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Chapter 750: Potential

“Let’s go meet up with the mercenary you have been in contact with,” Hui Yue said after they had settled into the inn. After they had settled Hui Yue noticed that Rong Xing was incapable of relaxing, and he knew that she was only thinking of reuniting with her brother.

As she heard Hui Yue’s words, she nodded her head absentmindedly while looking out the window. She was searching the rooftops looking for someone spying on them, but there were no signs of anyone present.

“Xing, I know that you are eager to reunite with Ming,” Hui Yue approached a subject that had been on his mind for quite some time. “But please don’t forget that Rong Liang and I have an enmity which can only be resolved if one of us dies.”

“He killed Ju Long before, and I cannot allow for him to roam free without taking vengeance,” he said slowly, making sure to stress every word so that Rong Xing could not doubt what he meant.

“Because of this, I need you to understand that when I find him, I will fight him.”

Rong Xing’s face, which had been filled with excitement, anticipation, and slight nervousness instantly paled. It alternated between ashen and red; it was clear that she had forgotten everything about Hui Yue and her father’s situation.

After a bit of time she sighed. She did not plead for her father, nor did she try to talk Hui Yue out of it. Instead, she just accepted the facts.

“The most important thing is to be with Ming again,” she said after a long pause, and her eyes which had shown indecisiveness before, suddenly narrowed and turned clear. It was as if a great change had occurred within Rong Xing. Suddenly, she seemed at peace with herself.

Hui Yue was stunned by the sudden change in her character. He understood that so far she had hid her uneasiness about what would happen with her father, but now she could no longer flee from this matter.

So far her heart had wavered. She had constantly thought that there would be a way for her father to survive, but Hui Yue’s words completely killed all hope that she held causing her to clench her hands tightly and accept the results.

“I will not give Rong Liang the chance to flee,” Hui Yue continued with a sigh. “If I was more forgiving then I would allow for you to leave with Rong Liang and Ming… I would allow your family to be together again.”

“Unfortunately, I cannot forgive him. I am not able to look past the fact that Rong Liang is a supporter of An He and that he killed Wang Ju Long.”

“It has been a long time since then,” Hui Yue continued, and it was indeed true that the years had gone by fast, “but I cannot forget the heartbreaking feeling of losing my loved one. Seeing her sacrificing herself for me… It is something I will never be able to forgive him for, and now that he is right in front of me, even if it means walking into a trap, I have to kill him.”

Hui Yue was trying to calm himself as he spoke because the one in front of him was Rong Xing and not Rong Liang, but it was impossible for him to conceal the dense killing intent in his voice, and Rong Xing could only sigh.

“I know,” she said as she shook her head. She did not want to pick between her father and her friends, but knowing that Rong Ming had been turned into a demon, her heart and feelings for her father had fallen.

Forcing Rong Ming to become a demon was simply inexcusable. To do that to your child proved that Rong Liang placed An He higher than Rong Ming in his mind, and thus Rong Xing was willing to place Rong Ming and their reunion higher than Rong Liang’s life.

Rong Xing was certain that her brother had been forced to become a demon. He was a youngster of great talent, a young man with the whole world ahead of him and only the sky was the limit. He would never burn away his potential for instant strength.

Rong Xing knew her brother the best. In this world there was potential, there was talent, and there were lucky chances.

When one was born, that person had a set level of talent for cultivation. Based on this level of talent one’s future potential could be limitless or limited, it all depended on talent.

However one’s potential was not merely determined by talent alone. It was also determined by how many lucky chances one stumbled across.

While it was incredibly hard to raise one’s talent, unless they had a situation such as Hui Yue’s, it was fairly simple to raise one’s potential by experiencing lucky chances.

Lucky chances were like when Hui Yue entered into the Grave of the Unknown. He had experienced great danger, but was able to come out with amazing benefits. Though, Hui Yue’s biggest lucky chance was coming across the small jewelry store where he purchased the phoenix hairpin which changed his life forever.

Lucky chances usually came hand in hand with danger and death. They would lurk around every corner, but at the same time, it would increase one’s potential.

When one was transformed into a demon, all the previous lucky chances would count towards one’s potential, as it had already been raised, but after having been fully transformed, future lucky chances could no longer raise one’s potential or strength.

When one was turned into a Blood Demon, the only way to raise one’s strength was to learn how to make the dao into its most basic form and bring out its essence. This dao essense could then be incorporated into layers of protection or used in attacks. It was also at this level one could superimpose the different daos.

