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Chapter 755: The Scroll of the Demons

The city was bustling with life. Everywhere they looked experts were moving back and forth, bustling and busy completing their tasks.

Hui Yue had no actual aim in coming to town; he just wanted to let Wang Ju Long have some peace to completely comprehend the heavenly dao. Therefore, he and the two women had to leave the room and give her complete peace.

“Well then, what do you want to do?” Hui Yue said with a smile as he looked at Sha Yun and Huli. The two women looked at one another for some time, and then they smiled their sweetest smile while clinging to one of Hui Yue’s arms each. They grinned, “Shopping!” They said simultaneously.

“We are in a city created by spiraling coral,” Huli said as well as she nodded her head. “This city has so many treasures because people trade them for the spiral coral. We can probably find anything we would ever need here.”

Hui Yue considered that for some time and nodded his head. “Sure, let us get our hands on some items. But first, let’s find somewhere to dine. I could use some energy.”

Hui Yue had invested quite a lot of effort together with Lan Feng to deal with the blood prince that they had fought, and although it was two against one, it was clear that he was not in peak condition.

Huli and Sha Yun were familiar with Hui Yue, and they knew that he was honest to them. Although he tried to seem strong in front of his friends so that they never feared anything, he would show his weakness in front of his wives.

“What would you like to eat?” Huli asked gently, and Sha Yun also looked attentively at Hui Yue who casually shrugged his shoulders.

They had chosen an inn in one of the more upscale areas because there were stronger experts around here, and also because being robbed here was not common.

Since they were in the upper-class area, it was clear that they saw restaurants right and left. Delicious scents wafted out from every store. Since there were so many to pick from, Hui Yue simply just chose the one that was the closest.

It was a restaurant called the Black Lion, and it had a big burly fellow standing watch at the door. This guy was an Immortal of Creation, and when Hui Yue observed him, he could sense that he had at least comprehended two major daos.

Although two major daos was nothing compared to Hui Yue, it was still a rather great accomplishment. So to be able to invite such an expert as a doorman, it was clear that this restaurant was rather well off.

As they entered, Hui Yue and his two women caused quite a few young men to look at them, especially Huli in her revealing clothes. She was something that the men had a hard time turning their gazes away from, but Huli completely ignored them. Although Hui Yue frowned at this sight, he said nothing.

He knew that it was impossible to avoid glances thrown at Huli since she had always chosen to wear provocative clothes.

This was Huli’s choice, and although Hui Yue hated that other men looked at his wife, he would never ask her to change her clothes as he would not limit her in her choices.

Still, his mood turned slightly sour as he moved to the corner of the room where he found an empty table. He seated himself in front of the two attractive women before burying his attention in the menu.

Not long after, a waitress arrived. This waitress was very friendly, and she helped Hui Yue pick a couple of dishes for each of them.

“Almost all the meat is imported,” the waitress said with a smile. “However the serpent meat is from the sea surrounding us. There are descendants of the ba-serpent, the xiu-serpent, and also the gou-serpent.”

“The serpent meat is a delicacy here in Spiraling Coral City, and it can restore Ancestral Worldpower when eaten. It suits your needs quite well. I would suggest that you try this delicacy.”

After having ordered a few different snake dishes and some side dishes, Hui Yue also ordered the best alcohol that the restaurant had to offer. He did not fear that it would be too expensive as he had a vast amount of Worldpower Stones. He just really wished to reach his peak condition as soon as possible now that he was in a foreign area.

It did not take long before the food arrived, and as it did, it brought with it a scent so delicious that Hui Yue could not wait to dig in.

Huli and Sha Yun were brimming with smiles as they looked at Hui Yue happily eating his fill, while also tasting the delicacies.

They could all feel how the energy in their bodies was increasing. Huli and Sha Yun were not in top shape either as they had fought the fatter Blood Demon earlier, but they were quickly filled with Ancestral Worldpower from the flesh, and they felt great.

While they were eating, Hui Yue had his soulforce spread throughout the entire restaurant and was observing everything that was going on. He was rather surprised to notice that four of the tables had been staring at Hui Yue and his two companions ever since they entered.

Although they would occasionally eat and drink a little, their focus had not left Hui Yue even once. Even more surprising was that they did not seem to be hiding their interest.

