BP Chapter 754

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Chapter 754: Rong Ming’s story

“We need to leave this place,” Hui Yue said as his soulforce scanned the area. There were many experts present and even more were arriving. Although Wang Ju Long was able to keep most of them at bay as they feared her strength now that she had comprehended a heavenly dao, no one was able to tell whether or not stronger opponents would appear. At that time they would be in even more danger.

Having decided to leave, the whole group vanished into the alleyways, and with Hui Yue leading, they changed direction time and time again before they finally reached the inn where they were staying.

The trip back had taken them more than four times as long than it had to reach the house belonging to Rong Liang and his friends, but this was because Hui Yue was evading the people who were following behind them.

“Okay, let’s go to my room,” Hui Yue decided, and all of them crammed into the small room that Hui Yue had rented.

Some were seated on the bed, and others were standing next to the window. Some were seated in chairs, but there were not enough places to sit so many of them had to stand up and lean against the wall.

Hui Yue ensured that Rong Ming had a chair and that Rong Xing was right by his side. He also ordered some food and drink for Rong Ming. The food was made from Rainbow Crow, a specific bird that had an outstanding soulforce from birth, and when its meat was eaten, it would calm the mind and strengthen one’s soul.

After having gone through so many things, Hui Yue did not doubt that Rong Ming needed something to calm him down and strengthen his soul so that he was able to speak about what he had gone through.

“Tell us what happened,” he asked, and Rong Ming nodded his head after slowly eating the food. He felt the warmth of the drink and calm from the food. It was the first time in a long time that he was feeling this much at peace.

“When we were in the Divine Beast world, father decided to bring me with him. He dragged me through the void, and we met up with two other General’s of An He.” Rong Ming started his explanation.

“Of these two generals, one was a Blood Demon already while the other was still human. Both were Immortals of Creation, but I could not gauge their real strength. Whenever I asked them something, they would completely ignore me.”

“We followed them to a world far away from the Divine Beast world. We traveled for years in a small shuttle before we arrived. After coming to the world, we saw that it was a massive world where only Blood Demons lived.”

“An He met up with us there. Meeting An He was a simply terrifying experience. I have never met such a strong person before. His aura was simply overwhelming, and I could hardly breathe in his presence. He glanced at me once, and I felt as if I had fallen into a sea of ice. I froze, and fear filled my body as I was certain I would be killed right then and there.”

Rong Ming shivered when he thought about this memory, and he closed his eyes for a moment before continuing.

“I was not killed, but I was forced to become a servant. Suddenly one day while I was cleaning, I met an old man. This old man was strange. He walked anywhere he pleased within the castle without being restricted, but for some reason, he paid great attention to me. It was at this old man’s command that I was forced to undergoing demonification.”

“It was the worst thing I have ever experienced,” Rong Ming sighed while shaking his head. “We were chained on top of an altar, and the altar had been painted with strange symbols in blood. It looked like the runes of some ancient language, but I could not understand any of it.”

“There were three of us chained to the altar. After waiting, three Blood Demons walked in. These demons were willing to give up their lives for the sake of creating stronger Blood Demons in their place, so none of them fought their fate.”

“The Blood Demon that ended up standing in front of me was a young girl. She was definitely younger than I was at the time and not even thirty years old!” Rong Ming shook his head, and one could see that he pitied the poor demon girl that had given her life to turn him into a Blood Demon.

“Anyway, the girl was also chained to the altar, right in front of me, and for the next three days all blood within my body was drained out and replaced by the blood of the demon girl in front of me.”

“When the blood changed bodies, the runes started shining, and I felt how my soul changed. Not only did my body change, but my soul underwent changes as well.”

“I was a mortal when the demonification started, but after the first Blood Demon died, and all her blood entered my body, I became a Primordial Immortal that had comprehended a whole minor dao.”

“The runes of the altar merged with my soul, and now I can absorb the blood of demons to reach my full potential.”

“The stronger the demon is, the more of my potential that will be unleashed. Unfortunately, the Blood Demons would never use their supreme experts or any of the stronger experts for the demonification, so it is a slow process.”

“Now that you are killing the Blood Demons, I can take their blood essence allowing me to reach my full potential sooner rather than later.”

“It will take me around ten days to fully integrate this blood essence I have stolen just now, but when I have, I have the hope of at least comprehending a major dao. It is from a blood prince after all.”

Hui Yue nodded his head and felt relieved. Rong Ming had accepted that there was no turning back from his demonification, and although he was bitter and angry at the demons for having turned him, he was still looking at the positive side of things.