However, after a Blood Demon understands the dao to this level, then there would be no more room for them to improve.

Rong Ming was a young man who had great aspirations in life. He was always striving for the best, and he would never give up unless he truly had no other option.

Becoming a demon and putting an end to his dreams was clearly not something he would do of his own volition and Rong Xing was fully aware of this.

Since Rong Liang had forced him, then she would not plead pointlessly.

“Father was only a Primordial Immortal when you fought him last,” Rong Xing mentioned. “He has been made into a demon, and thus, his potential and talent has burst fourth increasing his strength, but no one knows just how strong he is now. If he is not finished with his demonification, then he should be easy to deal with, but if he has finished then there is a chance that he will truly be a troublesome opponent.”

“What do you plan on doing?”

Hui Yue hesitated for some time before he sighed. He knew that Rong Xing was asking because she wanted to be part of the plan, but he truly had no plan just yet.

“I will face him when we arrive,” he said with a decisiveness. Hearing this, Rong Xing nodded her head as she had expected it. No matter how strong Rong Liang was, Hui Yue would not cower in the corner. He would walk ahead and handle it with the support of his friends.

Everyone gathered in Hui Yue’s room. Although Rong Liang had been weak last time they met him, Hui Yue had been even weaker, and there was no telling which one of them had benefited the most since their last battle; It was truly hard to say.

Hui Yue and the others all got ready to go. They wasted no time, and as they left the inn, Hui Yue once more spread his soulforce out to cover the area around them. He felt that no one was observing them, and as they entered the city, although many locals looked at them curiously, none of them fit the bill as someone who was stalking them.

Rong Xing was leading the group. She had been given directions by the mercenary that she had spoken with many times before, and after a short while, they meet up at the mercenary guild.

Just like the western region, this eastern region had a guild for mercenaries, however, it was less grand than the Gates of Retribution’s.

Still, the size of the building was not small, and it took quite some time before they finally managed to find the one person they were looking for.

“Miss Xing,” Someone called out and raised his arm, and soon after Rong Xing turned to look at the one who called.

It was a burly and rather sun-tanned man. He seemed to be middle-aged, and he had an air of ferocity and blood surrounding him, however he was incredibly polite whenever he was working with Rong Xing and her friends. It was clear that he knew that although he was considered strong in the eastern region, his strength was nothing when compared to the strength of this legendary group.

“I have been observing the two Rong men for some time,” he began his report. “They have holed themselves up within the house they have rented, and they rarely set foot outside.”

“Some time ago a third person entered the house and did not leave, and later a fourth person entered who also has yet to leave.”

“Right now four people should be within the house of the Rong Liang and Rong Ming pair, about their strength, I could not estimate how strong they were.”

Hui Yue frowned when he heard the report. Four people was nothing compared to their large group of people, however, if one of these people were capable of comprehending a heavenly dao, then Hui Yue and his friends were basically headed straight to their deaths.

It was risky to charge straight at their mansion, but at the same time they had no other option than to go.

“Thank you,” Hui Yue was the first to awaken from his thoughts, and he tossed a bag filled with Worldpower Stones to the mercenary who bowed deeply upon receiving it. A great smile was on his face as he turned to leave. His task was finally at an end.

“What do we do?” Rong Xing asked nervously, afraid that Hui Yue would fear the two unknown people, but Deng Wu stepped forward and rustled up Rong Xing’s hair with a great smile on his face.

“We will obviously go,” he said as if the decision was his. “We have gotten this far, and if we die then so be it. At least we will go down fighting!”

Rong Xing bit her lips and tears fell from her eyes, but she held them back. Thinking of losing her father was making her sad, but the thought of losing Deng Wu who had been by her side for so long was of a completely different magnitude.

Still, she did not say that they should not go. Her brother needed her, and she had to save him, even if the one she saved him from was her own father.

Together the group had met up with the mercenary, and finally, they had been given the directions towards the house that was rented by Rong Liang.

They had been warned about how many people were currently in the house, and that was enough to make Hui Yue careful and cautious.

“Although they have no one observing us just means that the ones we will encounter will be that much more fearsome,” Hui Yue said to the others. “If they are like this, they are definitely certain of their own strength. We cannot afford to be sure of ourselves.”

With Hui Yue’s warning, they reached the poorer area of town, and soon they were right in front of the house where the Rong pair were currently living.


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