He used his soulforce to listen to the conversation at the tables and found that three out of four tables were attracted to Huli and Sha Yun.

They had noticed that they were magical beasts and wished to take possession of them, and this whole time they were discussing how to do so.

Hearing this, Hui Yue sneered. His wives were definitely not going to be anyone’s pets.

Although he was deeply insulted by them, he did not start moving because the fourth and last table troubled him.

No one at that table had spoken a word since he had spread out his soulforce.

They were three experts at the table, and all three of them were looking at him and his two wives, but none of them spoke.

The aura they gave off was in no way weaker than the aura that the blood princes had given off earlier, and Hui Yue was feeling rather uncomfortable.

Still, he showed nothing, and he continued to eat as if he had not noticed.

As they finished eating, Hui Yue paid the bill and got ready to leave. This time he did not allow for Huli and Sha Yun to take his arms. Instead, he gently nudged them in front of him and took up the rear.

He did not once look at the table with the three experts, but his soulforce did not leave them even once.

When Hui Yue paid his bill, they too paid theirs. When Hui Yue stood up, they too stood up.

As Hui Yue got ready to leave, they too got ready to leave, and eventually, they met each other in the middle of the floor.

Hui Yue finally looked at them with his eyes and noticed that all three experts who were blocking the way had blazing purple.

Hui Yue frowned, but they took no action to attack him. Instead, one of them took a step forward and handed a scroll to Hui Yue. He then bowed slightly and turned to leave, the two others following behind him.

Hui Yue stood there a little dumbfounded, and not only him, but the rest of the inn was looking on as well, curious about what had happened.

“Let’s leave,” Hui Yue said after scanning the scroll with his soulforce, and upon finding nothing malicious about it, he stored it in his Universe Box. He was not silly enough to try and open it right there in the middle of the restaurant.

“Well then, let’s go shopping!” Hui Yue said with a smile on his face and wrapped an arm around each of the beauties waists as he gently led them out of the restaurant. To stay would only cause problems, and although the food had restored Hui Yue to his peak condition, he was not willing to get into a fight so soon if he did not need to.

The other three tables that had wanted to take over Huli and Sha Yun had all kept silent. They had hoped to see Hui Yue at a disadvantage against those demons, but this did not happen, and without knowing Hui Yue’s strength, they did not dare make a move.

The rest of the day was spent with Hui Yue, Huli, and Sha Yun strolling through Spiraling Coral City buying things made from spiral coral or other things that originally had been traded for spiral coral by travelers.

As the sun turned purple in the night sky and started to set behind the city walls, Hui Yue, and the two women finally made their way back to the inn.

Hui Yue used his soulforce to scan the room where Wang Ju Long was seated and found that she was still in deep meditation. Not wanting to disturb her, he went to the counter and asked for an extra room. It did not take long before a room was prepared.

Hui Yue and his group were large. They had rented out half the inn, and the innkeeper was ecstatic to have them. He was earning a whole lot of money to have this many Gods staying at his inn at once.

As they entered the room that they had been given, Hui Yue who was full of curiosity instantly took out the scroll he had been given.

“Dear mister Pei,” Hui Yue began to read out loud so that Huli and Sha Yun were able to hear what it was about. “We write to you because we are experts who have been forced to become Blood Demons.”

“We did not wish to become this nor do we want to give up our humanity.”

“We know that we can no longer turn back, but we wish to choose how we will die, and on which side we will fight.”

“We are a group of hundred to two hundred Blood Demons that have fled from the Blood Demons’ main world.”

“We can give you all the information you might want about this world or about the demonification process. All we ask in return is that you put in a good word for us to King Yanluo.”

“We are now demons, but we refuse to become Blood Demons. Since this is the case, the only place where we can go is to Diyu where other demons are living.”

“We beg of you; please allow us to have a future!”

Hui Yue was silent for some time. He was not sure if he trusted these Blood Demons, but at the same time, he pitied them if what they had written was true.

“What should we do?” Huli was the first one to ask the question, and Hui Yue pondered on it for some time, “First we will do nothing,” he decided.

“When the seven days are up, we will speak with Rong Ming about it. He might have heard of demons vanishing and then it is possible that they are speaking the truth. If he cannot recall having heard of people defecting from the Blood Demons, then we proceed even more cautiously than otherwise.”


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