BP Chapter 753

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Chapter 753: Dragon of Blood

Wang Ju Long’s hand was close to Rong Liang. It was tight in a fist as if it were holding something, but there was nothing to be seen.

Only Wang Ju Long could see the lifeforce that was twisting around Rong Liang, and she had grabbed it, sending in the dao of death to corrode it, and the result was obvious.

Rong Liang was aging rapidly. His black hair was turning grey, and his face was gaining wrinkles.

Although Gods usually did not age because their lifeforce was almost unending, certain things would make one age.

Gods were immortal. If nothing happened then they could live for forever, however, at any given point in time, they had only a specific amount of lifeforce.

This lifeforce could be spent in battle, or it would slowly be spent by just living. However, the body would also produce lifeforce at the same time, enough to outweigh the lifeforce that was spent just living.

Ignition of one’s lifeforce could make a person age, and if they used all the lifeforce at their disposal, then they would die.

Currently, Wang Ju Long was eroding all the lifeforce of Rong Liang, corroding it little by little, ensuring that he had nothing left. She left him no path of retreat.

The two other experts from the Blood Demon’s side were wary in their hearts. Had they known that Hui Yue would bring with him someone as strong as Wang Ju Long, then they would never have accepted this task, but now it was too late for regrets.

They looked one another in the eyes and tried to flee, but Hui Yue and his friends did not allow them to.

Hui Yue was not willing to just stall for time and allow for Wang Ju Long to kill these two experts; he wanted to kill his opponent himself! Thinking this, his eyes flashed with killing intent.

Wang Ju Long was lost in gaining insights and in the feeling of killing Rong Liang. No one knew how long it would take her to kill him, but if she wanted to do it fast, then he would have already been dead.

Hui Yue stopped paying attention to the one-sided fight between Wang Ju Long and Rong Liang and instead focused all his attention on the demon in front of him.

He was taller than Hui Yue by a head. He was thin and resembled a bamboo shoot as he stood there. Not much muscle could be seen on his body, and his entire demeanor was that of a frail man.

His face was sinister, and his eyes were deep and filled with a menacing gleam. His lips were thin and drawn into a sneer most of the time, and although he was currently on the losing end, he had an unmistakable air of arrogance around him.

The other Blood Demon was fatter. He was rather plump and around two heads shorter than the thin Blood Demon.

His eyes resembled that of a pig. His black hair was greasy and his skin oily. He looked very unhealthy and also lazy, but one should not underestimate this rather fat demon.

Hui Yue and Lan Feng had banded together to deal with the thin demon while the twenty plus other friends were dealing with the fat one.

The twenty plus friends had all assumed the point of just harassing the fat demon, and controlling where and how he was able to move.

Their aim was just to hold on until either Hui Yue and Lan Feng finished their battle, or Wang Ju Long was finished gaining her enlightenment in the heavenly dao of death. Then she would easily be able to exterminate the fatter Blood Demon.

Hui Yue and Lan Feng were both using the essence of the dao in their attacks. Lan Feng was not in his beast form as it was simply far too big as he was currently stuck in the middle of a city. If he were to turn into a beast, then he would be restricted in his movements. This was the reason he was using his hands to fight.

Hui Yue knew that multiple experts were observing them, some stronger than him and some weaker and because of this, he did not reveal the Celestial Sword.

Although the elder from the western region had managed to remain unimpressed in front of it, that did not mean that others would be able to do the same.

Hui Yue shot out swordlights that were merged with the superimposed essences of both Hui Yue and Lan Feng’s daos meanwhile Lan Feng sent out fistlight that contained the same.

These attacks complimented one another. They intertwined together and ensured that there were no paths of escape. As these attacks intertwined, they also heightened the strength of one another.

The dao of Lan Feng and Hui Yue originated from the same source. Their souls were connected and so were their daos. This meant that when fighting together, these two brothers were able to pull out the most frightening power from their daos.

At the start when they shot their attacks towards the Blood Demon, the demon was capable of blocking them with his own sword.

He used his Ancestral Worldpower and daos to cut through one attack after another.

It was clear that he was stronger than these two on their own, but when they banded together, their attacks were able to trouble the Blood Demon considerably, especially because their dao was so in sync. Their attacks filled the entire area, never allowing for the demon to calm down and stop defending.

“Fire!” Lan Feng called out, and Hui Yue adjusted his dao slightly. He placed the major dao of fire at the top of the superimposed daos causing the temperature in the small street where the battle was taking place to instantly erupt.

The spiraling coral on the ground started cracking and showing signs of melting because of the high heat whenever the swordlight and fistlight came passed.

The essence of fire was simply compressed fire, so volatile and hot that just a wisp would leave an Immortal of Creation without a life if they did not protect themselves.

