BP Chapter 756

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Chapter 756: Auction

Huli and Sha Yun were worried. Neither of them wanted to help these Blood Demons because they feared that it was a trap laid to attack Hui Yue, but they could hear in his voice that he was rather determined.

Hui Yue had not decided if they should help these demons just yet, but he had decided that he would not just ignore them if he was their last hope.

“Well they were quite well behaved in the inn,” Hui Yue argued out loud. “And they could have attacked at any moment since I did not have Ju Long by my side. They were definitely not weak, any of them, so we would have been in trouble if they truly did attack.”

“Maybe they thought that Ju Long was close by?” Huli argued back in a low voice. She did not trust these demons at all; she wanted to leave them be.

This was a dog eat dog world. It was normal to be betrayed, normal that people got murdered for the sake of personal benefits and due to greed.

Hui Yue would not kill unless someone caused him trouble, but neither was he a saint that expected to change the entire world. This war against the Blood Demons, Hui Yue wanted to win at almost any cost.

These demons were strong. They could be a great asset to the side of humanity if they were honest with their words, and that was a risk Hui Yue was willing to take. After all he had Wang Ju Long who had comprehended a heavenly dao on his side.

Hui Yue was still thinking about what she meant when she said that she could sense a heavenly dao around him. No matter how much he attempted to sense this dao, he couldn’t feel it near him.

“Well, we have a few days before it is time for us to continue onward,” Hui Yue sighed. “Ming needs some more days to completely refine the blood of the Blood Demon we killed, and Ju Long needs to fully grasp the heavenly dao at her disposal.”

Huli and Sha Yun nodded their heads. Neither of them were feeling jealous because of Wang Ju Long if anything they were excited for her. They readily agreed to wait for her to finish her comprehensions.

“When we were in town today I heard that there would be an auction tomorrow,” Hui Yue smiled at the two women. It was something he had heard when he had spread his aura out to cover the entire inn. Most of the people present had been discussing the items that were up for sale at tomorrow’s auction.

“Some of the things up for sale are quite interesting,” Hui Yue smirked when he saw how the two girls’ interest was piqued.

“I heard that there would be a Spirit Enhancing pill.” Hui Yue licked his lips, as he was quite interested in this pill.

He had the recipe to make it and the materials, but right now he dared not create the pills as he would not be in peak condition afterward; now was not the time to lose combat strength.

The Spirit Enhancing pill did exactly what the name said. It enhanced the spirit of the consumer. As for how much it would improve one’s spirit that completely depended on the person who consumed it.

Hui Yue’s soulforce was strong. It had expanded time and time again, and at the same time, he could now form more than a thousand seals, making him a formation Grandmaster.

Hui Yue had reached a bottleneck after reaching the formation Grandmaster level, but he had hoped that by using this Spirit Enhancing pill, he would be able to break through this barrier.

Hui Yue was quite intrigued by this Spirit Enhancing pill, but he quickly sensed that neither Huli nor Sha Yun were interested in it.

Neither of them had soulforce, so it was only natural that they did not find it interesting. Hui Yue thought for a moment then told them about some of the other treasures he had heard of that would be at the auction.

“There is a pill that enhances one’s skin and makes it more youthful. It is a pill refined from Eternal Sea Jade and is called the Eternal Sea pill,” Hui Yue said with a smirk, and he saw that the eyes of the two women instantly lit up.

“I don’t know where they obtained it from, but they said that this remedy would make a woman’s skin soft like silk for the rest of her life. It is a pill that can forever give you skin like silk, which will not tan in the sun and forever be like porcelain.”

Sha Yun and Huli looked at one another, their eyes large and round. It was clear that both women wanted the pill badly.

“There is also a Phantom Moonflower. It is a very strong medicinal flower, that is lethal if consumed directly, but if refined into a Phantomless Moon pill, can save the body from certain death once by allowing the body to turn ethereal, becoming immune to all attacks. Unfortunately, it can only be used once per lifetime.”

“There is also a set of nine swords called the Nine Peach Leaves.” Hui Yue continued, “Someone with soulforce can control these nine swords, and they can become as thin as leaves, be used in formations, and act as hidden weapons. I have never seen a set of weapons specifically made to be controlled with soulforce before,” Hui Yue continued thinking out loud.

Although he was interested in the Spirit Enhancing pill first, he was also very interested in the Nine Peach Leaves, and he wanted to win all the items if at all possible.

So far the only way he had been able to attack with his soulforce was in crude ways, and with formations. If he got his hands on the Nine Peach Leaves, he would be able to control flying swords, use them for long range attacks, and add some element of surprise to his attacks.

