BP Chapter 751

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Chapter 751: Rong Ming

No one spoke or even moved as they arrived in front of the house. They were all on high alert, and Hui Yue had pushed his soulforce to its limits to sense everything that was happening around them.

Hui Yue could sense that there truly was only four people inside the house, and these four people were not even in the same room, each person occupied a different room.

Seeing this Hui Yue frowned. Were they trying to lure them to enter the house? Had they laid down formations for protection? Although he could not sense the formations, there might be other formations to cover them up.

“Rong Liang, Rong Ming, get out here!” He decided to yell, and his voice penetrated all the houses in the area.

His soulforce continued to feel how in the house someone jolted, and then he felt how they all started moving towards the door.

A sigh of relief escaped Hui Yue’s lips. He was relieved that they were willing to leave the safety of their house, which meant that they had not planned any traps, at least not any within the house.

All four people from within the house gathered behind the door, and slowly, with a creaking sound, the door revealed the four people.

These four were truly the opposite of one another. Two of them were dressed in brocade robes made from fine silks, while the other two were wearing worn down linen clothes.

The only thing that these four had in common was their purple eyes. They were clearly all demons.

Hui Yue’s eyes roamed across all of them. Two of them he recognized while two of them were foreign.

He instantly recognized Rong Liang and Rong Ming. Rong Ming’s eyes were filled with sadness and despair, and the moment he saw Hui Yue and Rong Xing a single tear made its way down his cheek.

“You should not have come,” he said with a trembling voice. “They know your strength! There is a traitor close; they know everything about you!”

Rong Ming was certain that Hui Yue heard him, but although it did surprise Hui Yue, he was not as shaken as Rong Ming thought he would be.

Hui Yue had already considered this option scenario when the Blood Demons knew that he had possession of the Celestial Sword.

“I trust my friends,” Hui Yue said slowly and clearly so that every word could be heard. “If one of them has betrayed me then I am sure they had a reason to do so.”

“A man named Cao Cao in ancient China once said that he would rather betray others than have others betray him. I am the opposite.” Hui Yue was surprised that they allowed him to speak, but after considering it for a moment, he realized that these Blood Demons were curious. Curious about why Hui Yue would be so calm in front of them.

“The reverse of that is true for me. I would rather be betrayed by my friends than accidentally betray those whom I consider my brothers and sisters. Once I accept them as my friend, they will be a friend for a lifetime.”

“That being said, I will not accept my friends being put in danger, so if someone truly betrayed me, then I would thoroughly investigate it. Although this is the case, I will never betray my friends or the trust I have in them. That includes Rong Ming. He is one of my friends, a brother through my childhood and an important person to me.”

“I will go through hell and high waters to give him back his freedom!”

The demons that were listening were stunned. Hui Yue was so righteous that they did not know what to say. He was so calm and collected, and although he had been told that someone whom he relied on, someone whom he trusted, had betrayed him, he did not crumble into despair. Instead, he was stoic and honorable. Such a person was someone they truly could not underestimate!

Hui Yue had said his piece. He flicked his hand, and the Sword of the Icy Tempest appeared alongside seals started sprouting from his soulforce.

He no longer used his soulforce to scour the surrounding areas. Instead, he was preparing to release the might of his Grandmaster rank formations.

Hui Yue had many formations, but not many of them were suitable for Grandmasters. Most Grandmasters made their own formations, and in this process, they would often wound themselves. Some had even ended up killing themselves from the rebound of the energy when they failed in creating the formation, but Hui Yue had managed to get his hands on four formations for Grandmasters.

One was a treasure that the Celestial Sword Sect considered their most coveted treasure for formation masters, while the other three were gained from the Universe Box.

The seals started hovering and taking on various shapes, but the moment they started appearing the faces of Rong Liang and the other two experts turned ugly.

“Going straight for the fight?!” Rong Liang exclaimed indignantly as he too drew his sword.

“What do we have to talk about?” Hui Yue snorted, as his focus was on his formations. This time he did not use the Ten Suns formation as that one was best used against multiple enemies or someone who controlled ice or water.

Hui Yue used the Celestial Roc’s Claw. It was the formation he had gotten from the Celestial Sword Sect.’

This formation had been passed down through countless eons already, and some thought it came from the Great Roc himself.

It was a formation that took the shape of the Great Roc, infused with soulforce, and it would fight one on one against the enemy. But it was a difficult formation to create because it required more than a thousand seals, thus taking a long time to form.

The Blood Demons’ eyes turned hostile, they had all drawn their weapons and were ready to attack Hui Yue, but before they had the chance to do so, Pei Ziqi, Wei, Lan Feng, and Cai Jie stepped forward.

