BP Chapter 752

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Chapter 752: Heavenly Dao

While Rong Ming was held in Rong Xing’s arms, he felt a warmth that he had missed for more than a hundred of years. These arms were the ones that wished the best for him, wanted him to be happy, and never not expect anything in return.

Feeling this gentle warmth, the tears that he had held back for years suddenly poured down his cheeks, and without being able to stop it, Rong Ming clutched Rong Xing in his arms while crying loudly.

Even when they had forced him to begin his demonification, he did not cry. He had not shed a tear ever since he was a small child, but now he could not stop the tears from flowing.

Spurred on by the sound of him crying, the hearts of Hui Yue and Rong Ming’s friends burned with anger. They knew more than anyone else just how strong Rong Ming was, so for him to break down like this showed just how miserable he had been.

It was clear that his father was no longer someone he revered and looked up to, but someone he wished to escape from.

Hui Yue, Lan Feng, and Deng Wu were especially furious. Their eyes darkened with anger, and they grit their teeth. But despite how emotional they were feeling, they did not lose their senses.

The Great Roc once more screeched out, and after feeling Hui Yue’s anger, it headed straight for the thin demon. Its claws rushed towards the demon, himself, but the demon just harrumphed as he waved his hand and the dao in the surrounding air sprung to life.

The essence of the dao layered itself around the thin Blood Demon, and no matter how the Great Roc’s imitation thrashed and clawed at him, it was not successful at all.

Rong Liang sneered when he saw this, “Do you really think you are capable of hurting his lordship?” he said with a loud, clear voice filled with pride and immense joy, but Hui Yue completely ignored him.

Wang Ju Long had said that she would deal with Rong Liang, and Hui Yue had complete faith in her. If she said she would deal with him, then he would die.

Hui Yue and Lan Feng were standing next to one another; their hands gripped their weapons, their eyes flaming with anger, and their bodies roiling with energy.

The battle had already started, but it was quite passive. Hui Yue and Lan Feng had not yet attacked, the only one who had attacked was the imitation of the Great Roc that had charged at the thin Blood Demon.

Rong Liang was looking at Wang Ju Long with disregard, and a sneer was on his lips. He clearly did not take her seriously, but Wang Ju Long was serious as she held a long red spear in her hands.

This spear was a present she had gotten from Hui Yue. It was not a sentient treasure, but it was still considered a highly-ranked treasure. It was starting to form its own soul, and if Wang Ju Long fed it enough blood, used it for enough time, and kept it by her side, there was no doubt that it would evolve into a sentient treasure.

Wang Ju Long held the spear in her hands and pointed it towards Rong Liang. Her lips were tightly clenched together. She did not speak, but her eyes blazed with hatred.

She too considered Rong Ming a good friend, and she could hear him crying, which fueled the already angered young woman to give it her all.

She had comprehended the entire dao of darkness, but she could also feel that she was comprehending something else.

There was something that she could feel throbbing in her soul. But she could not pinpoint what exactly it was, nor when she able to fully understand it, but what she did know was that only in a life and death battle would she be able to fully understand it.

Wang Ju Long’s spear flashed forward like a serpent, heading straight for Rong Liang’s head. There were no hidden secrets to this attack, just the essence of the dao of darkness had layered itself above the weapon.

Rong Liang snorted and sidestepped the weapon that shot right past him. When Wang Ju Long noticed that her attack had missed, she swept it to the side and followed Rong Liang everywhere he moved.

Her spear would retreat one moment and the next it would shoot out again. The speed with which it moved was so fast that it left afterimages all over the place. It seemed as if there were ten to twenty spears attacking at the same time.

Rong Liang, who had been snorting at Wang Ju Long at the start could no longer take it easy. He managed to avoid every single strike that came his way, but he felt that the speed with which the spear was moving was constantly increasing.

Rong Liang had no moment to fight back. He was being pushed further and further back, and finally, he felt a wall behind him, and he was unable to back away further.

He snorted. He was undergoing demonification which meant that his potential was being converted into strength, but he was still in the midst of his transformation. He had not yet managed to convert his potential, and as a result, he could not explode with strength.

He had been a Primordial Immortal when he had dealt with Hui Yue last, and only around a hundred years had gone by since then.

Although he had managed to fully comprehend a major dao, he did not make any other breakthroughs. He had not even managed to fully understand the essence of the dao.

He had looked down on Wang Ju Long because she had not been a God for a long time. He looked down at her because last time he had easily killed her.

