chambers. The higher the level, the more prestigious your background. The higher the level, the fewer chambers that are available.”

“The fourth floor only has one chamber, and this chamber is never rented out as no one with the background needed to be able to sit here shows up in our auctions,” the man was humble but also reasonable. “With your status and background, especially your position as a judge, you are capable of renting the fourth floor.”

The maid who had led them into the elder’s chamber was scared silly when she heard that these experts had a noble enough background to end up on the legendary fourth floor.

Hui Yue was satisfied. Having a well-known background was surely beneficial from time to time, and when he was doing something he did not mind using his background to reap the best benefits for himself.

Having received the tickets and the token that showed that they had rented out the fourth floor, Hui Yue, Sha Yun, and Huli left the auction house once more. Time slowly flowed on, and all the experts that had been out harvesting spiral coral or magical beasts slowly returned to the city. A feeling of anticipation filled every corner of Spiraling Coral City; it was as if every single person in the city were anticipating the upcoming auction.

And like that, the rest of the time went by and soon it was time for the auction to begin, and almost the entire Spiraling Coral City turned up at the auction hall.

At the entrance, there were waitresses and waiters waiting to lead people with a finer background to the balcony chambers, while the vast majority of the people all moved towards the hall where they had been given tickets to be seated.

When Hui Yue arrived and displayed the token that showed that he was entitled to enter the fourth floor, a waiter bowed deeply with reverence evident in his eyes.

“This way young master, and mistresses,” he said humbly as he led the way for the three of them.

Although the servant was incredibly polite, no one saw anything unnatural about this. Everyone gave an extra glance at Hui Yue, but they were unaware that this young man was going to the legendary fourth floor. They just thought that he was a young master of one of the eastern region’s famous families.

The waiter led them to a large set of stairs, and this set of stairs led to all the four floors of balcony chambers. There were others on these set of stairs, leading towards the different floors, but all of them starred with wide eyes when they saw Hui Yue, Sha Yun, and Huli move from the third floor to the legendary fourth floor.

“Who is that?” someone mumbled, and before Hui Yue could continue forward, two young men appeared in front of Hui Yue. It was clear that they were using their Ancestral Worldpower to move fast to block the way in front of Hui Yue and his wives. Such actions could be considered very rude and openly offensive.

“Excuse us for interrupting,” one of them said in a voice filled with arrogance and an expression on his face that showed that he was truly not sorry about interrupting at all.

“What do you want?” Hui Yue asked with a frown on his face, but the two men did not care. They merely observed Hui Yue and the two women with eyes that did not hide their greed.

“We were just curious about why you are entitled to enter the legendary fourth floor,” the other person said with a small smile on his face. He was not visibly arrogant, but Hui Yue could sense with his soulforce that this person who had just spoken was the most dangerous of the two of them.

That being said, neither of them posed any threat to Hui Yue, but the arrogant one could prove troublesome to Sha Yun, while the dangerous one was at Huli’s level.

Seeing complete disregard on Hui Yue’s face, the two men scowled, but they soon noticed the nervousness of the servant.

“Please young master Tang and young master Liu, behave. This is an esteemed guest of our Spiraling Coral Auction House. As for how he has gained permission to rent the fourth floor, this is between him and Elder Zhao.”

The faces of the two experts turned slightly sour when they heard the servant mention Elder Zhao. It was clear that this elder held quite some power within the eastern region.

Hui Yue snorted when he saw that they were about to speak, “Liu and Tang you say? I have never heard of these families, so I assume they are just minor families?”

Hui Yue would normally act lowkey, but this time he was thoroughly infuriated. They had interrupted him just because he had been going to the fourth floor, and their actions had caused everyone on the stairs to stop their movements and listen in on their conversation.

They had also looked at his wives with greed and lust, something that had caused his already bad mood to worsen. Now they were arrogant in front of him and questioning him about his background.

If they wanted to compare background and rank, then they could compare background and rank, until they were beaten black and blue and would be willing to hit their heads against a wall until they died.

“We, the Tang and Liu families, are the most prominent families within the eastern region!” the arrogant expert said with his head held high, but hearing the arrogant words Huli and Sha Yun started giggling before they burst out laughing.

Their laughter caught everyone off guard. They were astonished at what exactly could make them laugh like this. When they looked at Hui Yue, they saw him grin and look at them as if he was looking at idiots.

“Big families within the eastern region?” he mocked them with his voice. “I would not even give you face if you came from the Nightcrawler Sect, much less some stupid regional family.”

Hearing these overbearing words, the faces of everyone changed slightly. The two young men looked as if they had swallowed a fly. Everyone around started to feel nervous while those from the Tang and Liu families started sweating. Were their young masters perhaps in trouble?

“Well, minor figures, why don’t you step out of the way, and allow for me to go to my chamber? The auction is about to begin soon, and I am not willing to waste any time just because you two idiots want to ruffle my feathers.”

Having said that, Hui Yue strode straight by the two young masters, leaving them very shocked and stunned. Neither of them had time to process his words and actually say something in response, and then Hui Yue turned around and looked at the two young masters.

“Oh right, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Pei Yue the third generation descendant of the Great Roc, member of the Celestial Sword Sect, and the Honorable Judge of Hell in Diyu.”

After saying those words, Hui Yue strode into the chamber at the top of the stairs, and the servant rushed after him, bowed fractionally to the two young masters and ensured that there were maids who delivered snacks and other essentials to Hui Yue and the two women.

In the wake, everyone on the stairs was filled with shock. Especially the two young masters, Liu and Tang, who were scared silly. They all knew about Pei Yue, the young master who had managed to cause the Celestial Sword Sect to grow close to Diyu, and who had accomplished one heaven-defying achievement after another.

It was no longer a secret that he was the legacy apprentice of the Alchemist God. This had been guessed since they noticed the refined bodies that Hui Yue and his friends were all using, and the rumors about his performance in the war against the Blood Demons were also being spread like wildfire throughout the entire galaxy.

Every member of the younger generation was aware of who Pei Yue was. He was the hero of all youngsters, the man that all women wanted to marry and all men wanted to be.

Why was such a person here in Spiraling Coral City?! What was his aim at this auction? Everyone started to have mixed emotions, but none more so than the two young masters that had blocked his way previously. They truly felt that they had done something unforgivable, and they could not help but grimace as they dejectedly returned to the groups that they had arrived with.


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