“Oh right, and the final item I heard about it just as marvelous,” Hui Yue continued. “It is an eye from a Nine Headed Hydra. The Nine Headed Hydra is a hellish beast with frightening mental powers, and its eye can be used once to clear any internal demons and stabilizing cultivations of any sorts, no matter the rank. At the same time, it will instantly allow the consumer to quickly comprehend the minor dao that the hydra had known before death.”

“I am sure that we can use this eye of the Nine Headed Hydra,” Hui Yue smiled. “I can imagine that Rong Ming has some internal demons after what he has been through, and he probably can’t fight them alone. If we get him the eye of the Nine Headed Hydra, then he should be much better off.”

Huli and Sha Yun were both familiar with Rong Ming, and they considered him a friend. They also knew exactly how much this person mattered to Hui Yue, and thus they wanted to help him as much as possible.

“In this auction, we have to get our hands on all these items!” Huli said with bated breath. She knew that Hui Yue had mountains of Worldpower Stones, so many that she could not even count them, but did he really have enough to win so many priceless treasures?

Getting one or two was not a problem, but getting all of them would prove difficult. Still, Hui Yue had his mind set on the items, and thus no one was able to say anything about it. Huli and Sha Yun buried their worries within their hearts and began to plan their next move.

“Since this is a great auction, then it is obvious that we need to go buy tickets,” Hui Yue said when he saw the two women starting to move around. He took the two women, one on each side, and left for the auction hall.

The auction hall held auctions now and then, but every ten years they would hold a magnificent auction where priceless treasures that they had obtained throughout the last ten years would be auctioned. There had even been sentient weapons before!

The city was bustling with life, experts were moving everywhere on the streets, and Hui Yue noticed that more and more experts were making their way into the city. It was clear that the auction house had promoted their items for a long time in the outside galaxy, but since Hui Yue had been in the Celestial Sword Sect, he had heard nothing of it. Although these were treasures, they were not heaven-shaking treasures and thus the rumors of the auction had not spread far from the Easter Region.

The Celestial Sword Sect was rather far away from the eastern region, and the rumor of the auction had spread through the entire eastern region but not much further than that.

“As long as those descendants from the major sects do not show up, then I should be fine,” Hui Yue mumbled to himself, but he forgot that if they showed up and recognized him, they would not dare to continue bidding. Everyone in the major sects knew about Hui Yue and his heaven-defying strength. Hui Yue was one person nobody wanted to offend.

The auction house was rather large but far from the largest building in the city. Still, it was magnificent compared to the other buildings as it was not created with spiral coral. Instead, it was created by using moon crescent jade, a very sturdy material that was as expensive as spiral coral. To create a building from this material was truly quite wasteful and extravagant.

This alone showed just how wealthy this auction house was, and seeing this sight, Hui Yue had to raise his evaluation of this backwater city. It truly lived up to being the place where the most expensive material in the galaxy was produced and traded. This entire city was filthy rich.

Hui Yue entered the building with a casual expression on his face. He did not allow for his surprise to show, but the two women at his sides were unable to hold back their amazement as their heads turned from side to side observing everything that was happening around them.

Seeing their innocent behavior, Hui Yue felt warm at heart. Huli was someone who had lived for a very long time. She had already seen many wonders of the galaxy and experienced hardships unlike any other, but even she was amazed by the sight in front of her.

Hui Yue was happy to know that she too could still be amazed.

“Young lordships, what can I do for you?” a waitress came towards them with a polite bow. “Should I help you find a connoisseur to help you evaluate your treasures? Or are you perhaps here to purchase some spiral coral? I can lead you towards where they are sold.”

The waitress was incredibly polite. She was very attractive, but next to the alluring Sha Yun and the succubus that was Huli, she lost some of her self-confidence. Both of them were simply so attractive that she felt her breathtaking appearance was lost in comparison.

“We are here to buy tickets for the auction,” Hui Yue said with a smile to the woman, completely ignoring the three women comparing their looks. “If possible I would like to have a balcony chamber reserved.”

Hearing this, the woman’s face changed, and she gave Hui Yue an extra long glance. “To get one of the balcony chambers one needs an outstanding background young sir,” she said tentatively, trying to pry some information out about Hui Yue’s background.

“Is this good enough?” Hui Yue asked as he flicked his hand and two emblems appeared.

One emblem was black with the sign in ancient writing for “Judge” engraved upon it, while the other was a white emblem with an engraved set of wings.

The woman was curious as she looked at these two emblems, but it was clear she did not understand their background.

“My lordships, please follow me. I will take you to our elder who is in charge of giving the balcony chambers to esteemed guests.”


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