But reality showed him that she was far stronger than even he was! Not only was she stronger than him, but even now her strength was constantly improving. It seemed as if the more she fought him, the more powerful her attacks were becoming during this battle.

Wang Ju Long was not being threatened by Rong Liang, nor were she being pushed back. She held the initiative and the upper hand.

But at the same time, a dark aura started to emerge in her attacks.

At first, it was minuscule, and no one had noticed it, but slowly this aura was intensifying. With each thrust of the spear, this dark aura grew. When Rong Liang was forced back against the wall, she had a dark mist surrounding her.

Rong Liang was shocked. He had felt that this was aura was constantly growing. He assumed it had something to do with her momentum and the fact that her speed kept increasing.

As his back touched the wall, Rong Liang knew he had to do something to flee, but there was spearlight everywhere he looked.

Gritting his teeth, Rong Liang knew that he would have to let one of the spears hit him if he wanted to turn and flee. This would give him the time to come up with another idea of how to sustain himself, how to defeat this woman in front of him.

“I don’t need to defeat her,” Rong Liang mumbled to himself. “I just need to buy time. His Highness will get rid of that damnable Hui Yue and Lan Feng, and then he will come to assist me.”

Having reached this rather embarrassing conclusion, Rong Liang decided to flee for his life.

He picked an incoming spear strike that would not do much damage to him and headed right out through the barrage of spear strikes.

He grit his teeth as he felt a spear thrust deeply into his shoulder, but he used the force of the hit to retreat further back. Now Wang Ju Long would have to follow him if she wished to continue her assault against him.

However, Wang Ju Long did not follow him. She stood still, her spear pointing right at him and the dark aura around her continued to intensify. Her eyes were closed, and her breathing was steady.

It was as if she had completely forgotten about Rong Liang, but at the same time, a wind started blowing in the surrounding areas. The wind slowly started to pick up pace, and it turned into a storm.

This storm reached Wang Ju Long where it wrapped around her causing the black aura to spiral around her. This formed a massive twisting force of nature. It was clear that Wang Ju Long was having a breakthrough of some sort.

Clouds began to appear in the sky, thunder rumbled in the distance, and everyone stopped their fight as they looked curiously towards Wang Ju Long.

Wang Ju Long, was unaware of everyone’s gazes as she was in a world of her own. Everything was dark, and she felt an archaic power filling her from within.

This power had been within her ever since she had been resurrected, and her strength was not something to be underestimated.

Finally, now that she had Rong Liang’s life in her hands, she could sense the power of death filling her. It was as if she could control life and death.

A desolate feeling filled her, and she reached out her hand. It was as if everything around her turned dim and the ground underneath her feet which was made from spiraling coral, started decaying.

Moments after when Wang Ju Long opened her eyes, they had turned completely black. One could not see her pupils within, and a deadly aura filled the entire city.

This was the descent of a heavenly dao! Wang Ju Long had finally stepped into the domain of comprehending a heavenly dao.

Hui Yue’s heart was restless. He had been worried about Wang Ju Long, and what was happening to her, but now he was feeling much better after realizing what was going on.

“Attack her!” The thin Blood Demon screamed, and the other thicker Blood Demon rushed towards Wang Ju Long.

“Protect Ju Long!” Hui Yue called in return, and everyone from his side went to block the two Blood Demons.

The thin demon was fighting for his life. He understood that if a heavenly dao descended and successfully merged with Wang Ju Long, then all of them were dead men walking.

Unfortunately, although they were superior in cultivation than Hui Yue and Lan Feng, when these two brothers merged their strength they were so strong that one had to have a much stronger cultivation to be able to deal with them.

The larger demon was controlled by the group of Hui Yue’s friends. Although they sustained way more injuries than the bigger Blood Demon, they were all laughing because they could stop him. They were excited about what was happening to Wang Ju Long.

The process of comprehending the heavenly dao did not last long. The dao kept entering Wang Ju Long’s body, and when she looked around her, she noticed that she could see people’s lifeforce with just a glance.

Looking at it, it was as if she could touch it. Moving as if teleporting, Wang Ju Long appeared behind Rong Liang, and she stretched out her hand and touched his life force.

Rong Liang, who had been stunned silly and shocked by this turn of events cursed in his heart when he noticed her moving, but before he had the chance to flee, he suddenly felt weak.

He could feel how his cultivation base was slowly diminishing as his lifeforce was pulled out from his body.

When he looked up, he saw Wang Ju Long right behind him looking at him with cold eyes, and he could see that her hand was hovering over him, almost touching him.


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