While Rong Ming spoke, Rong Xing was tearing up. She was heartbroken over what Rong Ming had to go through, but Rong Ming just held her hand and smiled gently at her.

The years had not been kind to him, but he felt that after reuniting with his friends he had been born anew. He knew that Hui Yue had been searching for him, and he knew that they had not given up on him. Even better, he knew that they would never hate him even though he was a now officially a demon.

“I am turning into a demon,” Rong Ming said with a clear voice. “I will be a demon, a strong demon even, but I refuse to become a Blood Demon.”

“Blood Demons are not a race but a faction of the demons that hate everything and want to bring destruction to humans and every other race in the galaxy.”

“I refuse to be one of them,” Rong Ming’s voice was filled with conviction and determination.

Hui Yue smiled and stood up from the bed where he had found a small space to sit. He placed his hand on Rong Ming’s shoulder and smiled at him. “You will always be you,” he said with a voice that was clear and certain.

“We are brothers; we will fight side by side from now on. I promise you that you will be able to get your vengeance, and also be able to reach your full potential.”

Rong Ming nodded his head and sent a sad smile to Hui Yue. Although his strength would grow rapidly compared to the others, he knew that there would come a time when they would overtake him.

“Well then, go to your own rooms,” Hui Yue smiled. “We will be staying here for the next ten days since that is how long Rong Ming needs.”

“No need to keep me informed of what you do. You can go out and shop, or stay in your rooms and cultivate. Just make sure that ten days later you are all at the inn ready to go.”

Having said that, everyone slowly filtered out of the room. Hui Yue was left alone with Wang Ju Long, even Sha Yun and Huli had decided to leave. They knew that Hui Yue and Wang Ju Long had something to speak about.

“You have comprehended a heavenly dao,” Hui Yue smiled proudly as he looked at Wang Ju Long, and the woman nodded her head. She was smiling as she felt proud of herself and happy to be praised.

“It is strange though,” she said as she furrowed her brow. “I can feel the dao around you too, a dao no weaker than the dao of death.”

“After reaching this stage, I am able to sense the daos in the world, and one of them is also the dao of life. I can sense it around you. Have you not sensed it yourself?”

Hui Yue was startled when he heard this. He had not sensed anything at all like a heavenly dao. He had problems just sensing the minor daos of water, how could a heavenly dao be surrounding him?

Hui Yue knew that Wang Ju Long would never lie to him. He knew that if she said so, then it was accurate, but at the same time, he was confused about why he had not sensed it at all.

“Oh well,” Hui Yue shrugged his shoulders, not paying more attention to it. “If I am meant to understand it, then I will,” he determined and turned his focus back on Wang Ju Long.

“Enough about me, tell me what benefits you have gotten from comprehending such a dao, apart from what is obvious.”

“Well, I am able to extinguish one’s life. The weaker they are, the easier they are to kill. If they are weaker than me, they will die in a moment. Those who have comprehended a major dao, on the other hand, are another issue; they are not easy to deal with. Especially those who have comprehended the heavenly dao of life. My corroding power of death holds no advantages against the overwhelming and flourishing power of life.”

Wang Ju Long frowned, “I don’t know exactly how many uses the dao of death has as I have not had enough time to examine it, but from what I have experienced so far, it truly lives up to its name as a heavenly dao.”

Hui Yue nodded his head. It made sense that she still had not fully comprehended all the secrets of the dao of death, it was after all only today she had comprehended this dao.

“Stay in here,” Hui Yue gently patted Wang Ju Long’s head. “I need to go out to do some scouting. Spend the time you have to comprehend the gains you have gotten from merging with the heavenly dao. I will be back later.”

Hui Yue left the room with his loving gaze on his wife and smiled sweetly when he saw her obediently nodding her head. Watching Hui Yue leave, she was sitting on the bed and entered meditation to find out the benefits she had gotten.

When Hui Yue exited the room, he found that Huli and Sha Yun were waiting outside. Neither of them said anything they just patiently waited, and when Hui Yue got ready to leave the inn, they followed, one on each side.

Hui Yue smiled and felt a warmth in his heart. He had gathered all his friends around him again, his martial brothers and wives were by his side. What more could he possibly want other than to defeat An He and beat back the Blood Demon army?

With thoughts like these in his mind, Hui Yue, accompanied by Huli and Sha Yun, made his way out of the inn and into the crowded streets of Spiraling Coral City.


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