Lan Feng was the strongest, followed by Pei Ziqi, Wei, then Cai Jie. These four experts were capable of slowing down their opponents while Hui Yue set up the formation, but at the same time, one of the blood demons licked his lips as a greed appeared in his eyes.

“I will deal with these experts, just kill that formation master. The young prince has ordered us to bring his head back to him; we cannot go against his direct order.”

Hearing this, Hui Yue just shook his head, but he did not stop arranging his seals. After a short while the sound of a bird screech could be heard in the small alley, and although no one was present, multiple experts were observing the fight that was playing out in front of this small house.

More and more experts came to observe, but none joined the battle. They could all feel from the pressure that this was a fight between supreme experts.

Savage Ancestral Worldpower erupted in the sky even before the battle begun. It detonated in the air as the two sides collided, causing resounding booms to echo outwards.

Although many experts were in the surrounding area, the weaker ones had to retreat because of the shockwaves that came from the Ancestral Worldpower exploding, but the battle itself had yet to begin.

“Let me handle Rong Liang,” a gentle voice suddenly sounded out from behind, and a lady dressed in a green dress stepped forward.

This was Wang Ju Long. Her voice was gentle, her movements soft, and it seemed as if she was floating. The heavy shockwaves did nothing to trouble her but inside her eyes was a smoldering anger.

Rong Liang had previously tried to kill Hui Yue. This was something that she would never forget. Not only had he tried to kill Hui Yue, but he had also succeeded in killing her, and as a result caused Hui Yue to be filled with depression and guilt.

The fact that she had been killed and been in a slumber for many years was not something that she took to heart, but that it had resulted in Hui Yue feeling guilty and sad was something she would never forgive.

“Are you sure you can handle him?” Huli asked from behind the other experts, and Wang Ju Long nodded her head. “All he is is a person who is currently undergoing demonification. He is not a full demon yet, so he has not gained his full potential. I can deal with him.”

There was conviction and determination in Wang Ju Long’s voice, and her eyes were bright and clear. Everyone who looked at her knew that she would not back down, and they all nodded their heads simultaneously.

“You deal with him, leave the other two to us,” Lan Feng grinned and winked at Wang Ju Long, clearly appreciating her sudden display of decisiveness.

“Well since our dear princess is dealing with Rong Liang, why don’t I take care of the thin one, then you guys can deal with the fat one, and Hui Yue can sit out this time?” Lan Feng asked with a big wave of his hands, and Hui Yue chuckled.

“The thin one is not going to be easy to beat,” Hui Yue laughed. “If I am not mistaken he is a fiftieth ranked prince.”

The thin Blood Demon was astonished when he heard Hui Yue’s appraisal, and he understood just why he had been sent. Although Hui Yue’s strength did not reach the fiftieth rank, he had keen senses and other abilities that made him fearsome.

“Also, leave the thick guy to Pei Ziqi. I imagine that he is a normal person who has undergone demonification. He is far from a real supreme expert.”

“Why he is here, I have no idea,” Hui Yue shrugged his shoulders. “The rest of you cover the area. Don’t let anyone enter. We don’t know who might be their accomplices, and we don’t want to be stabbed in the back suddenly. Just keep them out, and if they try to enter, kill them on sight!”

“Feng, you and I will deal with the thin guy together.” Hui Yue grinned, “Just like the old days, we will support one another!”

Hui Yue felt invigorated. This was a life and death battle, but it was also the first time fighting an enemy together with Lan Feng in his own body. It reminded him of the old days when they had been sharing the same body.

Rong Xing did not join the ones who surrounded the group, instead she rushed to Rong Ming’s side.

Rong Ming was her brother, and the reason they had come, but he seemed so weak.

“What happened to you?” she asked worriedly, but Rong Xing just shook his head with an unhappy expression on his face. “Don’t worry,” he said as he gently patted her head. “I will be fine. Unfortunately, I cannot go back to being a human, but I am not willing to stay like this. I need to ask Hui Yue to help me finish my demonification, and then I will fight by your side and gain vengeance from the Blood Demons because they turned me into one of them!”

Rong Xing could feel the hate, unwillingness, and helplessness in her brother’s voice and she wrapped her arms around him giving him a great hug.

“I missed you so much!” she said with tears streaming down her cheeks. “I don’t care if you are a human, a spirit, a beast, or a demon, all I want is to know that you are happy and by my side again!”

Having been twins that had been together all their lives. Therefore being separated was truly a traumatic experience for Rong Xing. She just wanted to enjoy life with her brother once more.


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