Unfortunately, this Blood Demon was protecting himself. He was using everything in his arsenal to protect himself, and he started to feel more and more panicked.

He had wanted to flee, but every escape route was blocked by Hui Yue and Lan Feng’s attacks.

At the same time, Hui Yue also poured all his soulforce into the Celestial Roc’s Claw formation. The illusionary imitation of the Celestial Roc continued to dive down and constantly attack with its claws causing the Blood Demon to be forced to defend against it time after time. He literally had no way to escape.

This battle continued for quite some time. It was a fight of attrition, and the one with the most Ancestral Worldpower would win as the others would be exhausted.

Fortunately, Lan Feng and Hui Yue were using less Ancestral Worldpower than the demon they were fighting.

Daos were all encompassing, so when using the dao one would draw on the energy surrounding them and not their Ancestral Worldpower pool, although one’s Ancestral Worldpower was needed in every attack to sustain it.

But if one compared using the dao to using Ancestral Worldpower Skills, then it was clear that the Ancestral Worldpower Skills would use up to hundred times more Ancestral Worldpower.

This Blood Demon was also using the dao to defend, but while Hui Yue and Lan Feng were throwing attacks together, the blood demon had to block them all on his own. His Ancestral Worldpower usage was double that of Hui Yue and Lan Feng, allowing for them to have a slight hope of victory.

At the same time, small wounds started to appear all over the body of the Blood Demon. These small wounds were all insignificant on their own, but added up they started to prove troublesome as after some time the demon started to feel lightheaded.

One or two injuries should not matter, but having tens of them started to affect his condition as he was bleeding from all of them.

He had been on the defense from the start. He had not even been given a chance to retaliate as he was constantly being bombarded by attacks, and although he had a higher damage than Hui Yue and Lan Feng, since he had comprehended a full major dao more than them, he was not able to use it to his advantage.

While their battle entered its final phase, Wang Ju Long finally seemed to have had enough with Rong Liang, and she let go of his life force. Afterwards, she lifted her hand, and a small black mist appeared on top of her finger.

This mist entered Rong Liang’s body, and everyone stared with scared eyes as they witnessed Rong Liang’s body decompose. The flesh rotted off, and soon only a skeleton remained. This was not even allowed to stay though, and shortly after, even his bones disintegrated into dust.

Looking up, everyone saw that the brown eyes of Wang Ju Long were no longer brown but completely black. An unfathomable strength was being emitted from within and the pressure, even on her friends was terrifying.

Wang Ju Long did not hesitate and headed straight for the fat Blood Demon. She lifted her hand, and the wisp of black smoke entered his body through his forehead. He too shared the same fate as Rong Liang.

After this, everyone expected that she would go and help Hui Yue and Lan Feng who were desperately fighting, constantly flickering around to avoid attacks, and sent out one attack after another, but Wang Ju Long showed no signs of moving to help them.

“Miss Ju Long, should you not assist Yue?” Xiao Ning asked carefully, frightened about the sudden change that had happened in Wang Ju Long, but the woman just shook her head.

“He will get mad if I interrupt his battle,” she said seriously. All of them pondered over her answer for some time. After thinking it through they had to agree with Wang Ju Long. Hui Yue would definitely want to finish his battle on his own.

Although Wang Ju Long was capable of ending the battle in seconds, it only took Hui Yue and Lan Feng a good fifteen minutes more before they had completely overpowered the Blood Demon, and just as they were about to kill him, Rong Ming called out.

“Stop!” he said, his voice shaking.

Neither Hui Yue nor Lan Feng moved an inch, but both of them kept glaring at the now completely exhausted demon that had slumped to the ground. His body was riddled with wounds, and his eyes were glazed over. He didn’t even have the energy to stand up anymore, but Hui Yue and Lan Feng were not in a much better position.

Rong Ming appeared in front of them, holding a sword in his hands.

“I have no choice but to finish my demonification,” he said with a voice that contained hatred and despair.

“To do this I need the blood of Blood Demons. Allow me to slay this man and take his potential!”

Hui Yue could sense the conviction in Rong Ming’s voice, and he was tired as he nodded his head, “he is all yours,” he said.

Rong Ming looked gratefully at Hui Yue. The latter had not tried to argue for why it was bad to walk down the wicked path of demonification and had instead allowed him to directly kill and use his blood to increase his own chances of once becoming a demon.

With a single slash, the head of the thin Blood Demon was sent flying.

Inside the body of the Blood Demon, the blood formed together and turned into a massive dragon. The dragon roared as it slammed into Rong Ming’s chest, merging with his body.

Hui Yue could feel that Rong Ming was clearly growing stronger and stronger by the minute as he merged with this blood of the thin demon.


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